Hitman 2

Level Idea: Palace Intrigue

Hitman5 - Level Idea: Palace Intrigue

47, for your next mission, you will be headed to the People's Sovereign Democratic Free Worker's Republic of Khandanyang. Your targets today are
latest?cb=20180826093600 - Level Idea: Palace IntrigueJin Po and his son Tren Po. Jin Po is holding a party celebrating the bestowing of the title of "Sun Po" unto Tren, at their royal palace. Jin Po has Emphysema, and is growing too sick to lead the country in its current state of civil war. Our client has a vested interest in regime change in Khandanyang, and that can't be done with the Po family alive. Good luck 47. I'll leave you to prepare.

The level:

The palace is equal parts
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military command center, and (if you look hard enough) an interrogation facility.

Disguises include soldiers, bodyguards, palace staff, waiters, various Khandanyang generals, officials, technicians, and secret police.

Jin Po is the fortress target, he waits in his chambers until the coronation. Tren Po is the roamer, who goes about the party gladhanding people and discussing the future.



A western doctor has been kidnapped to treat Jin Po. sneak into the doctor's cell, take his place, and wait for an opportunity to poison the medication.


enemies closer

One of Jin Po's loyal generals is feeding information to the rebels. Disguise yourself as a secret police officer, bring the evidence to Po, and be invited to Po's private execution chamber to watch the kill.

asymmetrical warfare

An arms dealer is offering to sell some deadly nerve gas to the regime, and has brought a sample of the product. He's waiting for a better offer, but a deal can be facilitated. Gather some tools, break into the arms dealer's room, and sabotage the cylinder to ensure an unforgettable demonstration.

never meet your heroes

Tren Po is a big Helmut Kruger fan, and invited him to the coronation. Helmut is debating whether he should go inside to watch the coronation, or just leave. If you get his disguise and go inside, Tren would love to have a drink with you.

crown of thorns

The crown that Jin Po is going to put on his son is in a safe. Steal a nasty looking syringe from the interrogation room, break into the safe, affix the syringe to the crown, and wait for the results.


Tren Po is looking to start exporting drugs out of Khandanyang as a new revenue stream, and he's meeting with a drug kingpin to discuss it. Meet him on his personal golf course, an opportunity or two should present itself.

Secret opportunity: 1917 again

To do this, you need to sabotage every escape route that isn't the front door: Sink the Po family yacht, destroy their limo, sabotage their helicopter, flood the bunker, and jam the door on their secret escape tunnel.

Then, you break into Jin Po's room for the codes to the defense system.

Go into the bunker, and use the codes to shut down the missile defense battery. A time limit will start.

If you leave the palace before the time limit ends, you will be treated to the building and its grounds being obliterated by rebel rockets and everyone inside dying.

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