Hitman 2

Killing all ICA agents in Berlin (without knocking them out)

Hitman4 - Killing all ICA agents in Berlin (without knocking them out)

So I have done this now 3 times in a row and it seems like a fool-proof plan to eliminate all ICA agents in Berlin without having to knock anyone out. I put a walkthrough below for anyone interested or wanting to try it out for themselves. I could record gameplay if desired. Potential spoilers.

Starting location: radio tower

Loadout: Striker pistol (or any pistol of choice), lockpick, remote demolition block. Agency pickup: Lethal poison at club staff entrance.

From the radio tower, navigate towards the club. Go around the side of the club where Helfried Ziegler is looking for his pills. Slip into the staff entrance to retrieve the lethal poison. Go through the club to the chill out area and head towards the juice bar. Go to the left of the juice bar to find the delivery boy. Subdue him and conceal his body in the dumpster. Take his outfit and scooter key. Go to his scooter and poison the delivery food. Ring the bell on the biker garage and wait for the food to be delivered to Agent Lownthal. Watch him die through the window and wait for the bikers to move his body to the next room. When they leave, enter the room and take Lowenthal's clothes from the body bag.

Navigate towards the grow house and pickup the nearby pesticide. Go to the fumigator and poison it with the pesticide, but don't turn it on yet. Wait for Agent Rhodes to enter the grow house and turn the fumigator on. Don't be overly concerned about being spotted by the camera as we will destroy evidence later. All 3 bikers in there will pass out. Turn fumigator off before entering the grow house. Either shoot Agent Rhodes with a silenced pistol or snap his neck. Take his lethal pills and ICA rifle and leave him there. Navigate upstairs towards Agent Tremaine in the sniper nest.

Use the lethal pills you took off Rhodes and poison Tremaine's water. He will sometimes drink it quickly, and sometimes seems like he won't drink it at all. If he doesn't drink it, drop the ICA rifle in the path of the other biker to lure him out of the room. Either shoot Tremaine or snap his neck, and drag his body to the stairs outside.

Navigate towards the rooftop where Agent Green patrols. Take the crowbar near the staircase by the overpass and enter the small room with the fusebox. Use the crowbar to pry open the fusebox and wait for Green to get close. Turn off the fuse box to lure him in and kill him silently. Conceal his body in the dumpster in that room.


The reason we take out Lownthal, Rhodes, Tremaine, and Green is because they will not attend the meeting with Montgomery and Rolf Hirschmuller. Now, with them disposed of, navigate towards the club basement. Go to the security room on the bottom floor near Hirschmuller's office. You will need a club keycard to enter, so wait outside the door for Montgomery or Chamberlin to exit, and slip in behind them before the doors close.

Grab the club keycard on the shelf, and enter the bathroom. Turn the faucet on and exit to the room on the left. Wait for the guard to go into the bathroom, then destroy the evidence on the camera recorder. Now navigate towards Hirschmuller's office.

Use the record player to lure Hirschmuller to turn it off. Hide right there behind the box to subdue him easily. Drag his body into the small storage room behind you, take his clothes, and hide him in the closet. Now, equip the remote demolition block and place it on the right side of the bar, opposite side where the baseball bat is. Go to Hirschmuller's intercom and summon Montgomery. Wait for things to play out, and once the desk is flipped, pull out the remote detonator and trigger the demo block. This should eliminate everyone in the room except Montgomery. Either way, shoot him and any other survivors in the room, and slip right back into the small storage room where you put Hirschmuller.

Put the biker uniform back on and climb the drain pipe. Go through the double doors, and use the ladder in the stairwell to reach ground level. Exit the secret biker basement door. Make a right to head towards the roadblock and wait. If done successfully at this point, the only one left should be Agent Swan. He will use this road by the roadblock to escape. Gun him down as he flees down the road, and Jiao should tell you how much of a fucking expert you are. A nice compliment, especially considering the circumstances.

If you aren't able to take everyone out in Hirschmuller's office, don't worry. I did a playthrough where two agents survived and I had to leave, but they flee down the same road as Agent Swan so you can easily gun them down. Exfiltrate how you wish, I opted for the wurst getaway.

Hopefully this was explained well for anyone who cares. Not sure anyone will even wanna read all that. I could record a gameplay vid if anyone actually cares enough about this. Happy hunting agents, I will leave you to prepare

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