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Idea for a level: the University

Hitman5 - Idea for a level: the University

A Day to Remember _________________________________________________________________________________

Good afternoon 47, you next assignment will take you to England, to the prestigious St Aldeberge University in Kent. Your targets are former conservative minister and current Chancellor of the college, Baroness Elizabeth Hatch, acclaimed scientist and head of the college's biochemical engineering department, Dr. Bernard Adeyemi and scion of the Iaso company pharmaceutical fortune, Christopher Rhodes.

Hatch has enjoyed a long career in the British government during which she served in multiple ministerial roles, including Education Secretary and Health Secretary. In these capacities she became notorious for massive cutbacks and privatization schemes that gave her the nickname 'Hatchet Hatch' among the tabloid press. She eventually retired from political life and has spent the last few years focusing on her responsibilities as Chancellor of one of the most highly regarded universities in the world. Not a bad way to spend one's autumn years, however, it seems as though Hatch isn't quite ready to rest on her laurels just yet.

Our sources inform us that Hatch has had extensive connections with the Iaso pharmaceutical concern for decades. In the past she has used her government influence to quash concerns about birth defects associated with a popular morning sickness drug, which she then fast tracked towards full legalization. Since the collapse of the Ether corporation Iaso has pursued an extremely ruthless and aggressive expansion policy to fill the vacuum. Part of this has seen them expand their activities from mere consumer drugs into areas with, shall we say more moral flexibility, such as chemical warfare and mind altering serums influenced by the work of a certain Ezra Berg. Dr Adeyemi, one time Nobel Laureate for his work wiping out Malaria in West Africa has been a long time employee of Iaso and a key figure in these projects. One of the world's greatest biomedical engineers, the quiet and soft spoken Adeyemi displays an unusually detached personality, pursuing projects entirely based on their difficulty no matter how wildly their morality may vary. In this case his current work is now a far cry from that which earned him his Nobel prize, working on a refined Sarin weapon that has been rumored to have already been tested in Syria. Iaso hopes to accelerate their projects with further political support, and through Adeyemi have conspired with Hatch to bankroll her return to politics with the hope that she can dethrone the current ruling Prime Minister in Britain who has been discredited by their ongoing paralysis around the European Union. Our client cannot allow this to happen and has marked both Adeyami and Hatch for termination, in addition, they have also requested that we eliminate the wayward son of the Iaso corporation's Patriarch, Christopher Rhodes, who has been studying under Adeyami for some time and has also been involved in communications with Hatch. Doing so will go a long way towards crippling Iaso's plans and sending them a stark and personal message about their current course of action.

I shall leave you to prepare.


The setting of this mission is a top tier old British university, with a lot of visual similarities to
pWbCmYf - Idea for a level: the University

Cambridge, Oxford and
Trinity College. The Campus is a combination of very old looking medieval and Neoclassical buildings as you can see above, in addition to much more
S62uEHP - Idea for a level: the University
modern looking buildings where most of the classes take place in,
QAYO5Q0 - Idea for a level: the Universityas well as
older looking Dormitories, an old fashioned looking Library, a
modern Library, a Fairly small
c5qnqZH - Idea for a level: the Universityrugby pitch
, a gym and restaurants. Part of the campus is also currently undergoing some extensive renovations. I've mocked up a quick layout for the college here to give a better sense of space and location:

Here for college (blue arrows are level exits)

Here for route of targets (Red: Rhodes, Orange:Hatch, Purple: Adeyemi)

Hatch (who's an older politician in a similar vein to Theresa May) mostly stays in the Admin building and will come out to talk to Adeyemi (who is reserved but dapper looking, imagine someone like James Baldwin or
Frantz Fanon with a lab-coat and bow tie) as part of her routine, who himself has a restricted route mostly inside the sciences building where he will conduct a lecture with his students if left long enough. This will take up a significant chunk of his time but since he's doing a hands on tutorial in a chemistry lab it offers a number of opportunities to kill him via accident, additionally if you play your cards right you can have Rhodes (who would otherwise skip the class) join it for other shenanigans, you can also interrupt the class to end it early. Rhodes (who resembles a fairly stereotypical upper class college student who's into college sports and nightlife) starts off in a lecture in the arts building that you can catch the tail end of if you are fast enough, after which his regular routine will have him wandering around the northern part of the college, especially the library, gym and restaurant, just generally causing trouble. After this he will partake in rugby training for a while if the correct opportunity is followed, or as I said go to Adeyemi's class. He will then head to dormitories after the training and then into the pub, where he'll continue to be a nuisance. Then back around to the arts block and library, he may bump into Hatch along the way. Hatch herself will have opportunities relating to the graduation ceremony that will take place, an ancient manuscript that's kept in the old library and a visiting dignitary she wants to have a meeting with. This is all very up in the air but I may flesh out more mission stories a bit later.

Security on campus is tight, considering it's an English college. The campus police force will be armed (I know this isn't really a thing in Britain but there needs to be some form of resistance), there will be additional security because of the graduation and visiting dignitary, and finally there will be plainclothes guards scattered around the level similar to Whittleton Creek that mostly are there to keep an eye on Rhodes. Hatch and Rhodes will have a personal guard that stick close by (Hatch's is pretty obvious, Rhodes is more casual), while Adeyemi will almost always be well within view of a lot of people, mostly his class, which makes it difficult to catch him out, even though he doesn't have personal guards. There are a lot of cameras littered around the college to make it harder. 47 can wander around quite a large area of the college in his regular attire, but will be suspicious if he enters the Dorms, Construction area, laboratories in the Science block, and basically the entire administration building, including the old Library. He will also need a college keycard to gain access to the library and gym, without which he'll be suspicious, he may also need to be frisked (I know this might be stretching credulity that he needs to be patted down to enter a gym, but it could be rationalized that security is tighter thanks to the graduation and dignitary visit). The chapel tower is also restricted and may be a useful sniper spot, you may be able to coordinate events so that you can wipe out all three targets very quickly when Adeyemi and Hatch are having a discussion and Rhodes is playing Rugby.


Available disguises:

-English Professor (ultra stereotypical tweed jacket over turtleneck with glasses, actually looks pretty good on 47, can be used in an opportunity against Rhodes)

-Chemistry Professor (Fancy white labcoat and goggles)

-Chemistry Student (regular white labcoat and goggles)

-Rugby coach (used in an opportunity on the Rugby field against Rhodes)

-Tennis coach

-Kitchen Staff (think of things like the chefs in Hokkaido or Bangkok, no waiters are present in this level)

-Campus security (because this is an important day in the campus the on-campus security will be wearing their highly unusual formal dress, it may look better if the cloaks are dispensed with but they keep the top hats)

-Rhodes security (aforementioned plain clothes guys)

-Graduation Dress (similar to this, lets 47 partake in graduation ceremony)

-Chancellor's Dress (a much more ornate version of the above that might let 47 conduct the graduation ceremony himself!)

-Dignitary (47 can disguise himself as the visiting dignitary to fool Hatch, perhaps something along the lines of the Sheikh's outfit in Paris?)

-Dignitary's security (usual men in black getup)

-Construction worker (typical hi-vis and hardhat outfit, lets him go into construction site and perform an opportunity on the statue against Rhodes)

-Campus maintenance (similar to other handyman disguises, lets you enter areas normally restricted to maintenance staff and do things like expose wires or leak vehicles without suspicion)

-Campus groundskeeper

-Barkeep (works in the pub beside the rugby pitch)

-Scholar (a hidden outfit similar to things like the Vampire Magician, Scarecrow and Pale Rider that you can find in the old Library, basically lets you cosplay as an intellectual from centuries past like Thomas More or Desiderius Erasmus and conduct some silly challenges).

-Knight (perhaps the knight armor from Sgàil could be used somewhere here too?)

-Fraternity member (another hidden outfit, taken off of an unconscious guy in dorms it seems to be the result of a ridiculous bender the previous night, with 47 stripped to his underwear with an ill-fitting petticoat, swim fins and a mask meant to resemble a pig on)

I'm sure there's other disguises that would make sense that I missed, any ideas would be appreciated.

Mission Stories:

A few basic ideas for opportunities, or mission stories as I guess I should be calling them now…

Rhodes must fall

This is interesting 47, apparently a group of protesters have gathered around the statue near the library to demand it's removal as a representation of British imperialism. Rhodes, who is a direct descendant of the subject of the statue, is not happy about this, and has repeatedly threatened the protesters leader if she keeps it up, perhaps you can use your skills to bring this fraught dispute to an end?

(use the construction worker disguise to weaken the base of the statue, then enflame the protesters or Rhodes to have a confrontation, during the fracas the statue will collapse on top of Rhodes)

Boiling point

It seems as though Dr. Adeyemi has been developing a unique toxin that subtly assassinates its targets by vastly increasing the chance of cardiac arrest during moments of extreme stress. The toxin is intended to deflect suspicion away from the assumption of foul play by making the death look like a natural reaction, and we know that Christopher Rhodes has a history of hotheaded behavior, hmm, maybe put away the whale songs for this one 47?

(steal the toxin from Adeyemi's lab, spike something that Rhodes is drinking or eating with it and go out of your way to make him as mad as humanly possible until his heart explodes, this can be achieved by doing things like encouraging the statue protests, messing up his drink order in the Pub, ruining his rugby practice when dressed as the coach, or forcing him to attend Adeyemi's class, as well as various other things. You can also do something similar to Hatch, though this is unmarked and much more difficult)

Memento mori

Its graduation day today 47 and Elizabeth Hatch is meant to be leading the ceremony, unfortunately for her an unexpected development has forced the college to delay things for a while, apparently Hatch is dissatisfied with the unexpectedly poor quality of the Praelector's Latin and is having him take a crash course in enunciation before beginning the ceremony proper, maybe your silver tongue will help move things along 47?

(steal the Praelector's disguise and take his place in the ceremony, of course 47 speaks impeccable Latin, Hatch will then take center stage on the podium to give an extended speech which happens to have a very nice looking chandelier dangling over head, you can run out and drop it there and then or have an explosive placed beforehand to set off).

An Unexpected Visit

As part of her emerging plan to reenter the political arena Elizabeth Hatch has a meeting lined up with an important Diplomat from Central Asia today. It appears that he has gained access to sensitive information concerning the state of negotiations between the EU and the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, information that, if leaked could be extremely helpful in toppling the current Prime Minister if any ambitious competitors were so inclined. Well 47 Maybe you could find the time to attend this meeting too?

(steal the dignitary's disguise and retrieve the documents, meet Hatch in the old library, she will dismiss her security and climb up one of the old bookcase ladders to retrieve sensitive documents provided by Iaso that she has hidden there to give to the dignitary as part of the deal, this presents an opportunity for 47 to tip her off the ladder in such a way that she falls a full two stories to her death with no one seeing it.)

Weird Science

Dr. Adeyemi is well known for his hands on approach to teaching, despite his quiet disposition he is relentless and exacting in his expectations for his students and colleagues. His lab assistant, a postgraduate student, seems to have cracked and is avoiding the current class. He also still has the keycard that him and Adeyemi were using with the advanced isolation chamber for the Sarin experiments, but it seems as though he has not told Adeyemi that he accidentally damaged the equipment and didn't cycle the contents properly. Could be something to use there.

(Take the lab assistant's clothes and card and report to the class, subtly sabotage the isolation chamber and run the residual Sarin through while Adeyemi is inside trying to fix it. Make sure you lock the door with him inside otherwise you'll accidentally kill yourself and everyone else in the room when the gas floods the chamber).


Yeesh, that was longer than I thought it would be, I still might have some things to add, especially in the opportunities, but I just wanted to see if people thought this could be a good idea for a level.

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