Hitman 2

ICA Contracts: Series 1 – The Heavens Stormed

Hitman4 - ICA Contracts: Series 1 - The Heavens Stormed

Kill Order: 1-27-3206412-06

Priority 1-A Kill Order Issued

Assets cleared for deployment by ICA Board of Directors on 31/10/2022



Deployed Assets:

  • Head of Division for Asset Handling, Diana Burnwood, codenamed SPARROWHAWK
  • Field Agent Handler Joseph Stanton, codenamed IMAM ARAIJI
  • Field Agent Ort-Meyer Specimen 640509–040147, codenamed AGENT 47
  • ICA Mobile Task Unit Lamda-3-2-14, codenamed RAT POISON
  • ICA Mobile Task Unit Delta-X-4-24/2, codenamed THE SAINTS
  • ICA Mobile Task Unit Lamda-X-1-6, codenamed IFRIT
  • ICA Intelligence Unit Delta-3-3-4, codenamed 40 THIEVES
  • ICA Mobile Task Unit Lamda-3-5-3, codenamed GENIE OF THE LAMP

Contract Client(s):

NOTE: Repeat client: notify intelligence units for further investigation.

  • Central Intelligence Agency Deputy Director Samuel Bullock

Target(s) Cleared for Termination:

NOTE: All ICA-sanctioned targets will be divided between field agents.

  • Sheikh Omar Al-Ghazali – AGENT 47
  • Major General Mike Hindmarsh – AGENT 47
  • Sheikh Muhamad Al-Ghazali – AGENT 47
  • Dubai Police Forces – THE SAINTS
  • Units of the UAE Presidential Guard – THE SAINTS


Contract Briefing:

EYES ONLY: Field Agent Ort-Meyer Specimen 640509–040147, codenamed AGENT 47 & ICA Mobile Task Unit Delta-X-4-24/2, codenamed THE SAINTS

Good evening. The Board of Directors has agreed to undertake yet another contract from the CIA in short succession from the last one; an irregular move, but one that is considered to be of the utmost importance for the Agency to undertake, according Deputy-Chairwoman Amanda Waller. This one is going to be a long one, so let's put the details down to paper. Your destination is the United Arab Emirates, a nation that is embroiled in conflict with the clientele's organization, and must be taken apart piece by piece to send a message to its President, His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed. This mission, considering its importance, will require the services of the ICA Mobile task Force, "The Saints", and multiple. This contract shall be divided into two parts: the first part is one that will require only your expertise, 47.

Your first target will be Sheikh Omar Al-Ghazali, a formerly-less-than influential member of the Emirate of Dubai, whose claim to fame, originally funding massive construction efforts such as the Burj Al-Ghazali and donating to charity events, has shifted to novel-writing on his personal accounts in knowing the Providence Partners: Carl Ingram, Marcus Stuyvesant, and Alexa Carlisle. He is kind-hearted, as far as Middle Eastern dictators go, and does everything in his power to pay for the people of his emirate in various charity funds, but has nominally retired from construction since 2020. We have been made aware that he is hosting a gala at his latest, and greatest, effort, the Sceptre, where he has decided to begin pushing sales of his new novel, "The Heavens Stormed," which is to recount the downfall of Providence and his own thoughts on its Partners.


While this primary operation at the Burj Al-Ghazali will be undertaken by you, 47, the Saints' handler, Joseph Stanton, has been cleared to bring the Saints in to exfiltrate you until the next part of the contract: the assassinations of Major General Mike Hindmarsh and Sheikh Muhamad Al-Ghazali. It is expected that the Al-Ghazali family, and that of other UAE royal families, will be attending the funeral of Omar after his untimely death. The Saints shall create a diversion and you, in the chaos, shall assassinate the Sheikh and the Presidential Guard's unit commander. Afterwards, exfiltration will be tricky, but I assume that you will have routes planned.

This is a big contract, one that has the potential to shift the status quo in an entire region towards the ambitions of the United States. I don't trust the Deputy-Chairwoman in her judgement that this operation should be sanctioned, as it is egregiously noisy, even by the standards of wetworks units like the Saints. That being said, the Board agreed to the sanctioning of this operation, even if they could do nothing to stop it, and we are being charged with it strictly on the grounds of keeping Waller from finding another field agent more willing to take the task with less moral conviction towards her goals.

In the meantime, preparation is key… and you're going to need both that, and a lot of luck 47…

Target Intel:

Sheikh Omar Al-Ghazali

Omar Al-Ghazali is a less-privileged, but nonetheless unscrupulously elite, member of the Al-Ghazali Royal Family. Born in Dubai in 1976, Omar grew up with far less than other members of the Dubai Emirate's Royal Family. His relatively humble upbringing, and his desire to see and do good in the world, helped him to earn a reputation among the locals of Dubai as a charitable, kind soul who did what he needed for both the rich and poor alike. After graduating from the University of Dubai in 2008, he decided to use his meagre heritage and his comparative lack of responsibility towards the throne to become a construction mogul and carve his own legacy. He started small, building homes in and outside of Dubai, before establishing his own construction company to undertake bigger projects with a loan from his far more devious and scheming cousin, Salman Al-Ghazali.

Among locals in Dubai, he became known as the "Great Al-Ghazali" a title that even his father, Muhamad Al-Ghazali, never seemed to earn. In spite of this title, Omar was still arguably just as brutal and uncompromising, choosing to build relatively cheaply beyond publicly-viewed projects. It was during this time that he supposedly met Carl Ingram, according to his novel, and — "not knowing of the danger that this American businessman held for him" — accepted an investment into the creation of his greatest projects to date, including the Burj Al-Ghazali — also known as the Sceptre.

After the deaths of Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant at his unveiling of the Sceptre, he took a keen interest in the affairs of Providence, and sought to become a Herald. In the wake of Don Archibald Yates' death, however, the Sheikh returned to public life with stories to tell of his time with the Partners, spinning them as stories of woe and unknowing manipulation and discounting times when he actively worked with Carl Ingram to specifically further his own ends within his country. Described as warm, kind, outgoing, and a definite change for the Arabic World that was needed, Omar Al-Ghazali will be dearly missed.

Hell to Pay (Contract Epilogue)

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