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Ideas for special assignments on H3 maps

Hitman1 - Ideas for special assignments on H3 maps

So IOI has more or less confirmed that we're not getting more maps, but they will be doing DLC, I'm guessing this means we'll see some special assignments. So here's what I think would be cool to see for each map:

Dartmoor – The Haunting of Thornbridge Manor
A few years after the Carlisle family lost all claim to the Thornbridge estate, it was purchased by an occult society. You infiltrate the property at night, during which a summoning will take place. A small audience of wealthy individuals are there to see the spectacle, and are paying through the nose for it. The targets would be the head magus, an Aleister Crowley type who has many enemies, and one of the wealthy benefactors who is using the occult society as a money laundering front.
Opportunities include:

  • killing all the lights in the middle of the summoning, leaving the magus in a pool of blood, and maintaining SA because onlookers will suspect demonic forces
  • haunting the benefactor into believing it's all real and he's being punished for his greed
  • barricading the exits and starting a fire
  • a confrontation between the magus and the benefactor during a recess that leads to the magus stabbing the benefactor with a ceremonial dagger
  • hallucinogenic poisons

Berlin – A Matter of Integrity
A demolition crew is tearing down the old reactor to repurpose the land. The target is the land developer, who owns 20% of the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolis, and is charging both her tenants and the city of Berlin itself extortionate prices. Broad daylight, construction crew and site security everywhere, target has more than 2 bodyguards and is hard to get near.
Opportunities include:

  • Disguising yourself as the foreman to get a private meeting
  • So much accidents
  • Having the entire structure collapse with the developer inside
  • Staging emergency phone calls to the target that gets her to find a quiet place to think, possibly on top of a roof somewhere

Dubai – The Harder They Fall
A sniper map, in which you are sitting in a helicopter outside the Burj Al-Ghazali, giving the pilot instructions to move to the other sides of the building and up and down. Targets are a cartel of US arms dealers looking to branch into oil, following a lucrative US military contract for their legitimate branch.
Opportunities include:

  • Sheikhs Omar and Salman Al-Ghazali both make appearances and will have private meetings with targets occasionally.
  • Destroying balconies that targets are on
  • Crates of explosives being held in storage rooms
  • Weapon demonstration accidents

Mendoza – No Rest for the Wicked
The son of a former nazi officer who had been in hiding in Argentina, has bought the former Yates estate, but this purchase set off some alarms. The former vineyard being used as training grounds and the winery as barracks for a neonazi militia planning a terrorist strike. Targets are the owner of the estate, who is an old man holed up in the mansion, and a militia leader. Militia kills do not affect your score.
Opportunities include:

  • Stabbing the old man with his nazi paraphernalia
  • Tipping off local authorities to start a firefight between them and the militia
  • Killing the militia leader first, and the old man being called down to the training grounds when his body is found

Chongqing – Cog in the Machine
Chongqing in daylight is bustling with people. The ICA facility has been turned into a large corporation's datacenter, and has publicly visible entrances now. The target is a supervisor of the engineering team and a secret prototype on his computer that spells potential catastrophe to cyber security. The facility itself has a lot more employees walking around and is physically less security, but also offers less privacy.
Opportunities include:

  • A corporate spy trying to infiltrate the facility, who may be caught and interrogated by the target (during which you may either be that corporate spy in disguise, or have the opportunity to get the target away from their computer).
  • Many employee types to disguise yourself as, in order to cause disruptions in specific parts of the system.
  • Destroying the prototype first to get the target to freak out, cause a scene, and have to report to his boss or HR.

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