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I think Jordan Cross is a cold blooded murderer. Here’s why.

Hitman5 - I think Jordan Cross is a cold blooded murderer. Here's why.

My favorite person to kill is Jordan Cross. I'm not even a huge fan of the Bangkok level, but killing him never gets old. This guy is a complete lunatic. Ever since I heard that recording I can only think to myself what kind of human being can simply commit murder over an argument with your romantic partner. Something that could have been completely resolved in a peaceful manner, but instead lead to the death of an innocent woman. Not to mention Jordan Cross treated her like absolute dog s**t. This might vary based on people's opinions, but I think Jordan definitely had it coming. I know people are gonna argue that it was a case of second degree murder, but let's look at the facts.

He had every opportunity to stop what he was doing. In the recording we can hear Hannah scream many times, "Stop! Stop!" So it would seem like he actually dragged her feet to the balcony and threw her of the building, rather than making a quick shove and falling by accident. We clearly can see that the relationship was really toxic between Hannah and Jordan. Any rational human being would have decided that things are just not working and find someone else, instead of commiting murder. My main question however is this. Why would there even being a recording of Hannah Highmoore's murder? The answer is that either Jordan Cross set it up before hand, or someone else was in the room with them. But if someone was in the room with them, wouldn't you think they'd have the decency to intervene when Jordan starts to shove Hannah off the balcony, thus preventing the murder? It certainly does get you thinking.


Here's my theory as to what had happened. Jordan Cross decided he didn't like Hannah anymore and decided he wanted to kill her. He knew he had his lawyer Ken Morgan to help him work it out. They both arranged a meeting and agreed that with the influence of of his father Thomas Cross, they would be able to get second degree murder without having to serve any years in prison. To do this they needed to set up evidence that it was second degree murder, hence why the "fight" between Jordan and Hannah was recorded. After the murder of Hannah, the judge gave them the option of serving 50 years in prison, or paying a fine of $1,000,000. To no surprise, Thomas Cross helped his son Jordan pay the $1,000,000, and Jordan walks away Scott Free.

What do you guys think? Do you think Jordan killed Hannah in a fit of rage, or was it really premeditated murder?

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