Hitman 2

Item Investigation of the day #6 – Remote breaching charge

Hitman4 - Item Investigation of the day #6 - Remote breaching charge

Item investigation of the day: Remote breaching charge

Catergory: Explosives

Description: An explosive device designed to breach doors. Will destroy the lock when detonated. Relatively quiet. Classed as an illegal item unless in a guard type outfit

Obvious use: Opening doors! Which I believe it opens all doors, not found one it doesnt work on yet. Can be placed on door or the card reader.

Notes: I'd say very quiet, silent from a room with the doors closed. Very useful item imo.

  • Opens safes, but not ones requiring a manual number input such as in the security office on Dubai.

  • Can kill someone in a room on their own with little noise, ie throw it at their head to knock them out then detonate with doors closed. Only advisable if no one else visits that room or you are close to an exit, can also work by emetic poisoning with the charge in the toilet to explode when nearer to an exit for SA, as long as no one else goes in toilet/last target and near an exit, maybe for trying to speed up run as it wont count as an accident kill if body found.

  • Can be placed and then quickly detonated to kill someone for example I placed it on the desk of somebody sat down took a few steps away and detonated, doesnt count as accident kill though obviously and people do get suspicious if your in the same room as them but dont instantly start shooting even if they saw you place it.

  • Can be placed on mounted things like the speakers or a winch like in Paris and detonated, the speakers actually fly a little bit forward rather than drop straight down. If the velocity was the same every time and you could guarantee where it landed, it could make people really confused during a self made contract as they will be thinking how to crowbar drop it.

  • Destroys Surveillance recording devices, you can actually place it on the recording machine whilst in a guard disguise in front of multiple guards and detonate it a few steps away and they act like someone just tossed a coin in that area, although if left long enough a guard will pick it up and just disarm it and take it elsewhere.

  • When used on an oil barrel (not leaking) if starts a fire, not explosion, causes accident kill but be careful it's not on the side your target will be as the breach charge explosion itself can kill and then it will not be an accident kill.

  • It instantly blew up a red gas canister which I am presuming counted as an accident (couldnt get a guard there to confirm) due to the incredibly low level of suspicion, same applies as the oil barrel though, get the target on the opposite side of the charge, which is tricky with a lot less diameter than the oil barrel.

  • Can be thrown to knock someone out, used as a distraction or placed in the path of civilian/guard as a distraction to make people leave post/route for a small time whilst they take it to holding area.

Things I tried that didnt work:

  • Does not explode cars nor scooters, even when I placed it directly on where the fuel goes on a car.

  • Can not place directly onto fire extinguishers or propane tanks, was hoping there was a loophole that let you legally carry it by carrying a tank with the charge set on it. It does still explode them when next to them though for accident kills.

  • Doesnt seem to work making plug sockets electrified but if someone has played around maybe it was the scenarios I tested I feel like it should work.

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