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Stages/Arenas with 24 hour time lapses, where npcs follows a more complex routine (Not just going for one place to another in a consistent loop) Let's consider two examples: Paris (Hitman 2016): Place closes at 20 pm, when Victor and Dalia leaving, so you have a limited amount of time to complete your mission. Sapienza: Targets follows a more complex routine during the 24hs period. Also a clock showing the time of the day.

Disguises changes takes time, let's say a 5 minutes in "arena time", in that time, if you are changing your disguise in the path of any kind of npc you will be spotted.

Possibility to talk to NPCs, after acquiring information about them (either to make them move to another place, or convincing them of something) With dialogue options that can't just be scripted, you actually have to pay attention to it, let's say, for example: You need to convince Npc Maria to give you a Key..So you go and talk to her, saying that his brother "X" tells you so, now the optional dialogue of his brother name pops out, but it will be different any time (Random generated, so you actually have to pay attention to the story, and not just looking it up on Google/YouTube)


The possibility of create NPCs on arena/stages. (Name, face design, possibility of uploading pic for face) Creator map to control path and movements of npc/target. Now every single contract created has the potential to be unique in highly creative (and interesting) ways.

Possibility of Kidnap a target/npc. (After a pacification, dump in a movile container, then to the exit).

A more complex NPC AI: You get the suspicious status after pushing/running towards an npc twice. Not everyone follows the sound of a coin falling, certain npcs are simply too busy or don't mind. Distractions have to be more real. also coins and most distraction throwing objects doesn't make noise on dirt, plants, etc.

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Three Real Difficulties: Casual (Normal) – Professional (Hard) Just like in 2016 (or "Master" in Hitman 2) – Master (Very Hard)

How many times we heard the concept "Has to be real, without losing the fun.." Well, in the, real "Master" difficulty, it has to be as real as it gets: – No saves – If you run/push towards a security office you instantly get the suspicious status. – You also get the suspicious status if you are just messing around, simply standing still in a single spot, or even messing up a conversation.

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