Hitman 2

I passed a night in Vernazza (Sapienza)

Hitman2 - I passed a night in Vernazza (Sapienza)

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So I went for the second time in the place where Sapienza was inspired, Vernazza and this time I stayed for the night with my girlfriend. Vernazza is nothing like Sapienza besides from the front view down at the sea. The church is very alike especially the sewer entrance you see in the photos. There is another church in another place nearby called Portovenere. I will get to that part later. The castle that it supposed to be part of Caruso’s villa is actually an old castle transformed into a restaurant. I went to eat there at night but it was too dark to make some photos of the outside. Yes, it was a bit expensive. Ok food.

Unlike Sapienza the real place is full of stairs! Since everything is build on a mountain the only way to move in that small town was by always going up. So lots of stairs and tight streets. Going down in the center had a pretty large road. You can not get inside with your car so you have to leave it 1km away and go there walking or with a shuttle the 2 private parkings offers. There is a train station where you have a train passing by every 15 minutes. Our Hotel room was incredible. We were right above the sea. I slept like a baby listening to the waves. My girlfriend not really that great. She needs total silence and even with everything closed the noise of the waves breaking on the land was very loud. I loved it.

Video My room in Sapienza: /watch?v=fVv-I7bpRrY

Lots of cats going around. We pet them all. Not only in Vernazza but pretty much everywhere else. I made plenty of photos but in some I looked really bad, in quite a few I had a baby face and others weren’t that great. So I chose to show these ones.

And… That’s it. If you have any question I will be really happy to answer.Here are the rest of the photos.

I couldn’t believe my eyes I really found this thing. It was inside a deposit room of a B&B.




The inside of the church felt a lot like the one in Hitman 2 Silent Assassin.






Story of this photo under:We went to make it at 18 PM and it was full of people on the streets. Everyone was looking at me because I was the only one dressed in a suit.Inside the church there were a bunch of old ladies praying. Each at a turn was saying a praying out loud. Well I convinced my girlfriend to snap quick a couple of photos. She told me “YOU ARE GOING TO HELL FOR THIS” while she was shooting a pic and another. In fact I was trying so hard to not crack a laugh. But we did it!I left 2€ under the candles and we went away quite fast from there.


This is Portovenere. The church on top seems to be exactly like the one in Sapienza in front of Caruso villa.



The streets of Portovenere.


These last 2 pictures were made in Vernazza viewed from the top.



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