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Item bloat in Hitman

Hitman5 - Item bloat in Hitman

If I have one complaint about the new Hitman games, it’s the bloated amount of items in the game. There’s three aspects to this item bloat that all kind of tie together. First, there’s too many unlockable items with little to no difference. There’s mark 2 versions of items and guns and there’s melee weapons with no difference except cosmetics. Second, there’s a huge opportunity cost to equipping many of these items because the lock pick especially is basically essential. Lastly, there’s tons of items on the map that can take the place of items you equip, and your pockets have unlimited carrying capacity. All together, this makes most items in the planning phase pointless except those that you absolutely need for a speedy run or the lock pick which usually can’t be found in the map. I’m hoping the next Hitman will address some of these inventory issues with a few rebalances.

  1. Make the lock pick, coins, and fiber wire default parts of your kit. They can make the lock pick more suspicious, take longer, or have three uses like the key hacker.

  2. Make melee weapons and tools unique, even if it’s just minor stat changes. They can increase or decrease the animations for stealth kills/knockouts, combat kills/KOs, and throwing kills/KOs. They can then factor in unique effects like the abilities that wrenches, screwdrivers, or crowbars have, or the frisk-proof quality of the concealable weapons and nerf the melee or throw speed for those.

  3. Have a max inventory space. This would be the nerf to counteract the big buff of having certain items by default. Especially on my first playthrough where I explore a lot, I end up collecting a ton of junk that sits in my pocket. When I need to distract somebody or throw something to take somebody out, I have no shortage of pointless items at the ready to use up. Limited pocket space would lead to more in the moment decision making. If I walk into a room, and see a guard I need to distract, I’ll need to scan the room for items to pick up and throw and consider whether I should use one of my coins.

  4. Make frisk zones and legal/illegal items a core feature. It’s currently more a factor in Master difficulty, but it’s something intuitive that would tie the whole disguise and inventory system together. If there’s a heavily defended target in a frisk zone, the player would need to heavily consider their entryway, disguise, and murder weapon. For suit runs, you’d need to trim your inventory down to distraction items and your murder weapon or get some sort of invitation and a frisk proof weapon. More options for legal items through the frisk zone could open up if you have a chef disguise (kitchen knives and cleavers) or mechanic disguise (wrenches and screwdrivers).

Basically, I want the planning phase to have more decision-making, where I feel like I am setting up a kill in planning and then implementing it in the map. Usually in this game, even in most subsequent runs, I am equipping lockpick, key hacker, and coins and finding the kill in game. That should still be a feature with the opportunities, but player created kills should maybe require more planning. You should feel like you are putting in a Checkov’s gun and then working to set it off correctly.

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