Hitman 2

I figured out the story behind the Romania epilogue *Huge spoiler*

Hitman1 - I figured out the story behind the Romania epilogue *Huge spoiler*

Count Down From 47

So I came across this H3 achievement list and found there's one secret achievement called "Count Down From 47," which has "47 takes another nap" in its description, meaning that 47 must have been taking a "nap" in some form before. Those two other achievements also back it up.

Bullet Train

My theory is: 47 has just been taking a "nap" – meaning he might have died in Argentina (most likely during the cutscene after Argentina mission) but his body has been deep-frozen via cryonics since then, and was somehow "waken up" in Romania. The way how 47 appears shirtless in Romania also confirm this – plus, the tubes all over his body really look like those on people under cryonics!

Train Surfing

Adding on to this, based on the photo of this achievement, you would see ice on top of a boxcar. It is thus reasonable to conclude that 47's body might have been acquired by the remaining members of the Providence who deep-froze his body, and he somehow managed to wake up inside the freight car that was transporting frozen bodies. He is now going for his own escape from the capitivity of Providence.


kaijino_Orochi pointed out in the comment that Cyrogenics could be a tribute to the Blood Money plot line. Indeed, the "reboot" WoA trilogy might mean more than a tribute. A bit like in the first hitman game, where 47 escapes from the asylum, but instead of Ort-Meyer letting 47 escape, here, 47 truly escapes from the train.


Going from here, this very

prolly has already revealed the end of the trilogy – 47 running in snowy mountains. It could be his training session to test his limits, but again, there could be many other reasons for him to be running

1 – he is escaping

2 – he was frozen, so he's going back in to shape3 – his last mission was to detonate a bomb to kill the constant, and he needs to run. That prolly explains why we have no targets, but only other objects in this mission – planting a bomb could be one. in the video, you see 47 constantly looking at his watch – Maybe he's thinking "100 seconds till detonation," better be outta here!

By the end of the trailer, either he is out of range or the bomb did not detonate for some reason.

Also, the last thing in the trailer, Diana clearly says to 47, "Good to have you back", as if he was "dead", or similar.


In the beginning, Diana says "let me know what you need" – 47 always needs nothing, or at least he knows how to get it, unless he's starting out from a new point.

"i got the first profiles uploaded" – Why the first?

If it hasn't taken place at the very beginning of the game, it might connote that, Diana, just like in Hitman Blood Money making 47 start out from nowhere. And that Diana is the new director of ICA now. As I found Neshevchenko's speculation that the current directors of ICA have been eliminated in Chongqing quite convincing, I think it makes sense to make this postulation.

Thanks to u/HenriDeadMort who brought up all these amazing speculations after my cryonics theory! I didn't write those, and all the credits go to him.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/HiTMAN/comments/kvpho3/all_hitman_3_romania_location_photos_i_could_find/

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