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Hitman3 - Ideas for the next Hitman
  • The ability to lock doors. Controlling the mobility of guards and targets by blocking passages could add a new layer of depth to the game. I can imagine this being done remotely via the camera tool.
  • Save-scumming detracts from score. Finishing the mission without reloading a save should be rewarded.
  • Light and shadow mechanics. While you can turn off lights in Hitman, it only serves as a generic distraction. Imagine a game where the lighting affects the visibility of your character. 47 could take cover and hide bodies in the darkness. Need to traverse a corridor? Flip the switch and go before an NPC comes to turn it back on. You could shoot out the lights, but the sound of breaking glass and the sudden darkness might cause guards to enter hostile mode. You would also have to contend with NPCs who carry flashlights. Flashing and roving lights, like on a dance floor, would be especially challenging to navigate. One way to subvert this mechanic would be to have guards equipped with night vision who can be blinded by turning on the lights.
  • Blackouts. Related to the above, you could cause power outages by blowing up breakers and generators to temporarily deprive lights, electronic locks, and cameras of power.
  • Surface-dependent sounds. A game where you would have to pay attention to the sounds produced by specific surfaces would require a player to thoroughly observe his surroundings. The sound of a spent clip falling on a linoleum floor might alert other NPCs, but not if the impact is muffled by carpeting. Conversely, a coin would work on the former but not the latter. This mechanic can interact with the lighting mechanic by becoming more sensitive when NPCs are navigating the dark.
  • Targets with unique vulnerabilities and defenses. This concept was briefly explored with Dino Bosco, who wore a bulletproof suit. Otherwise, every target is vulnerable in the same ways. What about a target that can't be strangled or garroted because they wear a neck brace? A demolitions expert who can disarm mines? A toxicologist who can smell the presence of poison? A target that has a phobia of mundane objects like fruit? An Olympic runner who can run away really, really fast? Or…
  • A blind target who has a heightened sense of hearing. What if there was a target who couldn't see you but could hear you? Just hearing the sound of footsteps on a hard surface might cause them to raise an alarm. You would have to distract them with other sounds in order to approach them.
  • A pair of targets, each of whom can be approached by disguising yourself as the other target. It's surprising that Hitman hasn't allowed you to disguise yourself as one of the targets or their body double. It could make for some funny "but I thought you were dead" moments.
  • The ability to interrogate targets. I'd like to see a mission where a secondary, possibly optional, objective, can be accomplished by interrogating the target for information. In order to do so, you would have to corner or injure them before killing them. For example, you might need to interrogate a cryptocurrency tycoon who embezzled billions from his exchange to recover the funds. The additional challenge would come from confronting them without allowing them to escape, maybe by locking a door.

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