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Hitman5 - Main Mission Survey Results

Results of this thread.

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Although I initially wanted to keep the survey open for ~1 week, the majority of the responses (335 out of 342) came in the first 72hrs so I felt that waiting 2-3 more days wasn't going to change anything significantly.

In any case, the results are as follows:

Map / Mission Average Score
Sapienza – World of Tomorrow 8.89
Miami – The Finish Line 8.74
Hokkaido – Situs Inversus 8.65
Paris – The Showstopper 8.17
Whittleton Creek – Another Life 8.09
Isle of Sgail – The Ark Society 7.97
Santa Fortuna – Three-Headed Serpent 7.45
Mumbai – Chasing A Ghost 7.42
Bangkok – Club 27 6.61
Marrakesh – A Gilded Cage 6.51
Hawke's Bay – Nightcall 6.43
ICA Facility – The Final Test 5.75
Colorado – Freedom Fighters 5.41
ICA Facility (Yacht) 5.30
  • As we can see, Sapienza is still considered to be the best. 140/342 people (or 40.9%) gave it a score of 10 while the lowest score it got was 5, and that was from 5/342 people (1.5%).

  • If you disregard the tutorial missions, Colorado comes in last with the highest count of scores of 1 out of all the others – 23/342 (7%). Only 6/342 (1.8%) people gave it a rating of 10 and only 5/342 (1.5%) gave it a rating of 9.

The results for the "What is your most favourite map?" question are:

Favourite Map Votes Percentage
Sapienza 84 24.6
Hokkaido 69 20.2
Miami 56 16.4
Paris 32 9.4
Whittleton Creek 29 8.5
Mumbai 28 8.2
Isle of Sgail 23 6.7
Santa Fortuna 8 2.3
Hawke's Bay 7 2
Marrakesh 4 1.2
Colorado 1 0.3
ICA Facility – (Yacht) 1 0.3
TOTAL 342 100
  • First of all, when I made this question I forgot to include "Bangkok" as an answer and only noticed it a day later. It would've probably gotten some votes had it been there from the start but I doubt it would've made some significant difference. Still, my bad.

  • Surprisingly, nobody chose ICA Facility – The Final Test as their favourite map, even though this one was available for voting.

  • Even though Miami got a higher average score, this time Hokkaido came in second after Sapienza.

And finally, on the questions regarding playtime:

  • People most commonly played between 101-300 hours in both games.

  • 118/342 or 34.5% of the respondents have 101-300 hours in Hitman.

  • 155/341 or 45.5% of the respondents have 101-300 hours in Hitman 2.

  • By cross-tabbing those two questions, the results also showed that 72/342 or 21% of the respondents have a playtime of 101-300 hours in both Hitman and Hitman 2.

Feel free to take a look at or analyze the results in other way with this auto generated google sheet.

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