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May contain spoilers but just want to talk about how I think about Chongqing as a Chinese player (NPC dialogue & buildings in the map)

Hitman4 - May contain spoilers but just want to talk about how I think about Chongqing as a Chinese player (NPC dialogue & buildings in the map)

At the beginning I want to say I really like this map and I have played Hitman 1 and 2 about 700+ hrs. I really like Hitman 3 and this post is just about my opinion as a Chinese player. English is not my first language so it might contain some grammar issues in this post

I was really excited to see Chongqing is one of the new map in Hitman 3 when I saw the trailer. It is truly excited to see how a non-Chinese will build a Chinese city in their game.

I would say Chongqing is definitely a great map of Hitman 3. In reality, Chongqing is a city with funny structures. If you step outside from floor 11 of a building you may even see subway go through the building. It is truly amazing to see IOI did a such great job for this map.

But I still wanna make some comments when I saw something stereotype in this map. It’s quite funny when I saw those things in the game, it feels like I am in a funny place which is definitely not Chongqing, China

Chinese is my first language so I usually tend to see Chinese characters first instead of English. It is quite a shock when I saw there is a place called “玉皇商场” in the map (Jade emperor arcade in English). Let me explain how I feel when I saw this place. This feels like I saw a place called JESUS ARCADE in UK or US.


Other places like Red dragon Restaurant, Lotus Jewelry… Come on there is no Chinese stores will really call themselves by using these names. I know they may look very Chinese to you guys, but in my opinion, they are very close to close their business. Since people turn to not enter these stores because the name was way too wired to us. Think about if there is a church-like restaurant that called Unicorn Restaurant. That’s really how I feel about them.

Also when the young chef in the restaurant heard noises from the train, there will be a Chinese female says something like “find your inner zen”. Yeah this is also something may sounds very Chinese to most of non-Chinese people. But honestly, it is really not something a real Chinese people would say in real life.

And honestly, if I saw a white homeless guy in Chongqing I would feel this guy is suspicious or call police to assistant this guy immediately. That’s not that normal to see a white homeless guy in China. (Mission story failed)

Last comment, does anyone in the restaurant noticed their Chinese chef just became a white guy??? Dude that shouldn’t be covered by wearing uniform! They don’t even look like each other

Again I really enjoy this map and I definitely will replay this location again. I am far away from home about 1yr because of COVID-19 so I really appreciate IOI has this map in Hitman 3 it makes me kinda feels like go home. I just wanna share some of my comments when I first stepped into this location as a Chinese player.

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