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Master difficulty and cameras idea.

Hitman1 - Master difficulty and cameras idea.

Whilst I understand the reasoning behind it from a gameplay point of view, it has always irked me that ALL of the camera recording stations are effective for all the cameras in a level with many different areas (e.g. Sapienza, Marrakesh, Mumbai). Why for instance, would destroying the equipment down in the Sapienza church have any real effect on the cameras in the mansion and lab? There might be people from Caruso there during the level itself, but to me it would just seem better if the destroying on recording could happen in sections.

Taking Sapienza as an example you could split the map into two of these "areas": the town and the mansion/lab. That way, if you were spotted by one of the cameras in the town or around the church, you need to destroy the recordings for that in the church whereas anything in the lab or mansion and you need to destroy the recordings at the recordings station there.

I wouldn't want it to go too crazy in separating the areas so just a couple Would be fine and only necessary when the map is in a place which has said different areas; places like Paris, Bangkok, Hokkaido, even Whittleton Creek really (as only Janus and Cassidy utilise the cameras) would be a level where there is only one such "area" simply because splitting them up would seem jarring.


I do realise this is really only a minute thing which has very little real value but it is something I would love to see to try and make the game that little bit more challenging even if on master a lot of players will easily be able to avoid the cameras anyway. I also wouldn't really want it on Professional as I believe a lot of players would probably find it much less enjoyable having to destroy multiple recordings.

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I suppose the real dream would be a custom setting for difficulty which would allow you to change this as well as other aspects such as more enforcers, more attentive NPCs etc. Then I could simply play it my way to my hearts content. Of course, I could just do it without it working that way but then the issue is, if I wipe out the church footage before stepping into the manner because I've been messing around the town, I have no reason to wipe out the footage in the manor because I'll never know when I've mucked up and so NEED to do it because all cameras in the level are now disabled.

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