Hitman 2

[idea] New Game Mode: Incrimination

Hitman3 - [idea] New Game Mode: Incrimination

Yeah, yeah: everyone's got an idea, but hear me out.

First of all, any idea needs to be easily implemented within the current limitations of the game mechanics and AI framework, and this idea is.

Secondly, it needs to not alter anything in a way that makes too easy, invalidates or requires rework on any existing missions or the marketplace of custom contracts, and this idea doesn't.

OK, so on to the idea:

If you think about it, it stands to reason that 47's clients might be looking for more than simply murder for hire and the occasional recovery of a stolen file.

I think it perfectly fits 47's persona as a Silent Assassin for him to be able to carry out a mission and then plant evidence to pin the blame for the murder on a specific target. That definitely sounds like the kind of thing someone hiring the worlds greatest assassin might need.

How it would work:

47 would have 'kill' targets like always, but after eliminating them, he also needs to reach a 'patsy' target and then plant the murder weapon on them through sleight of hand.

For example, 47 could zap Janus with a lethal syringe, and blow Cassidy up with a remote explosive, then plant the detonator and used syringe on a specific 'patsy' (perhaps that serial killer woman) using sleight of hand and then exit the level.

Sleight of Hand would work just like pacification: when 47 walks up behind the 'patsy' NPC, there be an option for planting evidence on them instead of knocking them out. IOI would need to create a new animation for this.

The game would also need to maintain a separate inventory list for items linked to 47's kills (e.g., used syringes, detonators, 47's pistol, etc) that pops up when 47 tries to plant an object.


Just like with pacifying people, planting objects on them would also be a suspicious act to anyone watching. It would need to take at least as long as the choking animation.

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problems with this idea:

If IOI introduced this feature, someone will inevitably start complaining that it's "unrealistic" (In a video game. lol.) that 47 can palm syringes or poison vials or knives on people, but he can't pickpocket people for access cards or plant a remote micro explosive on them.

The problem with making these into skills that can be used elsewhere is it breaks rule #2 above.

While I admit there's a certain (achievement worthy) poetry to pickpocketing Dalia Margolis for the lethal poison she carries around, then putting it in her drink, it changes the game in ways that are unpredictable.

How many missions or contracts would be ruined by 47 suddenly being able to acquire a keycard from a guard without needing to hide a body afterwards? how easy would it be to plant an explosive on Rose and then blow him up when he's standing next to Penelope or Parvati?

So anyway, that's my idea.

It actually adds very little to the existing gameplay, but it does put a bit of a fresh angle on things, and if IOI created actual mission stories that offered possibilities like this, then it could add some interesting/fun new signature kill possibilities.

For example, imagine killing Martinez with the letter bomb, then planting the detonator on Hector, and then doing something that leads Rico and Hector to meet. A scripted event could be triggered, leading to Rico discovering the detonator and suspecting Hector. Perhaps if 47 also planted a gun, then Hector could assassinate Rico?


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