Hitman 2

I decided to rewatch the two movie trailers for the first time in years. Instantly regretted it.

Hitman2 - I decided to rewatch the two movie trailers for the first time in years. Instantly regretted it.

I've been playing Hitman 2 for a few weeks, I'm having a blast. Loved the last game. Full on Hitman mood lately.

"Hey, why don't I rewatch the trailers for the two shitty looking movies. Maybe it'll motivate me to watch them. Maybe they're so bad they're good?"

two shitty trailers later

"I've made a huge mistake…"

I don't think I can endure watching these, even to make fun of them. They betray the spirit of the games so much.

I'm a burgeoning screenwriter myself. So I am more forgiving of movies than most, as I know how difficult the entire process is, so many different people have input into the story, the writer actually has the least power almost all the time. I think adaptations should not be page for page retellings, but 'adaptations' in the sense that they adapt a premise of a story from one medium to another. This means removing, adding, or changing things to take advantage of the medium you're working in. For example, Peter Jackson cut out quite a bit in his LOTR adaptation, all for the better.

Capturing the tone of the source material is key, as is having something to say.

The two trailers I watched are near unrecognisable from the Hitman we know and love. Or as an amusing Youtube commentor put it: "Non-Target killed -10,000 points"

The 2015 movie's director does have a unique take on the character, to put it kindly: it looks like they make 47 the Terminator-esque antagonist of the movie. That's pretty bold. Unfortunately, it makes him the outsider, and leaves his characterisation as exposition spouted by the protagonists, I assume anyway.


The action is totally ridiculous. I'll give the trailer a few points for at least showing 47 wearing a disguise.

Timothy Olyphant's 2007 movie really feels of its time. Euro trash looking action thriller from the same mould as Taken, etc. It looks like they give 47 a love interest, lol…

I'm no purist. I don't care that the actors aren't shiny bald. I do care that the directors don't honour the fundamental premise of the games: 47 is the protagonist, robbed of his empathy, which profoundly makes him neither hero nor villain, he makes no distinction when on a mission. Though he is human, and characters like Diana and Lucas can somehow spark emotion in him.

He is not an action hero. He is a consummate professional, avoiding collateral damage if possible, and not making a scene. Robert De Niro's character in Michael Mann's Heat would admire 47.

If a director (like Denis Villeneuve, or Sam Esmail) emulated the cinematography and minimalist style of IOI's previous two games, we could see an exceptional movie. Maybe one day…

I'm interested in the thoughts of people who have seen these movies. Let us know what you think!

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