Hitman 2

Mission Concept: Terminal Departure (Airport, Alaska)

Hitman2 - Mission Concept: Terminal Departure (Airport, Alaska)


Lucas Grey: Change of plans, 47. We've acquired intel that two more key members of Providence are currently holed up at a private airstrip in Alaska, planning to board an un-chartered flight to who knows where. Unfortunately for them, their plane seems to have been severely delayed due to a massive snow storm. This twist of fate provides us with a window of opportunity, so we're diverting your flight and you will now land in Anchorage, where an associate of mine will be waiting to take you the rest of the way by car. You should be arriving at the private air strip nearly the same time as the storm. Poetic.

Diana: Your first target is CEO of the Prescott Media Group, Graham Prescott. Mr. Prescott is known for using his News Media Empire to manipulate news coverage of world events in order to influence everything from ground level small town policy, to international relations and sparking revolutions, by way of promoting contrarian, alternative versions of otherwise straight-forward world news. The Prescott Media Group is directly responsible for civil unrest in multiple small countries, as well as a number of outbreaks of once-eradicated diseases due to his promotion of illegitimate "scientific" studies. Mr. Prescott has managed to avoid any real consequence of his actions by hiding behind a highly skilled team of lawyers who keep Prescott Media Group's actions just within the bounds of free speech and freedom of the press.

Your second target is Carrie Prescott, Graham Prescott's wife- or more accurately, his business partner. According to our intel, Graham and Carrie participate in a loveless marriage solely for the public image and societal benefits. Mrs. Prescott is the brains behind most of the Prescott Media Group's nefariously purposed media spin. A former political strategist, she uses her education and knowledge to design the perfect deployment of false or misleading narratives in order to illicit a particular reaction from the public, nearly always achieving her desired results. Mrs. Prescott is romantically involved with her personal Body Guard, Kase Bolinger, an affair that Mr. Prescott denies exists although he is both fully aware and in support of it. As far as we have been able to determine, Bolinger is blissfully ignorant of the truth behind the Prescotts and the Prescott Media Group, and seems to genuinely care for Mrs. Prescott. He is seemingly blinded by love. I know you're not the romantic type, 47, but I think it would be best to leave Bolinger out of this.

All flights are currently grounded until the storm has passed so you may be able to find your targets milling about, but given Mr. Prescott's reputation for being obsessed with his work, there's a good chance he will be attempting to conduct business.

Lucas Grey: The Airport is a former military base that was converted into a civilian airfield sometime in the mid 1990's and was secretly purchased by Providence in 2012, at which point they secretly ceased commercial flights and began using the airstrip as a transportation hub mainly for Providence Members, their families, as well as shipping product and artifacts around the world. The airport is not open to the public, and while there are civilians at the airport, they are all related to Providence in some way – although it is a safe bet that many of them are totally unaware.

Olivia broke into the airport's network and was able to hack the passenger manifest, providing you with the necessary credentials in order to gain access to the terminal. The rest is up to you.

Diana: Enter the Airport, find your targets, and take them off the air – for good. Good luck, 47.

Objective Synopsis

  1. Eliminate Graham Prescott- Graham will be mostly in restricted areas, attempting to contact associates and continue to operate several different media spin campaigns he currently has in the works.
  2. Eliminate Carrie Prescott- Carrie will be using the down time as an opportunity to spend time with her lover, Kase, exploring the concourse, visiting shops etc. While in public, they will appear professional – but they will sneak off to be alone from time to time.
  3. (Optional) Do Not Harm Kase Bolinger- Kase is an unwitting participant in the Prescott's devious agenda. He doesn't appear to know anything about the lies spun by the Prescott Media Group. It's possible that he actually believes them. It will not fail the mission if you kill Kase, but in order to achieve Silent Assassin, he must be left alive. (You can knock him out and hide him in a closet or something, though).

Map Layout

A former Military Airstrip converted into a civilian airport will have a unique utilitarian design with a more cozy, guest-friendly aesthetic layered over top. Several out-buildings are unused and rundown, along with numerous aircraft hangars – They are not accessible, only viewable through the windows. There is one runway that stretches out far into the distance. The entire airstrip is surrounded by snowy mountains.

The main three-floor concourse has the general appearance of a mall, with tile flooring, various shops and vendors, people milling about eating food, buying merchandise, etc. Security to enter the Concourse is relatively light, requiring only a display of a boarding pass and ID, but entering either terminal wing requires a full pat-down. Weapons, tools, fluid containers, food, or other items are not allowed past these checkpoints. Illegal items such as weapons will prevent pat down as usual. Banned items such as fluid containers or food will cause Security to reject you until you discard/dispose of the items.

The administration wing consists of mostly rudimentary offices, but is undergoing renovations to bring it up to a more modern standard of style and comfort. There is a VIP Suite where various high ranking members of Providence are welcomed to stay.

There are two Terminal wings that stretch out on either side of the main concourse, each consisting of 4 individual airplane terminals.

A well-secured tower contains Air Traffic Control.

A basement runs the entire footprint of the building, containing utilities, steam pipe/electrical conduit tunnels, storage, and an abandoned section that contains rusted, long disused holding cells for insubordinate soldiers – Agent Smith can be found trapped here. There is also a locked, secured storage room containing weapons and other dangerous items seized from passengers during the airport's public days.

There is a small outdoor section between the concourse building and a large aircraft hangar. The outdoor section is fenced off from the runways and contains mostly stored equipment, but has a roadway meant for a passenger cart to transport individuals from the main building to the hangar.


The hangar itself stores a charter jet meant for short continental flights for prominent Providence members only.

Weapons/Items (common items such as Fire Axe, shovel, etc are not listed)

  1. Marshaling Wand- An orange, glowing baton with which ground crews guide taxiing aircraft. Can be used as a non-lethal melee or thrown weapon, or as a distraction item. Found on ground crew or in areas where ground crew work. Legal for ground crew or security.
  2. Rebar- A long, thin steel rod used to provide tensile integrity to concrete structures. Can be used as a lethal, piercing-melee or thrown weapon, or as a distraction item. Legal for ground crew/construction or higher disguises.
  3. Foil Padded Briefcase- A distinct briefcase with a carbon fiber casing and thick foil interior lining to obscure its contents from x-ray scanners. This is a legacy item from 47's career that Diana had retrieved from a secret stash unit and provided to 47 by Lucas Grey's associate. Will not pass visual inspection if containing an illegal item.
  4. Ink Pen Knife- A ballpoint ink pen casing that conceals a 4 inch long hard plastic blade meant for stabbing. This item was nearly smuggled onto an airplane before it was discovered through x-ray imaging, back before Providence took over and stopped allowing public traffic through the airport. It can be found in storage among numerous other confiscated, dangerous items.
  5. Umbrella Gun- A .22 caliber single-shot firearm designed into the construction of a large umbrella. The barrel acts as a suppressor and the cartridge is subsonic, allowing it to be fired without drawing attention. It can also be used as a non-lethal melee weapon by default – select the weapon in your inventory and press Square to activate it as a firearm (similar to retrieving an item from a briefcase). Another inconspicuous but deadly weapon seized by airport security thanks to x-ray imaging, found in the secured basement storage. Will pass pat-downs and is a legal, non-suspicious item… but you only have one shot and have to be at relatively close range, so make it count.
  6. Binary Explosive Compound A- An inert solid compound interwoven into a Cigar that, when combined with a secondary compound, will become a volatile explosive. Totally inconspicuous and will pass all security checks. Another item collected from a passenger that was arrested for other illegal items. The singular compound in the Cigar is undetectable by all means, including bomb-sniffing dogs, which is why it is separate from the secondary compound.
  7. Binary Explosive Compound B- An inert liquid compound inside an eye-drop bottle. Combine with Binary Explosive A to create an explosion. (best method for this is to poison someone's drink or food with the eye-dropper, then get them to smoke the cigar. The vapors from the chemical in the cigar will react with the chemical in the drink and cause the cigar to explode)
  8. FUSIL M1- Variant of the FUSIL automatic rifle that includes a carrying handle affixed to the upper mount.


  1. Airport Security- Pale green security uniforms with utility belts. Airport security is normally armed with a HACKL 9S pistol and sometimes a FUSIL M1.
  2. Ground Crew- Orange Reflective Vest, Hard Hat, Ear Protection, Work Gloves, shoulder-mounted two-way radio. Similar in appearance to the Race Marshals in Miami.
  3. Air Traffic Control- Business Casual attire.
  4. Vendor- Different variations of concourse vendors.
  5. Janitor- A Janitor.
  6. VIP Security- Black suit and tie, guards administration areas and VIP hangar. VIP Security carries SMG's.
  7. Aircraft Mechanic- Jumpsuits of various colors, hard hat, sometimes ear protection.
  8. Saboteur- Tan trench coat, black fedora, dark sunglasses and black leather gloves – outfit confiscated from an ill-intended passenger decades ago, found in storage.
  9. Sheikh Salman al-Ghazali- A VIP with clearance to come and go as he pleases.
  10. Pilot- Allowed most places, but don't get too close to the mechanics, air traffic control, or various other airport staff.
  11. Lounge Crew- Servers/Bartenders that work in the various lounges.
  12. New Suit– 47's Signature Suit w/Gloves, Buttoned – ET Unlock
  13. New Suit– Winter Tactical Suit- A white version of the Snow Fest Suit with the hood up and a pair of ski goggles – Mastery Unlock

Opportunities/Mission Stories/Kill Challenges

  1. Jet Fuel- Pose as a Pilot and inform Mr. Prescott that you have approval to fly him and Mrs. Prescott out on the VIP Jet. Inform the mechanic crew to do begin the pre-flight process of warming up the engines. Switch to a Mechanic disguise (or sneak), and when Mr. Prescott nears the plane for boarding, use a Wrench to increase the fuel pressure to one of the engines to cause it to accelerate and suck him in. You can choose to do this to Mrs. Prescott instead. Whomever you choose, the other will go into lockdown.
  2. Mixing Business and Pleasure- Attend an impromptu private meeting with Mr. Prescott while disguised as The Sheikh. Use the binary explosive compounds to sabotage Mr. Prescott's stay in the VIP Lounge. You'll need to pose as Lounge Crew to gain access to the VIP Lounge and plant the compounds.
  3. Ex-Ray- Mrs. Prescott, in her endless flirting with Kase, will get the idea to walk through the full body X-Ray scanner to display her undergarments to him. As a Janitor, sabotage the machine by exposing a wire. When Mrs. Prescott enters the machine, knock over the nearby mop bucket, causing her to be electrocuted.
  4. 7 Minutes in Heaven, Eternity Elsewhere- Separate Kase from Mrs. Prescott, then subdue him and hide his body. Use his phone to text Mrs. Prescott, inviting her into a well hidden closet. Eliminate her by any means once she's inside.

Mission Entrances

  1. Main Concourse – 47's Signature Suit w/Gloves, Buttoned – 47 Will enter through the main entrance and provide his counterfeit boarding pass and false ID for clearance.
  2. In the Basement as a Janitor
  3. In the Hangar as a Mechanic
  4. At the Smoothie Stand as a Vendor
  5. In the Administration Building as a Pilot
  6. Inside the Perimeter Fence – Winter Tac Suit – 47 begins just inside a fence that he climbed over in the outdoor space between the Hangar and the Main Building.

Mission Exits

  1. Through the main entrance where Grey's associate is waiting in the car
  2. With the VIP Jet
  3. Through the underground steam tunnel
  4. Through the airfield gate with a Pushback Tug as Ground Crew

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