Hitman 2

Items Stereotypes

Hitman2 - Items Stereotypes

DISCLAIMER: Note: Please keep in mind that I’m not saying that anyone who uses a certain weapon/item is a certain type of person. These posts are for fun. Sorry if I hurt your feelings or something.

Sniper Rifle:

Sieger 300/Advanced/Tactical: these 3 sniper rifles are just twins, no really they are, they all have the exact same perks, 3x scopes, marksman, and a suppressor, the only miss is Advanced having Ave maria played scoped in.

Hackl Levithan Sniper Rifle Covert: This thing has the same perks as Sieger 300 Ghost but with a piercing round which honestly, makes it total garbage, now listen here, if you use this, you are using a noob Sniper Rifle, ok because of the rules in
Hitman - Items Stereotypes

r/Hitman I'm sorry but I know its got the perks as ghost but piercing rounds can be just a disadvantage, let's say that your aiming your target with this sniper rifle like Nolan Cassidy, but his bodyguard is behind him, you shoot and oh look you lose SA cuz of piercing rounds, just saying and this is in my saying, this Sniper Rifle, its good, but bad.

Sieger 300 Ghost: This sniper rifle is equipped to players who wear either the Raven suit or the Classic all-black suit or the signature suit with gloves, while it has 4 perks, it slightly better without the piercing perk. Also, I liked the design of it in Hitman 1 and III but not 2, in 2 it just has the suppressor sticking out.


Lockpicks: These things can take like fast or slow when doing the action, but with MK III it's way faster, the MK III is faster and more fine to use, it's just that it may need more speed.


Electronic Key Hacker/scrambler: This tool is really useful in Hokkaido, that's because of the RFID, take the symbols on each RFID door, it can resemble of who's allowed, and if your not that symbol, well then use the Hacker. or, just use it to unlock Carlton smith to get that RFID master chip, let alone Carlton being fucked so many f*cking times. so if you have this, you definitely should use it.

ICA Electrocution Phone: This tool, is just so goddam Nerfed and overpowered, (OP) all because that this tool is so fucking cool that it can just electrocute Targets easily to gain SASO, but for some reason when Hitman III came out IOI ruined the fun and removed it.


ICA Briefcase: nothing to say about this it's just that it's so god damm funny when using it as a homing Briefcase.

ICA Executive Briefcase Mk II: The only worst thing about it but also funny thing about it is the homing Briefcase when throwing it is very slow, it's bad when throwing it at someone, but also good to sneak past others.


Rubber Duckie explosives: These Duck explosives may look cute, and Quacky (Unfunny pun) but this quack bathtub toy is quacking(unfunny pun) evil, not to say its bad, but its also not micro, so it's alright to lay it anywhere, since its not an illegal item, players with this will only keep this because they like ducks.

uh, IDK what to add.

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