Hitman 2

Item investigation if the day #2 – Remote EMP charge

Hitman4 - Item investigation if the day #2 - Remote EMP charge

Item investigation of the day: Remote EMP charge

Catergory: Tools

Description: A remote EMP charge. Sends out a small EMP charge that can interfere with nearby electronics.

Note : Actually really impressed with how many uses this has, I had never even used it before but I will certainly be using it in future contracts, even if just as a smuggled item, did I get seen by CCTV but the recording is risky to get to? Go retrieve my smuggled EMP, problem solved.

Obvious uses: Destroying CCTV (including from inside a briefcase, must be placed by 47 in the briefcase to be active, incase of having it as smuggled item, remove it and conceal manually via menu)

Uses I have discovered via investigation:

  • It can be thrown in the puddle on the floor of a overflowing sink then detonated to create and electrocution kill. Actually a really good easy way to get an electrocution kill for challenge on a target, make them sick, subdue, place emp under sink, drag body on top of EMP, wait until water overflows, detonate. (I do not think this counts as an accident, so make sure to do it to targets who visit a bathroom with body storage).

  • It can be thrown in a normal outside puddle, when it is investigated you can trigger it to create an electrocution death, will be a good way to have people scratching their heads when you create your own contract. Also, yes this works as a shortcut when you would normally use the sun on dubai (maybe useful for speedruns if they patch targets starting location) AND counts as an accident kill, just make sure the remote is right under the actual sun, Marcus should be the only/first person to go near to it, then detonate.

  • You can manually place this item on any surface, it can turn off radios, fuse boxes, vacuum cleaners remotely(didnt test every single electrical, I'd also assume things like ice machines etc) so can be away from area of investigation and/or nearer the area you are trying to access.

  • If you place it on a plug socket manually and then activate, it acts as though you tampered with it with a screwdriver, without the suspicion. You can pop a water barrel with a screwdriver or bullet then detonate the EMP when the leak has being investigated and it actually electrocutes the puddle, so you can be further way and/or set up one that would otherwise kill yourself whilst setting the trap due to close proximity. Just needs to be quick NPCS treat the actual mine like they found a gold bar and will pocket it saying happy things. It also doesnt seem to last permanently like if you had used a screwdriver so have the water leaking before disrupting the socket.

  • It can destroy individual security cameras if manually placed high enough on the wall directly under the camera, very situational.

Odd things I tested that dont work:

  • Does not trigger fire alarms, winches, generators, keycard readers, number coded safes. Does not trigger the refrigerator to close on Mendoza.

  • Doesnt electrocute if placed down a toilet then detonating whilst someone is being sick.

  • Doesnt electrocute if thrown directly into the sink, must be the floor puddle.

  • Doesnt take out street lamps if place on the metal bar and activated idk why I even tested this.

Note, I know alot of people may be aware of any and all uses on here, however I am using my own testing to discover as much as I can about items for myself, and by posting i am just hoping to see if it gets items used a little more. Also these say item of the day, but doesnt necessarily mean I will be posting one every day, there is also only really a certain amount of items that need to be investigated imo.

Other item investigations:

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