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I wish these games were more amoral.

Hitman1 - I wish these games were more amoral.

I grew up replaying Blood Money a bunch of times, and one of the biggest letdowns for these new games for me is that 47 and the ICA seem to be way too concerned with the morality of their actions. I get that 47 in canon only kills his targets, but that's better chalked up to professionalism than any kind of moral code. Heck in Hitman 1 when they are discussing the case wherein you kill the musician and the lawyer 47 even says 'The contract was just.' Like, dude why do you care? It makes so little sense.

First off, if your job is a professional murderer but you have a problem with killing people, MAYBE you should have gone into something different. Lord knows 47 has plenty of skills, he should stuck with being a yoga instructor.

Now the ICA being a service that provides professional assassinations is a really cool idea, because that is something that would be highly coveted by the global elite. That would explain why 47 is so well-funded, I imagine that any contract is probably at least a billion dollars right at the start, and that's ignoring any additional charges such as high-priority targets, retrieving equipment, making it look like an accident, etc. So the ICA likely has a very big role to play in international relations.

And that means you can't have a moral compass. Diana might say that 'the ICA doesn't play politics' but the fact of the matter is an agency like the ICA will certainly be *used* as a political tool. And when it comes to international politics, there is not and cannot be such a thing as ethics. Everything is just realpolitik.

Now it makes sense that a lot of 47's targets would be bad people, because the elite are likely to target other powerful people for their own benefit. And most of the people who are rich enough to either hire 47, or be someone worth spending billions of dollars killing, are typically going to be extremely wealthy/powerful people, and of course most of the rich are scumbags.


HOWEVER, it also makes complete sense that the ICA's clientele would hire them to kill people who most of us could consider good people, but are problematic for them.

Hell, if the ICA was real the government probably would have hired them to kill the likes of MLK Jr, Malcom X, characters like that. Heck if Noam Chomsky had charisma and was leading a party and had a really good shot of running for office he might be on that list as well. I mean the FBI was already illegally tracking King's movements, tried to prompt him to commit suicide, and straight up murdered the leader of the Black Panter party. The US government saw people like this as genuine threats. And if they could eliminate them and get away with it they absolutely would. (Also I don't mean to pick on America, ANY state would/could act this way).

So if the ICA did exist, and someone in the US upper echelons (probably not the president themselves, plausible deniability and all that) would probably go to the ICA and say 'Listen, this MLK guy is giving us a hard time. Make it go away, and we'll pay extra if you make it look like either an accident or a Klan hit. Just make sure we cannot be implicated. We don't even care about collateral damage, if a bombing works and some civilian get in the way we don't care, so long as it doesn't lead back to us.'

I'd like a game where 47 does kill someone who's only crime is that they are a legit threat to the people in power. Because like 47 himself has said: "I can do whatever I'm paid too." You could tell a really dark, and messed up story about how dangerous a tool money can really be.

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