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Ideas for an Airport level in a new Hitman game.

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I am aware that everyone and their mother wants an airport map. I just thought of some really cool ideas for an airport map that I'd like to share with you. This is especially unrealistic just me having some fun. Downvote and comment telling me its unoriginal and bland and would never work if you want, its just some ideas I had. I am also aware they are not doing DLC maps for Hitman 3. Here is my idea!

The map:

Its an airport, yknow? The airport is the Ingram International Airport. (named after carl ingram or something) You start off at the typical entrance of an airport, where cars and buses pull into the area. Behind this is a parking garage that one of your targets start at. There is a check in desk area and a screening area with long lines and stuff. You can either go through the scanning area where you will have to put your briefcase onto the thing you put luggage in. You can't take any bad items through. You can also cut through a staff only area if you want to keep your guns and things.

After this it opens up to a vast airport. There is a lot of shops you can get items/distractions in with a food court perfect for poisoning food. There are escalators and stuff. You can shoot chandeliers to fall on your targets and there could be a leaky fountain for electrocution. You can also go on part of the runway. You can go into staff only areas and baggage claims and other airporty things. You can also go onto the bridges that one would use to get onto a plane if you sneak by, but they are just open areas.


These are probably very similar to other targets in these games like the guys from Bangkok and others, oh well.

Ryan Daniels is a celebrity model doing a photoshoot on the runway of the airport (probably insanely unrealistic) He just got off his plane at the airport. He is secretly doing money laundering or something. He's kind of an asshole to everyone he meets in the map. If you disguise as his bodyguard he will constantly ask you to take pictures of him with the camera tool. He is allergic to wasabi.

Rupert Simmons is an old dude that owns "Thwack" the soda company that you get cans of throughout the games. The company has been exploiting its workers in third-world countries and has been pulling strings to avoid lawsuits. He's also kind of a creep to women. He is here for a flight but also unveiling a new "Thwack" shop in the airport. After this, he is supposed to leave on a private plane.

Mission Stories:

Ah yes. These have probably been idea'd to death but idc so

The Runway

Ryan Daniels is doing a photoshoot on the runway of an airport (get it? runway? fashion?) You can disguise as his cameraman. The cameraman is hanging around the shops. Normally he will just walk around the airport waiting for his photoshoot but you can come talk to him to let him begin his photoshoot cycle. You can also disguise as one of Daniels' bodyguards to tell the cameraman that it is time for the photoshoot. This one is kind of like the tour in Mendoza.

First thing he does is he takes pictures near containers of jet fuel. You can shoot these to blow him up and get the challenge for mastery "On Fire".

Next, he takes pictures near a plane on the ground. He gets pissed at some engineers telling him it is dangerous. He gives them the finger. You can disguise as a pilot and enter the plane. A cutscene plays as he gets sucked into the engine. You get the challenge "Bird in the Engine"

Lastly, he goes onto one of those old stairways to get onto the plane. You can push him into a sewage tank (which would never be open i know) and get the challenge "Stairway to Heaven"

Killer Fashion

Ryan Daniels is doing a photoshoot near and on an escalator. Disguise yourself as a mechanic and sabotage an escalator so that it malfunctions. Disguise yourself as an assistant to him and give him a different outfit to try on. This outfit is very saggy. Daniels goes into the bathrooms and changes. He comes out and is ready for the shoot. He will get his outfit caught in the elevator. Normally, he just gets himself free but because you sabotaged the escalator so it pulls him under and crushes him.

Airport Sushi

Simple one. Disguise yourself as a person who works at a fast-food place. Ryan Daniels will come there and be an ass to everyone. You make him his food but subtlely add wasabi. He has an allergic reaction and dies right there. It's basically the fugu fish one.



Disguise as the chauffeur supposed to pick up Daniels. The chauffeur is caught up in the parking garage. Call Daniels with the cell phone of the chauffeur and tell him it is time to get picked up. He comes to the parking garage and declines your offer to put the luggage in the car. You're too dirty or something like that. As he is putting his own luggage in the car, you have the option to back over him.


Disguise as an assistant for Simmons and take his luggage, which is a suitcase. Place a bomb inside of Simmons' luggage while nobody is looking. Give the luggage to him, and let him go through TSA screening. Guards will shoot him or something.


Disguise as a "thwack" employee. Sabotage a giant "Thwack" can's supports and tip the can over onto Simmons at the unveiling.

Blades of Steel

You will need to steal the phone of someone in air traffic control. You need to sneak in there. After you steal their phone, disguise yourself as a lawyer for Simmons. The lawyer is found in the food court and is difficult to find alone. You can call Simmons to start a meeting in a private room. Simmons will send everyone out of the room. You can tell him about how you can help him avoid lawsuits and he will look out a balcony. Call the helicopter pilot that it is okay for takeoff. The helicopter just so happens to be directly beneath the balcony (unrealistic). Push Simmons off into the helicopter blades.

Precious Cargo

Simmons goes down and complains about his luggage being handled poorly. During this, you can distract his guard and knock him out. Next, you can place him into a suitcase and hide his body. You will need to disguise yourself as a baggage handler and you can put him onto a passenger plane that is carrying all his luggage to another place. This is kind of like the heart one in Hokkaido where the person is not technically dead but will definitely be soon. A cargo area on a plane sometimes isn't pressurized but definitely is not temperature managed. That is why your stuff is cold after a plane. He will freeze to death in the cargo area.


Simmons will try to hit on a girl in a 2 story elevator inside of the airport. He gets shut down and is all sad and hangs around the entrance to the elevator wallowing in sadness or something. Disguise yourself as a mechanic and sabotage the doors to the elevator on the floor Simmons is on. Go upstairs and push Simmons into the elevator shaft. He doesn't die from the fall, but you can call the elevator up to the second floor, crushing him. (unrealistic)


This one is like the parachute one on Dubai. You can only do this one if Daniels is already dead. You will need to cause an evacuation for this one for Simmons. You could cause a target lockdown or maybe steal the phone of someone to tell him there is an emergency evacuation. Then, disguise yourself as the pilot of the private plane Simmons is there for. Enter the plane and the guards will surround the area making sure nobody gets on the plane except for Simmons. Take off. A cutscene starts showing you flying away. Simmons asks you why there was an emergency. You open the emergency door of the plane or something and throw him out. This one doubles as an exit for the location, and it ends with you flying away.

Other kill opportunities/challenges:

You can drop a really nice chandelier on the targets. This starts a fire. (Crashed and Burned)

Daniels goes to a few stores in the mall area, one of which being a liquor store. You can lock him in the freezer there. (A Chilled Beverage)

Kill a target by throwing them off the parking garage. (Losing Altitude)

Kill a target by putting them in an oven in the food court. (A Hot Meal)

Throw a target into a moving vehicle near the entrance of the Airport. (Traffic Jammed)

Throw a target into a big fountain in the airport.

I know this is all unrealistic and stupid, and everyone has theorized airport maps to death, but I just had some fun with it. If you guys have more ideas for the map, let me know in the comments!

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