Hitman 2

Interesting idea I had for a gamemode.

Hitman5 - Interesting idea I had for a gamemode.

Hey guys, I had this idea for a cool new multiplayer game mode that IO could release with H3 similar to how Ghost Mode came with H2.

The mode: It would be a two player game mode playable on certain maps where one person plays as agent 47, and another plays as the target, or the target’s head of security. 47’s goal would obviously be to take out the target, while the other players goal would be to kill 47 or keep the target safe until time runs out.

47: The person playing as 47 would play just like any other Hitman mission trying to assassinate the target and escape. 47 would have access to all of his usual resources, and the ability to change disguise, but no starting locations.

Bodyguard/Target: This player’s goal would be to either keep the target safe until time runs out, or kill 47. This player would have access to a limited load out, with the ability to bring 2 weapons into the mission. This player can only access guard weapons (weapons guards carry, no ICA-19, or sniper rifles). This player would not have instinct, however anytime 47 is spotted by a guard or camera they would get a picture-in-picture pop-up showing 47’s location and what disguise he’s wearing. In addition this player would have the ability to make the target follow them, call additional guards to a location, and initiate a target lockdown. Most importantly, this player respawns, 47 does not. In addition, if 47 fires a loud weapon, or if a body is found that will pop up on the bodyguards mini-map


Gamemode: When I was initially trying to put this idea on paper, it dawned on me that it seemed very far easier to play as 47 than the bodyguard. So these are a couple of tweaks I’d make to keep things even.

  1. The person playing as the bodyguard would get the amount of health you get in casual mode, while 47 would get master mode levels of health. This would mean 47 would naturally have an incentive to avoid a one on one death-match-type combat approach and instead focus on using disguises and trying to blend in.
  2. The person playing as the bodyguard will have the other guards turn on them if they shoot or attacks one of them. This means that if they see another bodyguard for example that they have a hunch is 47 in disguise they would have to approach and verify before just shooting them in the head.
  3. If it still remained to easy for 47 a last resort I thought of could be for the player that's 47 to have a limited inventory similar to Hokkaido.

Please let me know if you guys think this would be as fun as I do and what you think about the idea.

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