Hitman 2

I ranked all 108 Hitman missions

Hitman2 - I ranked all 108 Hitman missions

I didn’t include things like the sniper challenges, with one exception, since they really weren’t the same as a regular Hitman mission.

And a quick disclaimer before we start: These are just my opinion. And you’ll probably disagree with a few of them. Sorry if I hate your favorite level, or if I love the one you hate the most. Leave a comment saying which missions are your favorite, or if you really disagree with my opinions, leave a comment saying why. I’ll try to explain my reasoning.

Number 108: Hidden Valley (from Silent Assassin). The map is giant, and disguises do nothing. I don’t think I need to say any more. It goes against everything Hitman is.

Number 107: At the Gates (from Silent Assassin). Hidden Valley but a little smaller. The only difference is that you have to press a bunch of switches to get inside the castle, which is just tedious.

Number 106: Say Hello to My Little Friend (from Codename 47). You start on the exact opposite side of the entrance. You can kill the target the second you start, but you still have to walk up to him to grab a bomb, which is easier said than done.

Number 105: Find the U’wa Tribe (from Codename 47). A giant jungle where you can’t see anything and you have to kill everyone. Given Codename’s lackluster combat, this is just a slog.

Number 104: Plutonium Runs Loose (from Codename 47). They did this thing where you have to follow people through gates, but 90% of the time it doesn’t work. At the end it just becomes a shooting gallery.

Number 103: One of a Kind (from Absolution). You spend 20 seconds picking up a suit.

Number 102: End of the Road (from Absolution). You can end it in 5 seconds.

Number 101: Death Factory (from Absoluton). The point where I fell asleep.

Number 100: Dexter Industries (from Absolution). Can you tell I hate this game?

Number 99: The Jungle God (from Codename 47). You can just run to the exit. Otherwise, it’s another huge jungle map.

Number 98: Attack of the Saints (from Absolution). Cornfield Combat

Number 97: Skurky’s Law (from Absolution). The point where I stopped trying to play Absolution like a Hitman game.

Number 96: Operation Sledgehammer (from Absolution). 47 escapes from prison but it sucks.

Number 95: Absolution (from Absolution). Hey, look! The game’s over!

Number 94: Birdie’s Gift (from Absolution). The longest two minutes of my life.

Number 93: Death on the Mississippi (from Blood Money). Too inconsistent to be fun. Accidents don’t work half the time.

Number 92: Welcome to Hope (from Absolution). 5 minutes of bar fights.

Number 91: Blackwater Park (from Absolution). More tolerable than most Absolution missions, but still pretty bad.

Number 90: Death of a Showman (from Blood Money). A tutorial that teaches you the wrong way to play the game.

Number 89: Hunter and Hunted (from Absolution). If it was just the Vixen Club I would have liked it, but it’s not.

Number 88: Terminus (from Absolution). Not a Yeehaw

Number 87: A Personal Contract (from Absolution). It does its best to show you that this game won’t be good.

Number 86: Murder at the Bazaar (from Silent Assassin). I don’t have the patience for this one. It’s just really boring. That and I think my copy is broken. The target in the bazaar doesn’t move half the time.

Number 85: Rosewood (from Absolution). This level could be in any generic stealth game and it wouldn’t make any difference.

Number 84: Run For Your Life (from Absolution). You run from a helicopter. That’s about it.

Number 83: Shaving Lenny (from Absolution). It could have been good, if it wasn’t in Absolution.

Number 82: Hunter and Hunted (from Contracts). Sneaking around is too difficult, and the SWAT team does so much damage that going lethal isn’t worth it.

Number 81: Countdown (from Absolution). Well, at least it’s short.

Number 80: Fight Night (from Absolution). I enjoy the spectacle of 47 wrestling a guy 5 times his size, but this one still sucks.

Number 79: Graveyard Shift (from Silent Assassin). This one doesn’t even have a target. Sneaking around in Silent Assassin was always bad, so to have a mission dedicated to it is a recipe for disaster.

Number 78: Training (from Codename 47). It’s the tutorial. Yeah, it’s bad, but what did you expect?

Number 77: The Gontranno Sanctuary (from Silent Assassin). It does more for the story than Codename’s training did, but it’s still just the tutorial.

Number 76: The Wang Fou Incident (from Contracts). Somehow they made it worse than the one in Codename 47. They tried to make it harder by having you snipe two of the targets, but that just makes it drag.

Number 75: Gunrunner’s Paradise (from Codename 47). A shooting gallery that goes on too long. The train puzzle is really poorly implemented, and if I didn’t know about it before, I never would have finished the level.

Number 74: Meet Your Brother (from Codename 47). It’s just another shooting gallery, but you have to wait 30 seconds for each guy to show up.

Number 73: Redemption at Gontranno (from Silent Assassin). Meet Your Brother but you start with no weapons so you have to make a mad dash to the shed before you die

Number 72: St. Petersburg Revisited (from Silent Assassin). St. Petersburg but you fire blanks.

Number 71: Temple City Ambush (from Silent Assassin). The whole map is a big maze, and the targets open fire as soon as they see you.

Number 70: Tunnel Rat (from Silent Assassin). Killing extra guards is pretty much required if you don’t want to spend an hour on this one.

Number 69: The Motorcade Interception (from Silent Assassin). There’s almost no point in trying to get a good rating. Ironic, considering this was the game that gave us the rating system.

Number 68: A Bitter Pill (from HITMAN 2). The worst of the Special Assignments. Whittleton Creek wasn’t the biggest map in HITMAN 2, but this level is only in one house.

Number 67: Illusions of Grandeur (from HITMAN 2). The shortest and the lamest bonus mission, though not as bad as the last one.

Number 66: Embrace of the Serpent (from HITMAN 2). This is just an annoying mission. It uses so little of the map, and the target is almost never alone.

Number 65: A Silver Tongue (from HITMAN 2). There’s not much to this one. The target spends all his time moving from his booth to the parking lot. There’s a decent accident you can set up, but otherwise there’s not much.

Number 64: The Jacuzzi Job (from Silent Assassin). This one could have been good, but for some reason, people can see you in pitch black.

Number 63: The Source (from 2016). There’s really not much to do. Not much of the hotel is used, and if you kill the cult leader first, the other target leaves to an area with so many enforcers that it’s near impossible to not get noticed.

Number 62: The King of Chinatown (from Absolution). It’s the only mission in Absolution that’s tolerable, but even then, it’s not good. They say there’s 12 ways to kill the target, but I couldn’t be bothered.

Number 61: The Author (from 2016). It’s not the worst that Patient Zero has to offer, but it’s still not that great. All of the strategies take a while to set up, and I really don’t like listening to Craig Black’s terrible book.

Number 60: Tracking Hayamoto (from Silent Assassin). This one could have been really good, but sneaking around is too much of a pain.

Number 59: The Bjarkhov Bomb (from Contracts). The problem with this one is that it’s way too big. You spend 5 extra minutes just walking. It’s a shame, because the actual mission isn’t that bad.

Number 58: Deadly Cargo (from Contracts). Another one where the map is a little too big. The submarine is also pretty cramped, so if you’re going in with a guard disguise you’re probably going to get spotted.

Number 57: Hokkaido Snow Festival (from HITMAN 2). The bonus missions in this game are pretty much Elusive Targets. They’re short and underwhelming.

Number 56: Till Death Do Us Part (from Blood Money). I don’t know why, but I can’t get into this one. I think it’s the setting. It’s too dull. Other than that, it’s not that special, and it’s over in 5 minutes if you’re lucky.

Number 55: Slaying A Dragon (from Contracts). The sniping points aren’t very good, which can make the mission pretty frustrating.

Number 54: The Murder of Crows (from Blood Money). I like the concept, but this mission drags on after a while. Following the guy with the briefcase is too random, and the female assassin wanders around to places that are almost always occupied by other people.

Number 53: Holiday Hoarders (from 2016). I appreciate that the mission is one big Home Alone reference, but it’s just too short. It takes less than 5 minutes, if you’re not going for challenges.

Number 52: Freedom Fighters (from 2016). It has 4 targets, but there’s so few ways to kill them. The setting is pretty boring too, with a few places spread out to make it seem bigger than it is.

Number 51: Chasing a Ghost (from 2016). It has some interesting ideas, but the setting is pretty bland. The train yard in particular is just lame. Identifying The Maelstrom was interesting, if too easy.

Number 50: A House Built on Sand (from 2016). One target stands in a corner the whole time, while the other wanders outside. There’s some variety, but it’s otherwise pretty basic.

Number 49: Kowloon Triads in Gang War (from Codename 47). This is Hitman at its simplest. All you do is snipe the target from a roof that’s 10 seconds away.

Number 48: St. Petersburg Stakeout (from Silent Assassin). It’s Kowloon but you have to identify the target once you get there. It could have been really good, but it’s another mission where the map is too giant.

Number 47: The Vector (from 2016). It’s like St. Petersburg, if it was just the sniping part. Identifying the targets was a cool idea, but sometimes the clues don’t help.

Number 46: You Better Watch Out… (from Blood Money). The problem I have with this one is getting a disguise. Most of the map is restricted, so if someone sees you, you’re done. Otherwise, this mission isn’t that bad.

Number 45: Club 27 (from 2016). For a hotel, it’s pretty empty. Killing Jordan Cross was fun, but the lawyer feels like he was added in just for the sake of having 2 targets. Everything with him was just lame.

Number 44: Asylum Aftermath (from Contracts). It’s short, and it has no targets. Otherwise, it’s not a bad opening for the game.

Number 43: Anathema (from Silent Assassin). The mission in Silent Assassin with the most AI problems. You can’t stand anywhere close to guards without them firing at you. I actually like what they were going for, and if the AI wasn’t so bugged, this would have been a lot higher.

Number 42: Ambush at the Wang Fou Restaurant (from Codename 47). Another basic mission from the beginning of Codename. Planting the car bomb was a pretty cool moment when I played it for the first time.

Number 41: The Setup (from Codename 47). The asylum is a great setting, and it’s a nice closer for the story. The map is a little hard to navigate your first time, and the SWAT team does little more than get in the way.

Number 40: Kirov Park Meeting (from Silent Assassin). It’s Ambush at the Wang Fou with 2 bombs. I like the complexity, but the sewers are so big that it makes the mission drag.


Number 39: Tubeway Torpedo (from Silent Assassin). One of the better St. Petersburg levels, and it’s always great to see more Agent Smith. The place is a little cramped, so expect the guards to shoot at you eventually.

Number 38: The Lee Hong Assassination (from Contracts). I think that this one added to the original, and removed some of what made it great. The part with Lei Ling is expanded, which I appreciate, but the whole place feels so much smaller. Taking the Jade Figurine also feels arbitrary, since you don’t need it for the poison anymore. You don’t even need to go to Lee Hong’s mansion anymore, since you can kill him from the dinner table and still get Silent Assassin.

Number 37: A Gilded Cage (from 2016). Both targets are in opposite buildings, and one is better than the other. The consulate building was just boring, though it did lead to things like killing the target with a moose. The school area was better, but it was pretty small.

Number 36: Nightcall (from HITMAN 2). It doesn’t really feel like a full mission. It’s fun, but most of the creative methods take a lot of waiting to set up. If you know what you’re doing, you can finish this one in 5 minutes.

Number 35: Invitation to a Party (from Silent Assassin). This one is the best of the St. Petersburg levels. The map isn’t giant, and there’s no sewers to run through. The mission is simple, and there’s not many different ways to kill the targets. It’s over and done with in less than 10 minutes.

Number 34: The Icon (from 2016). This one has so many accident kills that I found myself replaying it a lot to see them all. The issue is that the map is so small, and you spend a lot of time waiting for the guy to reset.

Number 33: Shogun Showdown (from Silent Assassin). The creaky floorboard thing took me a while to figure out, but this is still a great mission. My problems are that the missile guidance part just feels tacked on, and the place can be hard to navigate at times.

Number 32: Amendment XXV (from Blood Money). It’s a great closing mission, but it’s pretty linear. There’s not much room for variety, and getting the Marine disguise at the beginning is more than a little frustrating.

Number 31: Another Life (from HITMAN 2). The setting is pretty cool, and there’s a lot to do, but most of it takes ages to set up, like finding info on The Constant throughout the map. The opportunities aren’t all that memorable, and most of them involve explosions, for some reason.

Number 30: Three-Headed Serpent (from HITMAN 2). All three targets have their own spaces, but they barely do anything. It’s more like three bonus missions got put together. Those 3 bonus missions are pretty fun, however, so I'll give it a pass.

Number 29: The Last Resort (from HITMAN 2). After the lame bonus missions in the main campaign, it’s nice that the expansion missions are pretty great. The island resort is a pretty nice setting, and its different areas are all distinct. There’s just not many memorable ways to kill the targets, and some methods can lead to a bit of backtracking.

Number 28: A House of Cards (from Blood Money). I was really dreading this one my first time, because I had heard so many things about how long it was. And while yes, it is pretty long, it was actually pretty easy. Yeah, waiting for the Sheikh sucks, but once he’s there, it takes a minute to kill him.

Number 27: Flatline (from Blood Money). It’s always nice to see more Agent Smith, and the mission is great too. All the targets have their own unique accident, and it’s a rewarding mission to finish. I just hate that the scene where you find Agent Smith can't be skipped. It really drags after you’ve seen it before, and it honestly makes this one less fun to play.

Number 26: Rendezvous at Rotterdam (from Contracts). It may be a little simple, but I like this one. Sneaking around in the basement is fun, and while the target down there is literally chained down, it was still pretty interesting. It fits perfectly with the darker tone of Contracts. My problem is that it’s short, and getting out of the place is needlessly confusing.

Number 25: Landslide (from 2016). There’s so many ways to kill the target that it balances out the short length. There’s more opportunities in this one bonus mission than there are in some main story missions.

Number 24: The Meat King’s Party (from Contracts). It’s a great opener, but it has a few quirks that annoyed me my first time. The map felt like a maze at times, and the whole Opium Waiter thing was just stupid. Why have a spare disguise if you can’t use it when the other guy is around?

Number 23: Traditions of the Trade (from Contracts). Not as good as the original. I don’t understand why they locked the thermal bath off, or why they start you so far from the hotel. And combined with the AI problems, the mission is just inferior to the original.

Number 22: The Showstopper (from 2016). This is a good mission, and there’s a lot of ways to kill the targets. I’ve just played it too many times, and I’m starting to get sick of it. That fashion show music is burned in my mind.

Number 21: The Lee Hong Assassination (from Codename 47). The most stressed I’ve ever been, but I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing. There’s a lot that you have to do, and the feeling of messing up when you were so close is overwhelming. Planning this one out is really fun, and finally killing Lee Hong is so satisfying. If it had mid-mission saves like every other Hitman game, this would have been much higher.

Number 20: Beldingford Manor (from Contracts). Sorry to all the people who say this is the best mission in the series, but I disagree. I appreciate the variety, and having so many ways to kill a target that stays asleep the whole time is amazing. My issue is that this mission had Silent Assassin levels of AI problems, that made it needlessly hard to get to the end. Also, the part where you have to save the guy in the stable just feels tacked on to make the mission longer.

Number 19: Requiem (from Blood Money). The best finale from the first 4 games. Since the shooting in Blood Money was so good, this was actually a fun shooting gallery. Just don’t play it on Pro, or you’ll be dead before you know it.

Number 18: The Ark Society (from HITMAN 2). The setting is the coolest in HITMAN 2, and it led to some pretty crazy stuff. The targets weren’t very memorable, though, and I wish there was more involving The Constant.

Number 17: Patient Zero (from 2016). I put the rest of the Patient Zero campaign pretty low, but I like this one. It’s a pretty standard mission, until one of the NPCs gets infected. As the virus spreads, you pretty much have 2 options: get accident kills so you can keep them at a distance, or somehow get every person on the floor infected so you can get spotted and keep Silent Assassin. It’s a pretty long mission if you let the virus spread, but it’s still fun.

Number 16: Death of Hannelore (from Silent Assassin). This one is pretty simple, but it’s fun. I just don’t like that you have to hide the body in the closet, since someone’s going to end up seeing you do it on your first attempt.

Number 15: Golden Handshake (from HITMAN 2). Killing the target is easy, but that’s not really the focus. This is a bank robbery more than anything, and it actually works, given HITMAN 2’s better stealth.

Number 14: The Final Test (from 2016). The first real mission in 2016. It’s a better tutorial than any previous game had, and it’s a pretty fun level.

Number 13: Freeform Training (from 2016). It’s short, but there’s so many ways to kill the target that it makes replaying worth it. The best training level in the series.

Number 12: The Finish Line (from HITMAN 2). The best mission they could have picked to open the game. The map is expansive and uses its space well. There’s so many creative ways to kill the targets, from the time-sensitive mission stories to the insane accidents. It’s one of the most replayable missions in the game.

Number 11: Massacre at the Cheung Chau Fish Restaurant (from Codename 47). This one is a guilty pleasure for me. There’s something about pulling it off that’s super satisfying. I really can’t explain it.

Number 10: A Vintage Year (from Blood Money). A better tutorial than Death of a Showman. All your options are clearly presented, there’s room for creativity, and the expansive setting rewards exploration. They could not have picked a better opener for this game.

Number 9: A Dance With the Devil (from Blood Money). The mission to do 4 targets right. Each one is unique, and they can actually be threatening. Blood Money already had decent weapons, so having 2 of your encounters be full-on shootouts worked. The setting was the coolest in Blood Money, and getting Silent Assassin was really satisfying.

Number 8: The Seafood Massacre (from Contracts). The one remake in Contracts that I think is better than the original. It’s the same formula, but it’s made more complex in a way that doesn’t make it more frustrating. The original route is the same, albeit with an extra step, and there’s even an extra method, to give it a little variety.

Number 7: Traditions of the Trade (from Codename 47). This is the model Hitman mission. The one that all others try to emulate. The map is small but complex, rewarding exploration, and the metal detectors stop the mission from being another shooting gallery. You can take out the targets in any order you want, and picking up the bomb actually feels like a real objective, instead of another tacked-on bonus.

Number 6: Terminal Hospitality (from Silent Assassin). The atmosphere in this map is great, and exploring it is fun. There’s tons of items around to help you kill the target, and a ton of free disguises, saving you from having to deal with the anesthetic. Killing the target through a botched surgery is classic, too, and makes the whole mission much more memorable.

Number 5: Basement Killing (from Silent Assassin). This is the one mission in Hitman 2 to get everything right. After the hit-or-miss Japan levels, this was really refreshing. All the options are shown to you at the beginning, and figuring out how to use them was so much fun.

Number 4: World of Tomorrow (from 2016). Normally I dislike giant maps, but this mission uses space so well that it benefits from it. There’s not many places that aren’t used for opportunities, and they give the mission more variety than most others. The bonus objective, instead of feeling pointless, actually added to it, given the number of ways you can complete it. It made the mission more complex in a way that’s rewarding instead of frustrating.

Number 3: Curtains Down (from Blood Money). It takes some time to set up, but it’s absolutely worth it. All the different ways to kill the targets are pretty amazing, and are the best use of accidents in the game. Yes, it’s better than Flatline. Swapping the prop gun for a real one is peak Hitman.

Number 2: Situs Inversus (from 2016). Hitman 2016’s greatest map. It’s just the right size, with plenty of areas to discover. Rooms are blocked off with ID chips sewn into uniforms, forcing you to use disguises carefully. Exploring the hospital leads to a ton of great opportunities, including some that are references to past games, like the fugu fish. Agent Smith makes a return, too, which is always great. The best closing mission in the series.

Number 1: A New Life (from Blood Money). In my opinion, this is the best Hitman mission ever made. There’s so many different ways to do everything, from killing the targets to getting a disguise to just getting inside the house. There’s so many items hidden around the map that make your job easier, like the air rifle, and the lighter fluid. The secondary objective is fun, too, since it feels more like taking out another target than a tacked-on bonus. You can literally kill her with a coin. You can’t get better than that. A New Life fits right at home with the modern Hitman games, and it’s always fun to come back to.

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