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Idea- Holiday Hoarders 2: Lost in Whittleton Creek

Hitman3 - Idea- Holiday Hoarders 2: Lost in Whittleton Creek

We all want it – Christmas in Whittelton Creek. It would be such a missed opportunity. So, here is my idea of what it could be, if it's a real thing.

Holiday Hoarders 2: Lost in Whittleton Creek

Happy Holidays, 47. Your destination is Whittleton Creek, Vermont. This is a follow up to a previous contract in which you took down the infamous thieves Harry "Smokey" Bagnato and Marv "Slick" Gonif in Paris. Turns out, Bagnato and Gonif were part of a larger crime organization that amasses it's fortune from petty theft. Our friends at the CIA have been on the trail of two more members of the syndicate, (sorry, i'm not creative with names so we'll just call them Thing 1 and Thing 2 for the sake of this write-up) but have run into "complications" and have reached out to us for help, as one of their Agents has gone missing in Whittleton Creek while attempting to apprehend the two bandits. Your mission is to find and eliminate Thing 1 and Thing 2, as well as discover the status of the missing CIA Agent and, if possible, provide rescue. I trust this will put you in the Holiday Spirit, 47. I will leave you to prepare. Best of luck!

Thing 1 and Thing 2 (again, sorry, I can't come up with clever names right now) behave much in the same manner as Harry and Marv did in Holiday Hoarders. They each roam the map and steal small items from inside homes and elsewhere.

Whittleton Creek is in the midst of it's community Holiday Celebration. The map is covered in a blanket of snow and it is cold outside. It is evening time. The Christmas Tree lighting ceremony is about to begin and the neighborhood residents are out partaking in the festivities. Christmas Carolers sing Christmas songs, a vendor is serving donuts and hot chocolate, and there is a rumor that Santa Claus is wandering about somewhere. The baker lady is making Ginger Bread cookies instead of muffins. The party house of Another Life is once again inviting residents to come inside and warm up, or head out back for some tasty holiday treats being served up by the grill.


This mission takes place sometime in the past (Holiday Hoarders 1 takes place during the fashion show, so it's almost like an alternate reality… but we could say that Sanguine takes place annually and Holiday Hoarders therefore takes place the year prior to Showstopper.. i don't know) Cassidy is not around and his house belongs to another resident. Janus is present however and his private security remain hidden among the residents.

Finding Thing 1 and Thing 2 involves observing clues such as sinks being left on and water spilling over, broken windows or doors left open, or suspicious behavior such as hiding, sneaking. Look for NPC's that seem to be attempting to avoid being seen, or going places they shouldn't. Might just be a couple looking for some privacy, might be your targets. Identifying them is as easy as witnessing them commit a crime such as picking a lock or stealing an object, but you have to remain discreet as well. Killing them without witnesses and hiding their bodies as to not ruin the Holiday Cheer will be a challenge. Maybe the Baker Lady's ginger bread over could come in handy?

The CIA Agent fell off the trail of the thieves and accidentally found himself in Janus' business. Janus had his men take the Agent and lock him up in the secret tunnel between Janus' house and the house next door. 47 will need to find a way into the tunnel and release the Agent, who turns out to be Agent Smith, wearing Christmas-themed USA boxer shorts.

Santa Claus will appear much as he does in Holiday Hoarders, appearing out of thin air in various places. Keep an eye out for him.

I have a bunch of ideas as far as unique kills, such as putting one of the targets in the baker's oven, making one fall through the ice on the pond during an escape attempt, breaking a large icicle off of a roof overhang and making it impale a target, and more – but I'm out of time to detail those now.

Hope you like what I've thought up so far!

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