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ICA Sanctioned Targets

Hitman4 - ICA Sanctioned Targets

In End of an Era, when purging all mention of 47 and Diana from the ICA database, there's a little slideshow of 47's ICA sanctioned targets from the WOA trilogy:

Alma Reynard

Sierra Knox/Robert Knox

Rico Delgado/Jorge Franco/Andrea Martinez

Dawood Rangan/Vanya Shah

Janus/Nolan Cassidy

Zoe Washington/Sophia Washington (listed as Serena Washington)

Erich Soders/Yuki Yamazaki

Sean Rose/Ezra Berg/Penelope Graves/Maya Parvati

Jordan Cross/Ken Morgan

Claus Strandberg/Reza Zaydan

Silvio Caruso/Francesca de Santis

Dalia Margolis/Viktor Novikov

Vito Duric (The Gunrunner)

Adeze Oijofor (The Warlord)

Richard Ekwensi (The Ex-Dictator, shown twice)

Owen Cage/Bradley Paine/Oybek Nabazov/Craig Black (Patient Zero)

Richard M. Foreman (The Chameleon)

Bartholomew Argus (The Badboy)

Xander Haverfoek (The Fixer)

Jonathan Smythe (The Sensation)

Pertti Jarnefelt (The Bookkeeper)

Richard J. Magee (The Guru)

Etta Davis (The Angel of Death)

The Black Hat (Owen Wagner)

Nila Torvik (The Pharmacist)

Walter Williams (The Blackmailer)

Mr. Giggles (The Entertainer)

Howard Moxon (The Broker)

Wen Ts'ai (The Food Critic)

Anthony L. Troutt (The Congressman)

Kieran Hudson (The Paparazzo)

Pavel Frydel (The Doctor)/Akana Akenawa (The Surgeon)

Orlando Caruso/Renzo Caruso (The Brothers, unreleased ET)

Dylan Narvaez (The Twin)

Gabriel Santos (The Chef)

Adalrico Candelaria (The Prince)

Sergei Larin (The Forger)

Brendan Conner (The Identity Thief)


So, of note, ETs and Patient Zero are canon. Wazir Kale, the Maelstrom, doesn't appear, but I could easily see that as being a mistake since Mumbai was ICA sanctioned. Interestingly, The Washington twins are listed as sanctioned even though it wasn't – 47 and company went rogue after Whittleton Creek. It also lists Sophia Washington as Serena Washington, and I'm not sure if this was known before but they likely changed her name sometime during development. Other than Sgail, they keep with continuity that everything after Whittleton Creek (Hitman 2 DLC and Hitman 3) was not ICA sanctioned.

I'm interested in your opinions on ETs and Patient Zero being canon since it's something that's been discussed for a long time. Can we make the assumption that Sarajevo Six was sanctioned? What do you think about the discontinuity of the Sgail hit: intentional or mistake? Also, Hitman 2 ETs aren't mentioned at all but what do we think about Mark Faba not showing up (wink wink)?

Sniper missions aren't mentioned either, but my theory (and this is entirely speculation) on that is 47 didn't complete those contracts but instead it was Knight and Stone.

Personally, I'm a little disappointed that they didn't include targets from before WOA, it would have been cool to catch an easter egg flash by during that sequence.


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