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Hitman4 - Locations For Hitman III.

I wish all the Agents have been keeping themselves safe during these difficult times.

As shown in the trailer, Hitman III will be arriving in just 6 months from now. Both Hitman and Hitman 2 had some incredible locations. But I still believe that IOI can do even better in III. I'm happy that the featured location is Dubai in its full glory. But there're some locations that would be great for the end of World of Assassination trilogy. One is free to agree or disagree. You might add your own thoughts too.

  1. Taipei, Taiwan / Shanghai, China / Hong Kong. All three of these places have some truly breathtaking locations. From traditional religious places to Skyscrapers, all three represent what happens when culture and technology meet. You just can't overlook the beauty of Taipei 101. 47 assassinating someone here would be very satisfying.
  2. Sydney, Australia. A beautiful place in the Southern Hemisphere, Sydney's beautiful Opera House and Harbor Bridge are a sight to behold. As the most populous city of the country, Sydney has many incredible settings to offer to take down The Providence.
  3. Los Angeles, US. LA would also be great for taking out the influential members of The Providence. It's filled with some of the most gorgeous locations in the United States. IOI can easily choose an appropriate place in LA.
  4. Venice, Italy. I don't feel that this place needs any description. Perhaps one of the most beautiful places in Europe, Venice can give IOI all that they need to arrange a legendary assassination.
  5. Istanbul, Turkey. One of the most beautiful places in Eurasia, Istanbul is filled with some of the most historic locations in the world. Just the place befitting of 47's unique style.
  6. Montreal, Canada. Montreal's Atwater Market and the Jean Talon Market don't need any introduction. The Notre-Dame Basilica is the most beautiful part of Quebec. Another addition to the franchise's greatest locations if IOI chooses to.
  7. Johannesburg, South Africa. Dubbed as City of Gold, Johannesburg has many Central Business Districts each of which can offer just the experience we need to put an end to The Providence. IOI can choose Africa's economic powerhouse as one of their locations as well.
  8. Buenos Aires, Argentina. About time IOI showed some love to South America. Buenos Aires is one of the most culturally rich places on the continent.

I'm a New Yorker living in Singapore right now. I was really happy to see both of these great places included in Hitman 2. As for the above locations, I've been to most of them except a few. Just imagining these legendary locations in their full glory at 4K on next-generation has me all excited. Dubai really looked beautiful in the trailer. If IOI decides to put even one location out of the 8 in Hitman III, it would be a dream come true for me. You think I missed something ? Please comment below.

Have a great launch for Hitman III, IO Interactive.

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