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Imagining a Hitman sequel to the trilogy and 6 new locations

Hitman5 - Imagining a Hitman sequel to the trilogy and 6 new locations


Images are purely for giving a feeling of how each location is like Places on this post are fictional and names too


Been a pretty big fan of the Hitman series since I was introduced to it by the free sale offer for Hitman 2016 back in August on Epic Games. Since then, I've been completely hooked in and interested into anything revolving agent 47.

Each destination has a lot of charm to it, with only a few ones which I did not enjoy as much, and so thinking of the many things IOI could have done that they did not do for the World of Assassination fells kinda sour!

Here are SIX destinations never-before seen in the Hitman franchise, and how they would play out.

Let's get into them, shall we? Insert Hitman 3 menu theme here

New player (Acapulco – Mexico)


Description: After the events of Hitman 3, the ICA was abolished as a whole and everyone who used to fork part of it moves on with their own lives, including 47. Some people however, were not so happy with what happened, and so, Adriana Hernández, former ICA analyst, did all she could in her power to give Agent 47 a sour punch in return.

Adriana Hernández has digged deep into her available resources, compiled everything she could find on 47, and has put it up for trade with different third parties in exchange of other value information and money that could make up for her lost job.


Diana: "… It's a pleasure to be with you again 47, I have contacted you and brought you here, as it seems once again your duty is necessary, but this time, to save yourself."

"The annual celebration in Acapulco for lucha libre is happening shortly, where four different individuals have met to trade files containing delicate information on you and others like me with a third party. There is another third party involved, but it seems they have already received the files, not knowing what they could do with them makes them our next targets."

"The files will be traded in exchange of money and files on the now-dead providence members, but only if Alejandro González, profesional wrestler, wins the fight."

"There is a twist to this however, Alejandro González has been seen with Maria Lopez, medical researcher and clinical pharmaceutical scientist, who most likely has given Alejandro González something such as steroids or drugs to win the fight against all odds. In other words, the fight will be rigged, and the files will be traded no matter what."

"Mario González, brother of Alejandro González, will have the files necessary, and will be the one confirming that the trade was successful, if not, or if any of the other targets are found dead and he survives, expect him to release an emergency encrypted message to other 3rd parties, which could act as a warning that you or someone else has tampered with or gained access to these files."

"Your targets will be located on an building in Acapulco, right across the street to the stadium where the fight will take place. Alejandro González will be preparing for the fight, but I'm sure you'll be able to find an opportunity to take him out. He will also be the key to reuniting all other targets to the meeting center, as getting him out of the game and pretending to make it look like he needs a meeting to cancel it, will force all 3 targets to meet-up expecting Alejandro for an explanation. From then on, it's up to you to improvise."

"The targets are supposed to meet up with a supposed Susana Blanco, unaware of the true purpose of these files, and the person in charge of delivering the files to a Santiago Castillo. The other third party which has already received files, it's is composed of Elena Tremblay and Anthony Martin. Unfortunately, they are not our priority for now, we will get to them eventually."


  • Eliminate Adriana Hernández
  • Eliminate Alejandro González
  • Eliminate Mario González
  • Eliminate Maria López
  • Do not eliminate Susana Blanco
  • Obtain files

About Acapulco

Acapulco is a destination similar to Sapienza and Miami, you'll be located on an open area with multiple buildings around, and finally, a stadium on the middle where Alejandro González will fight his rival and eventually win the fight.

The map will be similar to Miami in the sense that one of the targets (Alejandro López) will first be "free" (roaming), then "busy" (fighting), and finally, free again (roaming). Similarly to how Sierra Knox starts as busy driving her race car then roams.

This mission has 4 targets, and we all know how Colorado went. However, the targets will stay close-by together (while leaving a big part of the map open for multiple opportunities for contracts and escalations, or elusive targets), and will also roam at times in secured areas where they will be more isolated. Finally, there is also a method where you'd be able to force all targets into one isolated area, and kill them off for the SASO mark, or just to avoid an inconveniences like in Colorado.

Priorities (Ottawa – Canada)


Description: with the main players of what caused the issues of this game, it's now time for Diana and 47 to locate another two groups of players (third parties) who have access to these files or may be a potential threat. This destination will be located on a residential space station, made majorly for tourism, but also to house scientists, preparing astronauts, and astrobiologists. The inside of the station has a lot of rooms with virtual walls that simulate backgrounds of outer space, including big windows within the apartments that make the location feel like you're on a spaceship rather than Earth.

The location also contains a low gravity yard on the center, a new mechanic which can be used (as long as you wear the appropriate suit) to go up/down the facility instead of using stairs or other methods.


Diana: "Good evening 47, your targets are unknowingly awaiting for your arrival in the International Space Station Center, your targets are Elena Tremblay and Anthony Martin"

"Elena Tremblay is a astrobiology and astronaut, and an aerospace engineer preparing to work with a future satellite. The catch is, she is part of one of the two third parties who were involved with Ariana Hernández, in other words, she knows about you, and her having access to such a wide variety of tools that could be used to locate or identify individuals like you could propose a great danger."

"Next, you will also have to eliminate Anthony Martin, one of the directors of the ISSC, who is associated with Tremblay and could carry on his knowledge with someone else in the case that Elena Tremblay coincidentally died."

"You will find Tramblay practicing by the low gravity field, the gym, and occasionally taking a breather on her luxurious apartment, full of high tech furniture and virtual walls that allows one to sleep to the stunning scenarios of galaxies, cosmic coulds, and more… Makes me envious almost."

"Anthony Martin will be more busy going over necessary tools and managing future events to keep the agenda tight in the higher floors where the offices are located, his high demanding work and situation should make it easy to approach him, keep in mind though that this is a highly secured area, it can be very risky to try to enter here without a disguise."

"The other third party, the party that was supposed to receive the files for losing to Alejandro González is beginning to get nervous and suspicious, so you must not fail this mission, as we have to immediately get back on track and take them out before it's too late. We're on borrowed time 47, I will leave you to prepare."


  • Eliminate Elena Tremblay
  • Eliminate Anthony Martin

About Ottawa

Probably what would be the best Hitman mission in the entire Hitman franchise's history. Seriously, who wouldn't want to headshot their target as they're sitting in their office, looking at a 20 feet tall (and maybe 25 feet wide virtual wall) showcasing an amazing scenario full of cosmos, planets, glowing objects, black holes, or cosmic nebulas/clouds? That'd be astonishing. I would never get tired of playing this.

On the lower floor you'll find a lot of tourist related zones, with a few luxurious apartments that could cost someone hundreds of thousands of dollars in just one week. There will also be a lot of historic exposures such as an original size model of the very first ever rocket launched to space, and a big planetarium on the ceiling shining upon the map.

On floor between the tourism segment and the offices, you'll find the work place and residential area for staff like Elene Tremblay, and of course the low gravity zone in the middle of the map which would allow players to ascend or descend levels through at their own will (free movement while in low gravity), while everything else is built around this segment. Almost like a space station located in space. Most walls of this station are virtual walls that simulate different sceneries (all walls match the current sceneries being displayed, but will change over time and are randomized each play through) to try to simulate a feeling of a mission in outer space instead of Earth itself.

Hiding from the Apex (Barcelona – Spain)


Description: With the sudden absence of Adriana Hernández and the case files, the second third party is too paranoid to believe anything else other than they've been killed and they're next. They have arranged a meeting with a group from South Korea that will take place in the following days. Diana and 47 must stop this meeting at all costs and eliminate one target, Santiago Castillo.


47: "One more to go."

Diana: "Right, here is the thing – Adriana Hernández is missing, including her allies. And so are the files. The case is clear, Adriana Hernández has been killed by Agent 47, and Elene Tremblay, Anthony Martin, and Santiago Castillo are on the hunt. The thing is, two of the three remaining players are already dead, so this is something that gives us the benefit of surprise, as Santiago Castillo still has not left Barcelona in panic, and is just hiding for now."

"Your target will be located on a palace in Barcelona, where he is preparing the scenery for an arranged meeting to take place next week with researchers from South Korea. It is unknown whether or not our previous targets were aware of this, but it doesn't matter anymore."

"You will need to go through the public parks and infiltrate the Palace, to then get rid of Santiago Castillo and finally put an end to all of this."

"This is an easy one 47, one target, no pressure, and plenty of time. I will leave you to prepare now, so plan ahead carefully."


  • Eliminate Santiago Castillo

About Barcelona

This destination will take place in a public park with a lot of nature and area for people to enjoy their time and relax, near the end of the park you will find between all vegetation a small Palace, highly secured by security where Santiago Castillo is temporarily staying to prepare for the future meeting.

Barcelona will have similar vibes to Berlin and Colombia, where you will be surrounded by a lot of nature, eventually interrupted by a big structure (mansion, club, now palace) in the middle of all vegetation that is highly secured. The area has many small business, rivers, and a ton of public attention that will allow for good contract opportunities and escalations.

The map will be a map that heavily prioritizes increasing difficulty as you approach the target similarly to Isle of Sgàil and New York, with also rising tension.

Putting on a Show (Seoul – South Korea)



Description: Anthony Martin has had a trick up his sleeve all along, he knew it was nearly impossible to stop 47 from eventually finding him or other targets, but his optimism and the opportunities those files provided were still too big to let go. He has made copies for the files and sent them to three different sources, one of which specifically came up to them as they were interested in 47's origins. Anthony Martin was aware of the arrangements Santiago Castillo had, he has contacted the person who'd meet up with Santiago Castillo in advance before 47 appeared, and has leaked the files before hand with the source. The source still kept the meeting scheduled however to not raise suspicions.


Diana: "We have been outsmarted. Thanks to Santiago's files and documents, we now know Anthony Martin knew you'd lay eyes on him soon or later, he has leaked everything to three different sources, bastard. That would explain the increased security in the Palace and why everything was tampered."

47: "So then we get rid of them all and careful control for variables like these to cripple more incoming sources from these files."

Diana: "Not that simple, one of the main sources has an upcoming interview tomorrow with a South Korean channel. Your targets are Hye Lee and Hannah Guan."

"Hye Lee, originally supposed to meet up with Santiago Castillo, was aware you were going to kill Santiago Castillo, so he purposely kept the meeting on schedule to throw us off and warned Santiago Castillo. He has arranged a meeting beforehand with Hannah Guan, director and the person in charge of interviewing Hye Lee. We don't know for sure if she has gotten anything in beforehand, but we can't risk it. So she must be eliminated."

47: "Tell me about the location"

Diana: "The targets will be located in the city of Seoul, a big City with a TV tower station within where the interview will take place. You will have to enter the tower, and find your way to the destinated floor so you can stop Hannah Guan. Hye Lee will not be there as we will be in the location in advance, so you may find him roaming across the city before finally getting to the tower."

"Both the city and the tower have mild security, but due to the factor that both targets know who you are, you can't allow yourself to be seen by then, expect them to be able to see through your disguises or to have more enforcers on the area."

"Hye Lee has played us as stupid already, but he's about to find out just how big of a mistake he's run into."


  • Eliminate Hye Lee
  • Eliminate Hannah Guan

About Seoul

Seoul is everything New York and Chongqhing have that they also didn't have a modern city setting interrupted by a major location (bank, ICA facility, now TV Tower) where at least one target will reside. Seoul will expand on the city concept similarly to Mumbai, and will give the players more room to explore and immerse themselves into a new experience within the World of Assassination.

The TV tower is a tower with working elevators, and numerous floors dedicated to different types of TV shows, with of course, the news and interview stations where Hannah Guan will be located. Both the city and the tower will have high technology hazards or interactive robots that will make the experience much more enjoyable or interactive. Expect too to see security drones like in Chongqhing, as cameras alone won't do ennough justice to keep security in the many twists and turns of a city.

Delicate Cargo (Private Cruise – South Atlantic)


Description: A private cruise has members of an organization, part of one of the new third parties, planning to meet up with the second last third party in Antarctica, 47 infiltrated the luxurious private cruise to eliminate two targets in charge of part of the cargo, which contains information on 47 and Diana as well as mysterious substances.


Diana: "The mission in South Korea was a success. No alarms have been raised, and the last two parties are still unaware of our knowledge. This gives us incredible advantage 47."

"Your targets are preparing to arrive to Antarctica, as for the time being, they're just relaxing in a private cruise destined to arrive there in the next few days."

"Your first target is Slevtana Solovyov, a female with fierce words that keeps the entire cargo crew busy and occupied. With her on the watch, the information and materials or substances will make it to Antarctica."

"Your next two targets are located on the main part of the cruise, where ceremonies are handled and where you'll find them dancing, enjoying the food, or making their way to the outside to enjoy the views."

"One of the targets is Scott Maxwell, the one behind all of this who has received the files and organized the process. Without it, there is no guide that will be able to lead the plan and future relationships in Antartica to success."

"Finally, you will also encounter William Mitchell as part of this crew, intelligence head and overseer of activity, he is the one in charge of bringing new alternatives and tools that will help the trio engage more with the crew in Antarctica, without him and his other two partners, Antarctica will unknowingly be crippled from any help.

"Being part of a crew that knows a lot about you will make things very difficult for you 47, you will have to improvise and possibly will have to be much more cautious. Use your environment and resources available to your advantage. Good luck."


  • Eliminate Slevtana Solovyov
  • Eliminate Scott Maxwell
  • Eliminate William Mitchell

About South Atlantic

Unlike guided training, this takes place in a real environment, scaled up from a yatch to a Cruise. The cruise is traveling from Mexico to Antarctica, currently located in the South Atlantic at the time of 47's arrival.

The cruise has many layers to it, the bottom-most being the cargo layer, where all the cargo crew is and where Slevtana Solovyov will be located. With also some headquarters and residences on this layer made for the workers, mostly abandoned.

The two middle layers are composed of celebration and high luxurious locations, where people dance, listen to piano music, enjoy some champagne, or enjoy the views, etc. You will here mostly William Mitchell, but also occasionally Scott Maxwell. You will also find residences here for the people currently aboard the ship, with small but luxurious rooms where they sleep before waking up to another day on the pools outside or the inside of the cruise.

The uppermost layer is heavily guarded by security as it is where the captain is located, also where William Mitchell will be seen. Access to the Captain's quarters without being seen is considerably hard unless you knock out the guards, which is also where William likes to enter from time to time. That said, if you manage to get inside, you will be located in an area with very little security, and a lot of isolation to assassinate William Mitchell.

New Life (Classified – Antarctica)


Description: The very last destination that Agent 47 will see, and probably his most challenging mission ever. 47 will have to infiltrate a tower located within the regions of Antarctica, where it has been found that they're planning not to expose 47, but to make more advanced genetic humans like him for their own purposes.


Diana: "…Are you ready for this?"

47: "Yes… I think so. It's our only shot."

Diana: "Well… Good luck."

Diana: "Welcome… To Antarctica. Probably the harshest environment you have been to. Your targets are located within the tower you see on the distance. A highly secured area that not even the ICA had information on, with a mansion on the last floor."

"Thanks to Anthony Martin's documents, we know that this group of people is more interested in your origins and making people like you rather than exposing you, so you can expect to be safe now as you being undetected is indirectly a benefit for them."

"I'm going to be completely honest here 47. We have previously had at the ICA contracts located here. No one has ever dared infiltrating the tower. It is estimated by analysts to have security so strong that it makes it impossible to pass undetected. That being said, I know that you also have impossible skills and that you stand a chance. But even then, I will still not rest easy."

"If you want to take a much more secure route, there is another starting point at a pre-built cabin, where you will be supplied with a sniper rifle and plenty of ammunition if you'd prefer to take on this mission from a different perspective."

"Your targets are Jyren Valentine, Zachary Walker, Christopher Cordero, and Lucas Torres. Your very first target Jyren Valentine will most likely be located within the first floors judging by his position, he's in charge of the security crew, electricity, and technical maintenance of the tower. Also an old ICA target dismissed for being too risky to assassinate."

"Your next target is Zachary Walker, likely located within the middle segment of the tower, as he's the one in charge of what goes in and out, and will also be carefully monitoring health condition standards. It may be possible that you could take advantage of cargo going in and exit at safe points to explore the tower and eliminate a target at a time, then head back to the Cargo before it is carried off to the next segment and so on."

"The cargo will be carried to the upper segment of the tower, where it is checked before being carried to the mansion for usage."

"Your next Target is Christopher Cordero, head master of most of the crews on the tower and assassin. Thanks to Anthony's documents we know not only they want to make more people like you 47, but that they have considered making you and me targets for them to eliminate. It's best not to take any chances."

"Finally, within the mansion you will find Lucas Torres. Mostly working inside, probably in a lab, Torres will not allow anything to stop his goal. Expect him to try to run away if you're detected by his security crew."

"If you're taking on the sniper route, a good portion of the tower is composed of windows and exposed areas, you can use this to your advantage to attract your targets outside and carefully eliminate one by one."


  • Eliminate Jyren Valentine
  • Eliminate Zachary Walker
  • Eliminate Christopher Cordero
  • Eliminate Lucas Torres
  • Do not let Lucas Torres run away

About Antarctica

Another mission with 4 targets. This one is more inclined to what Colorado is, but the targets are carefully separated from each other by levels in a way that getting caught in one level will not alert the other targets and will not force Lucas Torres to run away (unless you're detected in the mansion). This mission is heavily guarded by security which makes SASO considerably more difficult and rewards more careful using disguises. That being said, things can be used to your advantage such as hiding in Cargo (and leaving it on safe points to go assassinate a target) and then waiting for another set of Cargo to arrive to then hide again. There would also be more options such as traveling from the outside upwards and infiltrating each floor.

The destination also allows players to play in a sniper assassin way too from a safe distance if that's their thing, but they would need to think outside the box to get the targets exposed.

That's it

That… Was a huge post. But that's it! 6 new areas. Each thought about and unique on its own way, probably could have improvised more and probably even made edits to add them "in-game" through photoshop, but I'm satisfied with this. And I really don't have the tools anyways.

Let me know your thoughts!

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