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Let’s over-analyse the possible twist at the end of Haven Island (end cutscene spoilers)

Hitman4 - Let's over-analyse the possible twist at the end of Haven Island (end cutscene spoilers)

So Haven Island ends with a crazy cutscene where The Constant escapes, the entire thing was arranged by him and weirdly Grey gets a message and claims that everything is perfectly fine.

Personally my reading is now that Constant and Grey were working together in a long con to use 47 to demolish Providence and allow them both to seize control.

With this possible story in mind, a lot of stuff in the games now makes a bit more sense. Let's over-analyse the story!

  • Constant openly hates the partners and they openly hate him. A document suggests he was a poor nobody who got recruited and groomed for power. But he never really had power. You can imagine how this would piss him off enough that he'd dream of an overthrow.
  • Grey was defined by the experiments and would need little incentive to hate the partners and dream of an overthrow.

  • Constant was well aware of the Ort-Meyer experiments. When 47 escorts Constant, he reveals a lot of information he shouldn't know. We know Grey was part of the experiments and "mysteriously" escaped and vanished.

  • Constant may well have met young Grey, sparked a partnership and helped him escape and used resources to hide him. Grey eventually became a body guard to Cobb. This assignment would have kept Grey close to Providence and also set him up to start the plan.

  • Constant activates Grey, who immediately kills Cobb and starts his global rampage in season 1. Much of Grey's knowledge of the IAGO, the Ether virus and the new york vault would have come from the secret Providence information that Constant provided. Not to mention the money and resouces that Grey needed to start his militia would be funnelled directly from constant.

  • Constant delays everything to fight Grey as long as possible. When he's eventually forced to act, he does as little as possible and feeds Grey money and information to protect him.

  • Constant may well have forced Soders to be exposed in order to delay ICA and 47 as much as possible.

  • Constant plays Diana to "fight" Grey, while never actually giving her anything useful. Grey's milita damages Providence throughout much of season 2 and Grey uses 47 to eliminate his own milita. This action allows Grey to cover his tracks and allows Constant to maintain appearances.

  • Constant eventually pushes Grey and 47 together and Grey convinces them to partner "against" Providence.

  • 47 eliminates Janus (permanently erasing intel about Constant's past) and the Washington twins (who constant openly despised). Grey subtly manipulates Diana and 47 to "capture" Constant rather than killing him.

  • Constant immediately throws the partners over the bus, sets up 47 to take out the targets at the bank and Haven and uses their damage to seize control with Grey at his side.

If the twist is that Constant and grey have been working together the whole time, then it not only makes sense, but it covers a few plot holes in terms of Grey's backstory, as well setting them both up to be dangerous enemies of 47 and Diana for the third season.

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