Hitman 2

Item investigation of the day #4 – Magnesium pouch

Hitman3 - Item investigation of the day #4 - Magnesium pouch

Item investigation of the day #4 – Magnesium pouch

Category: Explosive

Description: Leather pouch filled with magnesium. Will explode in a bright light with impact.

Obvious use: Throwing into a room to either get passed undetected or breach and clear.

A disappointing one today I'm afraid, if anyone knows of any uses outside these I tested let me know, I will test then edit. I feel this item is in desperate need of a buff, i think it should flash enemies for longer than it does to ourselves, since they are normally a lot closer, it also needs work on where the NPC is looking for it to actually affect them. I also think it should be at least legal to hold as it's just a leather pouch.

I wasnt really going to post this one but it was requested to do this item on my EMP one. I dont know if things have changed since its introduction, it looks like it was previously legal to hold in Hitman 2 and take through frisks but now it seems almost useless to me, I cant think of anytime I would consider taking this on a mission unless I really wanted to shoot someone in the head in front of people in a room.

Uses and info found through investigation: I Did not seperate the things that worked and didnt work today as this item was so limited and more things didnt work than did, so it became more of a dossier on the item rather than unique uses for it.

  • Flash effect only lasts 5 seconds, on yourself and NPCs, which isnt very good as you need to be far enough away or out of sight so you dont get flashed so you can even utilise that 5 seconds. Although we are able to start to see a little before the effect wears off on the enemy. I also found it very awkward to not get flashed myself.

  • Actually getting it to flash enemies also seems incredibly inconsistent on whether it even works, had people looking at it from a foot away to investigate, shot it from alot further away, I got flashed, the NPC didnt, threw it in front of someone from behind them, I got flashed and they didnt.

  • Its classed as highly suspicious and you will be arrested if even seen holding its which since the Shaman powder is the complete opposite in that regard, I find this really strange from a design perspective. It is also very loud drawing people from other sides of walls from a decent distance. Does not let you legally pass a frisk zone with it in inventory

  • Doesnt work in combo with the big one or the remote EMP to trigger it, I thought for sure the big one would.

  • Can be placed and shot, again I doubt the usefulness of this with it being highly suspicious you cant exactly pre-plan anything.

  • When thrown directly at someone, it knocks them out whilst activating its effect.

  • Doesnt cause explosion when thrown down chimney on to a fire.

  • Does not knock Suspended items such as speakers down.

  • Can shoot explosive compound next to it to make a lethal and flash explosion simultaneously.

  • Exploding a fire extinguisher or propane tank next to it detonates the flash aswell. It does not work the other way around though, throwing the pouch at a leaking canister does not effect the canister or oil drums.

  • It can be placed as a distraction when manually placed to have a civilian see it then leave the area to tell a guard, or to let a guard see it to make him leave his post and take it to their storage area. (This is the case with any illegal item as long as you are not seen placing it).

  • Placed it in Nolan Cassidys letterbox to see if it did anything when he opened it, he just took it out placed it on floor and requested someone go look at it.

  • I did see Frote7 use it in his speed run SA of Dubai which was cool, I'd recomend checking it out on youtube if you want to give it a go.

Overall this is one bad item in my opinion.

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