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I got my latest SASO by mistake

Hitman1 - I got my latest SASO by mistake

Minor Ark Society spoilers ahead

Just a story; I did SASO on all maps before attempting challenges and such and played mostly on master (professional just for map exploration). Last night I was attempting my last mission, Ark Society. Found how to climb the castle and was fooling around.

I managed to Eliminate Zoe by subduing and distracting a bunch of NPCs and then killing her so I decided to explore on how to kill Sophie before restarting and focusing on Sophie alone.

Well the fu*kup comes when I climbed the castle up to the glass bridge I forgot to check for NPC after the door so just opened the door and went through it, where, surprise, Sophie had a discussion with the Costant. They almost spotted me so I ran back on the bridge and climbed it on the outside. It was close. But now Sophie got that question mark to investigate and came out on the bridge.


At this point I said YOLO and pulled her from the bridge down stairs. Somehow no one spotted me. Accident kill. Went back, exit, SASO.

I've tried to reproduce this several times afterwards with no success. I just can't make her come out on the bridge again. I have no idea how can I could get SASO again since I don't know how to kill her and I can't reproduce my mistake from first time.

I think it took me only 1 hour to get SASO but that only because of getting stupidly lucky.

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