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Interesting thing I noticed about Hitman 2 contracts

Hitman3 - Interesting thing I noticed about Hitman 2 contracts

In Hitman 2's contracts mode each user-created contract has an ID number unique to it that's generated upon creation. Each contract has a specific formula:


The X's represent digits, which do have a pattern they always follow. The first number is platform. So a contract that reads 2-xx-xxxxxxx-xx would be a PS4 contract. The last two might represent region? I don't know. The second and third numbers are location. A contract that reads 2-03-xxxcetera would be a PS4 contract in Sapienza, World of Tomorrow for example.

What's interesting about this is how the contracts are order. Here's how it is:

  • The Final Test: 01
  • The Showstopper: 02
  • World of Tomorrow: 03
  • Landslide: 04
  • The Icon: 05
  • A Gilded Cage: 06
  • A House Built on Sand: 07
  • Club 27: 08
  • Freedom Fighters: 09
  • Situs Inversus: 10
  • The Finish Line: 11
  • Three-Headed Serpent: 12
  • Chasing a Ghost: 13

Seems pretty normal, right? It goes from 01-13 in order of location, including the bonus missions. Even H2's The Finish Line is right after H1's Situs Inversus in the numbering, because contracts aren't available in Hawke's Bay. The only anomaly is that Landslide is before The Icon, but the bonus missions were always planned to be in the game. It's just the episodic rollout of H1 which caused them to be released after their parent missions debuted.


I have a conspiracy theory that The Icon was never meant to be paired with A House Built on Sand, but instead in the "Complete First Season" January disc release where Landslide debuted. However, that's not what's super interesting about the Contract IDs. What really interested me was this, here's the rest of the order after H2's Chasing a Ghost:

  • The Source: 16
  • The Ark Society: 21
  • Another Life: 22

Alright, so there's so many questions here right off the bat. Why the jump? Why is PZ's The Source, on a S1 location, after the majority of H2 on the contract numbering? I'm not sure what it was even like in H1. Then there's tAS and AL being flipped so Sgail is filed before Whittleton in the numbering system. This is super confusing and great conspiracy bait so I wanted to share it here.

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This could mean anything. Maybe they're planning on having other PZ locations in H2's contracts mode (most likely flipped like Whittleton & Sgail)? Maybe the story was drastically different and somehow Another Life didn't segway into The Ark Society but instead the other way round? Are they leaving space for bonus missions? Will Hawke's Bay become contract-able in some way? Most importantly, will we get contracts on the yacht (this has got nothing to do with the ordering, they could probably just make Freeform Training "00" in the order, I just really want contracts there)?

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