Hitman 2

Level Concept: London Calling

Hitman5 - Level Concept: London Calling

Good evening, 47. Your target today is Tommy
GuQnvqD - Level Concept: London Calling"The Hammer" Stokes, a London gangster known as "The Emperor of the East End". Stokes has been handling Providence's violent business in London for years, and we need to loosen their grip on the city. Your other target is Ricky Cooper, an accountant brought in to handle the finances of Stokes' gang. They both operate in an
old London neighborhood that has been repurposed as a gang hideout. Good luck, 47. I'll leave you to prepare.

The map is a block in London that features a Pub, an underground casino, a gunrunner, several rooms full of drugs and cash, offices, and an execution room with a very suspicious looking chopping block.

Stokes is the fortress target, Cooper is the roamer. Stokes stays in the offices and upper floors of the neighborhood, and cooper goes to the pub, the casino, and the arms dealer.


Hammer Time


Sitting in the pub talking to his friends is one of Stokes' henchmen. Stokes has called him to a meeting, and the man is convinced that The Hammer is going to kill him. If you poison the man's drink and take his outfit, you can get access to the top floor. You will meet Stokes, and you will be escorted into the kill room. Stokes will dismiss his guards, and pull out a sledgehammer. He asks you if you've told anyone else what you know. After some very unconvincing pleading for mercy, Stokes prepares to execute 47. After a quick QTE, 47 grabs the hammer, kills Stokes, and stuffs him into a barrel of acid. Since the bodyguards outside don't expect you to leave, you'll have to go through the window.

Dirty Money

There's a pile of cash that Cooper is supposed to pick up from the casino. If you steal the combination to a safe from an office, steal a brick of C4 from the armory, you can slip it into the briefcase and blow up Cooper.

Marital Troubles

Stokes is in the middle of a divorce. A lawyer has to serve him the papers. If you dress as the lawyer, give him the papers, and then leave, a despondent Stokes will go out to a rooftop to be alone. Might be a good opportunity to kill him.

Make the Call

There's a phone in Cooper's office. If you take it, and plant it elsewhere, he will immediately drop everything, go to a private place, and immediately dismiss his guards and rifle through the phone.

Secret opportunity: Bleeding Grass

If you complete all the opportunities, the truth comes out. Stokes is a snitch, ratting out his gang in exchange for total immunity, and Cooper is his Scotland Yard contact. If you steal the combos for two safes, you get an emergency code for them to meet, and the location where they're meeting. If you go there first, you can plant a mic that Cooper keeps in his office, and tune it to the building PA system.

When they meet, they inevitably talk about the deal. Enraged, Stokes' henchmen storm in and murder the both of them.

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