Hitman 2

Mission Concept: a wedding.

Hitman4 - Mission Concept: a wedding.

OK, so here's my idea for a new and interesting mission location.

How about a great big wedding ceremony at an old medieval church?

47 would start at the end of a country road, perhaps with other church guests making their way to or from the event. There would be a parking area nearby for guests and for catering crew – a good location for picking up an early game disguise.

Further up the road is the church, which is where the wedding ceremony will take place, (lots of interesting accident opportunities there, especially if the target is the bride or groom). The church itself would be similar to the one in Sapienza, with a bell tower for sniping, but much larger so that there's a good aisle area for the bride & groom to walk down past all the rows of pews (and under some chandeliers), and with a dais for the ceremony. The back of the church would also need a larger living area for the clergy and family.

Out in front of the church would be a few parked limousines, and past that would be a big garden area with pavilions containing food, seating, and a dance area with perhaps a live band or a DJ and sound crew, and of course, some of those exploding gas heaters.


To one side of the church would also be a graveyard – for a title like this, I'm amazed we haven't had a graveyard mission with a few big old mausoleums in them, so let's throw them in with this map: it makes sense to have a graveyard near a church.

Perhaps there would also be a smaller building nearby which is the groundskeeper's home. Could make an alternative sniping point, or a place to pick up poisons, tools, etc.

edit: the Groom would be out in the gardens mingling with the guests and sneaking off to make discreet phonecalls (for assassination opportunity and story exposition reasons) and the Bride would be perhaps hiding out in a guest room in the church waiting for her moment to come down the aisle and wrestling with pre-wedding cold feet.

For story missions, 47's could disguise himself as a priest and convince her to go through with the wedding (and he could even marry them for an achievement – 47 would make a great wedding celebrant), or steal the Groom's phone and sneak it into the Bride's room for her to find, leading her to go confront her fiancee over what she discovers. Both actions would lead to the two targets being together, at the aisle or the gardens respectively, for a signature kill.

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