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Mission Concept – Safe Harbor (Cruise Ship)

Hitman3 - Mission Concept - Safe Harbor (Cruise Ship)

Briefing: Welcome to Puerto Rico, 47. A number of key members of Providence have scattered to the wind. We have obtained information that three of them recently embarked on a tropical cruise aboard one of the most expensive and luxurious Cruise Ships ever built, the Cierto Destino, which is currently moored in the San Juan Harbor.

((I'm terrible at coming up with character names so I'll leave place holders instead))

Your Targets are (Target 1), a Texan Oil Man with major influence over a handful of prominent US Politicians and his wife, (Target 2). (Target 2) plays an important role in facilitating blackmail on Politicians and lawmakers alike, providing (Target 1) with all of the necessary strings to pull to stack the deck in his – and by extension – Providence's favor.

Your third Target is (Target 3), happens to be the owner of the very Cruise Line the Cierto Destino operates under. (Target 3) has used his fleet as a front for a wide range of nefarious international activities, including drug, weapon and human trafficking. Every bit of (Target 3's) operation is directly tied to Providence, and upon learning of the deaths of the Washington Twins and the disappearance of The Constant, (Target 3) made a pact with (Target 1 and Target 2) to venture off on a one-month long Tropical Cruise, hoping to hide among the civilian pleasure seekers and eventually disappear across the world, assuming new identities. (Target 3) has associates in Puerto Rico, and will undoubtedly be meeting with them to arrange for assistance in their efforts to vanish.

We have provided you with a Boarding Pass to access the Ship while it is in Port, although I'm sure you could find another way aboard, if you choose.

Get on the Ship, find (Target 1), (Target 2), and (Target 3) and eliminate them before they manage to elude us.

Good Hunting, 47. I will leave you to prepare.

Map Design:

A large, modern, luxurious Cruise Ship docked at a busy Port in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Some Guests aboard the ship have ventured into the nearby resort town, while many others remain on the ship, enjoying the in-house entertainment such as the on-deck swimming pool/hot tubs, shuffle board courts among other sporting activities, and the main feature of this particular vessel – an extravagant, mid-ship, high roller Casino with a variety live entertainers and a high class restaurant. Of course there are the passenger dorms, several floors and many, many rows of them. Most are locked, some can be accessed by keycards. The bowels of the ship contain the facilities – laundry, electrical, plumbing, food storage/kitchen, engine room, staff quarters, infirmary, dentist's office, cargo, etc. Upper deck is mostly fine dining and VIP areas as well as, of course, the main crew's quarters and the Bridge. 47 may exit the ship onto the dock, but the end of the dock leading into town is an "Exit Mission" area. Other Mission Exits include a Coast Guard vessel moored at the same dock, a Helicopter on the ship's own Helipad, a new Life Boat being swapped in for a damaged one by the maintenance crew, and an Easter Egg exit where 47 can lay back on a deck chair and enjoy the sun as the ship leaves Port (only accessible with a Silent Assassin/Suit Only rating and some other specific criteria) .

Map Specific Weapons/Items:

Oar/Paddle- Non-lethal melee. Suspicious item unless carried by Ship Crew.

Flare Gun- A multi-use tool. Can be used as a distraction, to ignite fuel sources, or will knock NPC's unconscious if you shoot them in the head. Body shots will knock the down and they will go hostile (they do not catch fire).

Shuffleboard Puck- Small, weighted object good for knocking people out or causing a distracting noise when thrown.

Braided Rope- Meant for tying down cargo or for other uses such as mooring small boats. Good for strangling.
Harpoon Spear- A decorative item in the Captain's Quarters to remind him of a past life. Can be utilized as a lethal thrown or melee weapon.


Flintlock Pistol- Also found among the Captain's personal treasures, a real, working Flintlock Pistol. The items needed to make it fire are also nearby.


Bridge Crew- Access to most areas, enforced by other Bridge Crew

Room Staff- Access to passenger dorms, laundry, kitchen, most other areas except for VIP, Bridge, mechanical.

Technician- The Mechanics/equipment operators that keep the ship running/repaired. Access to all mechanical areas and just about anywhere else on the ship as long as there's a valid excuse to be there.

Security- Allowed almost anywhere, enforced by most other Security, Bridge Crew, and some other ship crew.

Pirate- An old costume once used as part of a stage show, found in storage in the Laundry Room. Most guests will remark but won't question, staff may be confused, higher-ups will be suspicious.

Safety Man- One guest particularly paranoid and obsessed with safety, always wearing his life vest with a whistle strung around his neck, dark sun glasses, visible sun screen smeared on his face and nose, a wide brimmed hat and super-grippy water proof shoes. Allowed anywhere a guest is allowed to be.

VIP- The VIP Lounge Dress Code requires special lounge robes of a dark burgundy color, with comfortable black lounge pants and lounge shoes.

Captain- The Ship's Captain's Uniform. Not likely to fool anybody except guests.

Inspector- The Ship is due for inspection and (Target 3) will lead the way. Not allowed anywhere but within the vicinity of (Target 3).

Dentist- The Ship's onboard Dentist. Recognized by all staff, (Target 3), no guests.

Kill Opportunities/Challenges:

Some of these can be used in Mission Stories, but here are just a sample of basic ideas for fun/unique kills.

-I'm Flying!: Push a Target over the railing at the very front of the ship (Target 2 will go out here hoping for a movie-like romantic experience with Target 1. Subdue him while she's distracted and shove her over the railing.)

-Murder of Crows Nest: Use a Sniper Rifle to kill a Target while perched in the Crows Nest.

-Organic Fuel: Push a Target into the Fuel Tank below deck and seal the lid (Target 3 will lead the Inspector through the engine room).

-High Die: Rig the High Dive Board to collapse under the weight of a Target, causing them to fall onto the pool's edge (Target 3 will demonstrate the strength and safety of the diving boards to the Inspector who challenges the idea of having such a thing on the ship).

-Unsecured Load: Cause a Vehicle stored in the Cargo Area to come loose and crush a Target. (Target 1 will wait here to meet Target 3. You might be able to get them both.)

-Fish Food: Kill a Target by dumping them into the Aquarium that overlooks the main lounge area. (Target 2 will view the Aquarium from above. Shove her in.)

-Down with the Ship: Rig a VIP Life Boat (VIP life boats are assigned to specific guests) to sink, and cause a Target to attempt to escape on it, drowning them. (Target 3 will panic and flee if confronted or if the alarm is sounded. If you've removed the drain plug from the boat or shot a hole in it, it will sink as soon as it hits the water, and he will be trapped inside.)

-Tooth-Hurty: Cause a Target to damage a tooth during lunch, then kill them in the Dentist's Chair (Take a Pearl Necklace from one of the Guest Rooms and mix some of the Pearls into Target 1's food. Go to the Dentist's Office and Poison the nitrous gas, inject with lethal poison, smother with a towel, etc – you can pose as the Dentist or not.)

-Lifeless Boat: Kill a Target by dropped a Life Boat from stowage while the Target is on the Dock.

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