Hitman 2

Item investigation of the day #3 – Shaman powder

Hitman2 - Item investigation of the day #3 - Shaman powder

Item investigation of the day #3 – Shaman powder

Catergory: Explosive

Description: Mysterious powder. When thrown, it explodes in a dust of powder, knocking down anyone nearby.

Note: This item actually has a fair amount of uses, but in all honesty, there's a lot of better options for the majority of the Shaman powders uses. It's very fun to use though and I felt like the joker when I blew open a door with a cloud of purple smoke.

Obvious uses: knocking groups of people out at once.

All uses found through investigation:

  • It actually opened the safe in the attic on sapienza which you cant lockpick, presumably this works on all safes.

  • When thrown at someone's head, the impact actually knocks them out before the explosion, I guess if their was two guards, near each other not looking at you or each other and not close to anyone that could hear it, it could be used to take both down without body discovered. Clutching at straws here though.

  • It is unsuspicious when placed or dropped, through testing nobody ever picked it up, all i ever got was the odd comment "hey I think you dropped something" so could be placed in advance before shooting from a distance.

  • When thrown at a car, an oil drum, a propane tank and a fire extinguisher (didnt shoot or throw either of the latter to start them leaking gas) all unseen to kill somebody, every one of them counted as accident kills, the propane tank I even put down, was trespassing, threw the powder at the tank whilst the guards were shouting at me, killed both, it still counted as accident kills.

  • However, when I did the same to a scooter unseen with and without an oil leak, it strangely did not count as an accident kill.

  • When thrown at suspended items such as chandeliers (or the winch holding it), mounted speakers, even the main light rig above the catwalk in paris, it drops them all, although I did this unseen on the light rig and a chandelier, killing multiple people both times, they did not count as an accident kill.

  • It can open pretty much any door by direct impact, including the one on chonquing into the shipping container leading to the facility that requires a manual number input. I also used it on the right of the main entrance on Sapienza I then stood around whilst the guards ran around with guns out, but none of them seemed to find me suspicious. May be a case specific situation though. NOTE: The doors can not be closed when opened via this method so could be useful by waiting for guards to stop searching to return to the scene, or hinder you if you was planning on closing the door for a hidden kill.

  • Destroys individual security cameras on impact, however it can not destroy the surveillance recording system.

  • Can be used to explode the other non suspicious item "Explosive compound" by throwing the Shaman powder at it so could plant the compound in advance then throw the powder from a hidden location to get the explosion kill.

  • Can be used in combination with the micro remote explosive to knock out groups of guards (very loudly) by placing the powder near the guards, then placing the micro explosive around 2 feet further away from the guards behind the powder, the bomb will detonate exploding the powder near the guards and knocking them all out. May aswell just use remote concussion but thought I'd test it anyway.

  • I used it as an effective lure by starting with it on Hokkaido in default starting location, first attempt I threw it near the bathroom, which brought two guards into the room, so second attempt I threw it on the bed so it was further back, this brought only one guard which I was able to subdue and get an early disguise without having to open the door and lure in with a coin trail for example. Still incredibly situational.

  • It doesnt actually destroy the red gas canisters without first loosening the valve, when I killed someone via this method it did not count as an accident kill.

  • Had 8 attempts trying to drop it on Sierra Knox car whilst she was racing only to hit her rival in the green car and kill him, this did not count as an accident kill unfortunately.

Odd things I tried that didnt work:

  • If somebody is stood directly on top of it and lights up a cigarette, nothing happens.

  • It can not be exploded using the micro taser, "The big one" or the remote EMP

  • It does not cause a gas explosion when thrown down a chimney or directly onto a fire

Other Investigations:

  • #1: The Big One

  • #2: Remote EMP charge

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