Hitman 2

Is anyone else a bit tired of playing as 47?

Hitman1 - Is anyone else a bit tired of playing as 47?

I recently watched a vid on YouTube that talked about Hideo Kojima's decision to make the 2nd MGS primarily from Raiden's pov. One effect that had was to add to the mystique of the character of Solid Snake.

While there have been attempts to better characterize 47, I kind of like the idea of him being pretty opaque and more of a figure than a fully realized person. I've played every Hitman game in the series and adore them all, but one thing that stands out are the clones from Hitman 2. At first, I was afraid of them. I knew they were there and I knew they were a threat, but because I was THE 47, I knew they'd soon become prey. It kind of deflated that experience for me.

Another issue is I'd just like more evolved ideas from the franchise. Ideally, I'd like to create my own assassin. I'd like to customize their appearance (haircut, clothing, arsenal, etc) before each mission, but with restrictions based on my choices that I made before insertion. This would also allow for a more dynamic clothing system, where things are mixed and matched, kind of like assassins/spies and such do in movies and other media.

Instead of very videogamey prelevel prep in the current games, we could have an apartment or something similar where we have a private armory and closet, kind of like in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. We could also get contracts from various handlers based on our ranks and performance in missions. Diana could be the handler with the hardest but most lucrative missions we work toward. (Imagine an all-female co-op Saints team!)


For example, if my target (in this hypothetical, created via a community contract) is the lead singer in an underground grunge rock band in Stockholm, my character could have piercings, a mohawk, punk garb, etc. On the other hand, if the target is on the top floor of a nearby highrise, I could insert nearby with short hair and a basic janitor outfit and get to the top from their. (This is already a thing, so I don't think this would be a hard thing to accomplish.) (Some of these ideas are based on the player characters from the Sniper modes and from things like Law Abiding Citizen).

Instead of being our pc, 47 could perhaps become a mentor for new ICA operatives, or perhaps a target for upstarts, maybe even an adversarial king of the hill type scenario where the best killer becomes 47. Idk. I'd just like to learn more about him from another perspective.

I have other ideas, but these are just a few. Not sure if anyone has thought along these lines before, but after Hitman 3, I think I'd like a more significant change going forward. After all, this is a "World of Assassination."

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