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I just thought of a little story, inspired by the Hawke’s Bay flood pic. Enjoy!

Hitman4 - I just thought of a little story, inspired by the Hawke's Bay flood pic. Enjoy!

It was a dark, rainy night at, well, Hawke's Bay. The winds were blowing, the grass, growing, and Max was enjoying his nightly freedom, chewing on a buffet of car tires and driftwood, a prized meal. Nothing out of the ordinary was happening in the Reynard house. It was a calm, gloomy night, like any and every other.

"Welcome, Alma – and guest" quipped the Smart House system, followed by another of Orson's typical tirades.

"Come on, Sean. You should've gotten used to it already. Besides, we just got home from the party. Make me some tea and let's go to bed."

Angrily yet willingly, Sean, second of his post, complied, and, like always, took his time to give the beach view a look. It's sight was always amazing.

It was a typical night at Hawke's Bay, but yet, the seas were different tonight. They were angrier, raging as if Max himself had bitten Poseidon's Trident off and the Old God himself were in for revenge.

"Alma! The sea! It's not good, I tell ya!" alerted Sean mk. 2, worried about his love.

"Well, that's a relief. One night without having to help you put your arm floats for the nightly swim. Now get done with that tea, Seanny!" – said Alma, giggling like only a formed Basque separatist turned anti-corporate assassin in the employ of a mysterious clone would.

Or-, I mean, Sean the Second grunted, and carried on with finishing his special, the famed lemon mango honey sugar tea.

Meanwhile, the seas grew in anger. The waves crashed just like an italian vintage car running over a civilian by the roads on the exit at Sapienza. The thunderstorm raged, louder than the crowd at the Global Innovation Race.


Finally, it was done. 2ean finished his masterpiece, and proudly presented it to his unholy mistress. As they were drinking, the waves kept growing, just like the residential complaints about a new tenant in one of the Mumbai chawls. T

A little while later, they finally reached the finish line – a massive, roaring wave was reaching the house.

"Alma!" worriedly screamed S2an.

"What is it? Are you hungry again? Sorry honey, the crayon store must be closed by now…" – replied Reynard, unaware of the tomfuckery that was about to take place.

"T-the water! Lots of water! At the house!" fearfully screamed Or2on.

"Ugh, I said it twenty times already Seanny, it's the aquarium. You needn't fear it. Nor the pool. Need I call the Kiwi Swimming School for the third time already?" – quipped Alma, defiant as always.


The water broke in, roaring like a wildebeest stampede in Kiwi lands, taking away whatever stood in it's path.

Then, as Reynard wondered about what in the "bllgh blllgggh blllllgggghh" was going on (like she said at the time), time stopped. A bald man in his mid-fifties, unseen until that moment, too, stopped. "Damnit, I knew I couldn't get SA/SO with the HAARP kill!" – said a voice, from the skies, unknown to all but always present there. Then, suddenly, everything returned to normal – as if none of that had ever happened.

"Welcome, Alma – and guest" quipped the Smart House system…

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