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I sincerely think Hitman: Blood Money might one of the most overrated games ever and Contracts was better

Hitman1 - I sincerely think Hitman: Blood Money might one of the most overrated games ever and Contracts was better

Now recently I played Blood Money "HD" (calling it HD is an insult) remaster on PS4 and I just couldn't find a single negative review of the game despite finding it terrible so I wanted to rant on the official subreddit, because people surely are gonna be friendly to me criticizing it here. Now first of all I do remember playing the game's first two levels back around 2009 and not liking it but this time I actually played through the full game so I can actually review it. First of all the graphics, oh Lord the graphics, don't act like it's because of the game's age either please, because there's this little game called Half Life 2 that came out two years before and that had better physics, graphics and ragdolls, but yeah the graphics are not the best to say the least, even for its time. Now with the actual game, the map design is not only incoherent (what the fuck kind of mansion has no road access?) but bland as actual FUCK, with most of the maps consisting of bad-looking environments with no originality or sense of realism, but absolutely terrible, the worst part being is that I just can't put my finger on why, I loved Contracts, liked Silent Assassin but the level design in Blood Money just feels terrible to me. Then there's the story, which sounds like an edgy kid's dream but at least it was the best part of the game so I'm not even gonna complain about how 47 is about as interesting as the fly I killed yesterday. Now don't get me wrong (it's been a long time since I've played both Contracts and Silent Assassin so take this with a grain of salt) there are a lot more things to do here than in Silent Assassin for example but the map just feels worst. The AI is about as smart as the fly I killed yesterday but people will just scream that it's an old game, despite GTA games prior to this game having AI ten times more intelligent, and will just start shooting at you for no fucking reason sometimes. The "upgrades" for guns and other equipment are awful, just awful, there are a lot of upgrades for guns and other equipments yet most of them don't add shit to your guns or just makes them louder. Then Absolution came out and people shat on it for being too linear, which I'm sorry, it's not as much as this game, despite Absolution having better gameplay than Blood Money. Anyways yeah I'm fucking sick of people hailing this game as a flawless masterpiece, wanna a masterpiece? Go play Contracts, yeah it's dated but it's still better than Blood Money. Oh and the "HD" remaster is a fucking joke, the game still looks just as bad as when it came out.


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