Hitman 2

Inventory & Weapons Overhaul Post

Hitman4 - Inventory & Weapons Overhaul Post

Hey y'all. So, this isn't a new suggestion by any means and has been discussed extensively, and IO is definitely aware of this by now and are likely working on solutions to it as I type, but I thought I'd boot up photoshop and take a crack at visualizing what an overhaul to the inventory could/would potentially look like.


At the top you'll see that you can tab between Weapons and Gear with the R1/L1 buttons, lifted directly from the existing Inventory screen under the Careers tab. This'll let you jump right to your equipment, allowing quick access to your poisons and explosives without having to scroll past all those damn weapons. And at the bottom you'll see Previous/Next Category functions, which as you might guess will just let you tab through sections (Pistols, SMGs, Assault Rifles etc.) of the Inventory. If nothing else these two functions are a must and would instantly improve inventory management ten fold. If that's all we got in a future update I'd be content.

But I decided to go a little further and thought of how to really develop upon the inventory. You might've noticed the order of the pistols is different as well. I've organised them by order of unlock relative to the campaign/order of release instead of alphabetically. One other change you might've spied is the Customize prompt at the bottom, and that ties into why I also removed some weapons.

ICA19 Customization Pic 1

Instead of having 3-4 variants of the same weapon but with different functions/colors cluttering the inventory this would help alleviate that a step more. One of the missing features that fans have missed from past Hitman games is the ability to customize your weapons, and this would be a fitting return to that. If you wanted to take the ICA19 unsuppressed (Can't imagine many people doing this, but hey the option would be there now) you can untoggle the perk, but if you wanted to…

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ICA 19 Customization Pic 2


Then you can activate them all. The perk being greyed out indicates when it's toggled off, and not greyed out is a perk toggled on. You'll also notice that the "Custom" graphic appears after making these changes. Instead of Custom and Mastercrafted being loot inspired rarity signifiers, a basic model of a regular weapon would have nothing, a regular weapon that's been customised would be labeled Custom, and special weapons with set perks and no customization option would be labeled Mastercrafted.

Sieger 300 Customization Pic 1

The second part to customization would be skins. Here you can see even with all the perks turned off it's still labeled as custom because the Black skin has been applied.

Sieger 300 Customization Pic 2

And here is the Sieger 300 with all Perks turned on and the Tactical skin applied.

Now how would all of this tie into Mastery unlocks? It would require going back and replacing the original weapon unlocks with new ones in place of them.

Here are two examples of what this could look like.

This wouldn't be a simple change by any means and adding customization would require a significant time investment to overhaul a lot of the weapon models for sure, but implementing this now would open up avenues for future unlocks and give people a sense of control over their loadout.

So in summary, in order of necessary to wishlist.

  • better navigation functions
  • reorganising items not by alphabetical order but by order of unlocked/similar weapon type
  • condensing similar weapon types into a customization system, with revised mastery unlocks to tie into it

What are y'alls thoughts on these ideas? Yay? Nay? Nyay?

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