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I just beat all of the legacy pack main missions SA/SO with no loadout

Hitman1 - I just beat all of the legacy pack main missions SA/SO with no loadout

A little discussion on each level and their difficulties. This was done on H2 professional difficulty. No loadout means I start at the default location, and I treat each level as though it were a "Highly Secured Location" like Hokkaido and Miami. Also, no smuggling items in.

Paris: Nothing hard here, just simply steal the fireworks remote for a nice and easy double kill.

Sapienza: It took me some thought, but I decided not to take the freebies from the safehouse. The only thing I felt like I missed was a pistol, but our next door neighbor just leaves his right on the nightstand. From there, I went to the Flanders apartment, grabbed the church key, and waited a few minutes in the morgue for Vianna (the scientist) to drop by, subdue her, take the virus destruction dongle and lab card. After this, I went to the manor, grabbed the prototype from the model ship, threw it at Francesca. Silvio required a little more thought, but I went to the observatory to steal the vhs tape and played it to isolate him. Not a terrible level.

Marrakesh and Bangkok were not completed, but have been proven possible. The trick was targets were refusing to trigger my accident kills after some time had passed, so I had to reprioritize.

Marrakesh: Getting in the consulate was no big deal, but I first had to make a detour to the meeting rooftop from a House Built on Sand to grab keycards. Without keycards, you are basically locked off from a decent chance at infiltration. I grabbed the keycards, made my way to the garage, took the left flank, and made my way to the second floor for setting up the electrocution accident for Strandberg. Unfortunately, he refused to touch the wire on the original run, probably because of my timing. I may have messed something up somewhere along the lines, but when I tried again I made sure to prioritize this kill first. Zaydan was a lot less of a challenge than I was expecting, I just had to relieve the headmaster of his master key, infiltrate the school building on the right side, and turn on the intercom. Hiding from Zaydan proved no challenge, and I merely just had to wait for him to be in position for the toilet drop kill.

Bangkok: I had to really focus on cutting the crap out of this run, since it seems Ken Morgan stops sampling food after some point. I grabbed my keycard, and waited for Jackie Carrington to show up with her keycard for me to grab the branson microphone. Then I went to 47's room and had to lure a guard in to steal his pistol (this level is festering with cameras) I ended up exiting to the hotel's back area left of the lobby bar, took stairs to head to the basement, shout out a security camera, hid in the storage area where Ken/Dexy meet, moved to the laundromat, knocked out the two men after the girl left back to work, acquired a universal keycard, and ran to the ventilator room. I had to take care of a patrolling guard and shoot 2 cameras, then I could infiltrate the next floor. After carefully slipping through NPC sights, I was able to infiltrate a room in a corner and grab a lethal poison jar from the bathroom. I went back through the lobby, made a save, observed Ken's next dish choice, reloaded and spiked it. On my original run, I did try to use the birthday cake for Jordan, but he refused to come down, so I had to go for the good old bathroom kill. (The one next to the soundbooth). Kill Jordan, extract.


Colorado: I really was dreading this level more than I should have. I took the left path to get access to Ezra's garage. Subdued both NPCs around there, tucked them away, subdued ezra on his next trip and used the accident explosion. After hiding in the locker, I decided to tackle Maya next. I had no trouble getting to the upper floor of the barn, but I did need to move fast for dealing with the two soldiers in the upper barracks. After they were knocked out and hidden, Maya was right under the haybale, so I released the winch, and was happy with knowing the most painful target was done and over with. I returned to Ezra's shed to start my next move. I went to the little outhouse, distracted one of the drill soldiers with the radio, and miraculously got a wrench throw to knock him out from the window. He was promptly hidden in a dumpster outside, and I scaled up to the girl bedroom with the 2 soldiers playing Kane and Lynch and hid in the closet. This part took me a bit of timing, since Sean Rose was about to enter his bedroom, and I had to make a dash over to the closet by Rose's bed. I kept getting spotted by a guard at the entrance to the office area, but I did succeed by just continuously running and leapt into the closet. From here, I waited for Rose to move to the desk by his bed, I exited the closet, and threw a screwdriver in him. I dragged him to the bathroom while i waited for the second floor patrolling guard to be in position for a knockout at the hallway, dragged him right into the girl closet and tucked them away. Rose was the same deal. All that's left now is getting the mask (just waiting for the hackers to have two cycles) and Penelope. I start the printer, exit, and penelope is under the chandelier, so I whip out my assault rifle and shoot the chain. I did have to hide in the Rose room closet, but once the search was over I waited for an opening to grab the mask from the hackers, and then I ran to the basement where I used the default exit. Still the hardest level, but I at least didn't have to put up with targets deciding to actively avoid accident kills.

Hokkaido: Run to the garden, slide down and into medical staff dorms, grab the medicine remote, take a guard out and steal their pistol, shoot the camera console. After people calm down, trigger the medication for the curator, follow him to organ storage, subdue, hide him in adjacent locker, trash the heart, head to gym, go outside to reach climbing pipe to reach control area, crank up sauna heat, wait for Yuki to step in and trap her. Nice and easy.

Overall, it wasn't horrible, it really is more of going on a scavenger hunt for some items and learning how to prioritize my runs. If Ken and Clauss didn't actively avoid my accidents, I would have had all levels fully completed. Still, I'll probably do this for Hitman 2 levels and then the bonus levels.

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