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Isle of Sgail Master SASO and Sniper Assassin – Easy Methods, Text Guide

Hitman5 - Isle of Sgail Master SASO and Sniper Assassin - Easy Methods, Text Guide

Here's the usual preamble… there are many ways blah blah blah… open to suggestions for making this even easier but not interested in speed runner tricks as the point of my guides are to create methods that MOST Hitman players of nearly any skill level can do confidently… constructive criticism appreciated, toxic/trolling/arrogant attitudes are not.

This is actually one of the easiest missions to do SA/SO and Sniper Assassin on, believe it or not. The change they made to Trespassing just really destroys the difficulty. Sniper Assassin on this mission literally could not be easier. You don't even have to leave your starting position to get both kills.

Silent Assassin, Suit Only

Equipment: Silenced Pistol, Lethal Syringe (optional), Coins (optional)

Start in the default location. Run past the tour group and up the stairs, following the path into the main area, and turn left, following the carpet up the hill and into the ceremony area, beyond the fire pit and through a small side area where an Initiate is talking about coins. Pass through this area into a hallway which is a Trespassing zone, and turn right, then turn left at the end.

You're in an underground area and there is a ladder in front of you. Climb it. Now you're in the Chapel. Immediately turn around and move behind the stacked furniture, then look for the Surveillance System, and shoot it.

Head through the doors on your left (the Helipad) and carefully, using everything as cover, crouch-run across this area toward the alley between the Warehouse and the main tower (if you can't visualize this, you'll just need to familiarize yourself with the area). You will ALMOST get spotted a bunch of times, but don't panic, just keep moving into the alleyway and get into cover as soon as possible behind the wooden crate near the end of the alley.

There is a set of double doors on the opposite side of the alley of the wooden crate, those doors are at the base of the main tower. There are two guards just inside.

Option 1: Lure out the nearest guard with a coin, stash him in the crate in the alley, and take his gun (recommended).Option 2: Don't bother with the guard and just wait for him to turn around (risky).

Open the doors and take cover against the right side of them. Wait until the guard on your left turns around (or preferably, you've gotten rid of him) and take aim at the chain holding up the chandelier on the far end of the hallway.

Just wait. Zoe will come through the doors at the far end in a little bit. When she opens the doors, wait for her to be under the chandelier and drop it on her. If you're having trouble with timing, I could One Mississippi, Two Mississippi from the moment the doors open, then shoot. There is a chance you'll kill her guard too if you don't drop it soon enough.


Immediately run to the corner of the alley and climb up the pipe to the very top. Shimmy across and climb up as soon as it gives you the prompt, then jump up to the next ledge above you and climb in through the open window.

Observe the Alarm Clock Radio on the book shelf, and the body crate on the other side of the room. On this wall is a set of double doors. Place either your Silverballer or the gun you took off the guard downstairs just inside the door.

Now wait. When Sophia begins walking toward this room, SAVE.

Watch your minimap. As soon as Sophia steps into the hallway just ouside of this room, just at the top of the stair case, activate the Alarm Clock and hide behind the couch so you can't be seen from the doorway. Equip your Lethal Syringe if you have it. If not, just prepare to move QUICKLY.

She will enter the room, followed by her guard (which is a recent change.. she used to come in alone). The guard will see the gun and take it away. You might need to move around the couch in order to avoid being seen by the guard.

As soon as Sophia turns off the alarm clock, poke her with the syringe and exit the room the way you entered it, all the way back down to the helipad. Sneak to the helicopter using a distraction on the guard near it, and escape. OR, alternatively, allow yourself to be spotted by someone on the helipad, and wait for the guard to escort you to a non-trespassing zone. This is the safest way, but it feels cheap. It's up to you.

If you did not bring a Lethal Syringe, kill Sophia any way you please – just make sure the Alarm Clock is turned off first, otherwise someone else will come in the room. You'll need to hide her body quickly and escape before her guard comes back. There should be plenty of time, but still, move quickly.

Sniper AssassinStart at the Chapel with your Sieger 300 Ghost.

From the very starting position, equip your rifle and take aim at the tower, directly in front of you. Use Instinct to follow Sophia's movements. Sophia will soon walk past a window. Shoot her.

Look down at the ground level. Follow Zoe's movements. When she's out in the open, shoot her.

Now escape using any method you please. Don’t get spotted though because it will invalidate your Silent Assassin run.

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