Hitman 2

Mission Concept: The Arms Race (Illegal Arms Bazaar/Military Airport)

Hitman1 - Mission Concept: The Arms Race (Illegal Arms Bazaar/Military Airport)

Briefing: Good Afternoon, 47. Our friends at Interpol have requested our services for this particular mission. Your destination is a defunct and re-purposed military airport in the remote mountains of Eastern Europe, where a number of the world's most notorious warlords and their associates are gathering for an Arms Trade Bazaar. The Bazaar occurs only once every decade or so, and thousands of extremely destructive military grade weapons and equipment exchange hands between obscenely powerful, corrupt, and ruthless tyrants. The location of the Bazaar is a very well kept secret, however a defector of the Jìnghuà Militia known to us only by his classified identification as "Mr. Z", is now working with Interpol and has provided us with copious intel including coordinates, dates, names and a list of some of the more concerning items up for trade.

Your primary targets are the heads of three major divisions of the Jìnghuà Militia terrorist organization. Zhang Wei, a former Chinese intelligence operative who now acts as a saboteur, undercutting government efforts against terrorism by providing arms to smaller terrorist cells and using propaganda to create civil unrest; Andrew Sloan, an American businessman secretly operating the Jìnghuà cell out of New York; and Delphina Bernard, French former Sanguine Fashion Model formerly associated with the late Viktor Novikov in more ways than one, operating through Sanguine's international reach in order to traffic more discreet biological and chemical weapons.

The intel provided by "Mr. Z" suggests that by eliminated Wei, Sloan and Bernard, the Jìnghuà Militia will collapse, and since it's one of the main pillars of this international terrorist coalition, the shift in balance will provide Interpol with an opportunity to pounce on the other pillars, presumably eliminating the coalition entirely. That, however, is best left for Interpol to worry about.

Interpol will also be sending an Agent along to place trackers on some of the weapons and equipment at the Bazaar. It would be advisable to steer clear, however, given Interpol's track record regarding their field Agents as of late, you may consider keeping an eye out for signs of trouble and perhaps intervening if necessary. Just as long as it doesn't interfere with your mission, 47. Interpol did not hire us to babysit.

Eliminate the 3 heads of the Jìnghuà Militia and, if you feel compelled to do so, keep the Interpol Agent out of trouble. I will leave you to prepare. Good hunting, 47.

Mission Premise: The main goal of this map is to provide an Airport-like environment, but with a twist. In order to avoid the inevitable political fallout of setting a Hitman mission in an airport, THIS airport was once abandoned and has since been taken over by terrorist organizations and is used as the hub for international illegal arms trade. While not as large as a public airport, there are still a number of landing strips, luggage carousels, security checkpoints and even some operational food vendors.


Similar to Colorado in a minor way, the Arms Bazaar is full of bad people. However, unlike Colorado, the set up of the map feels more like a normal public area with restricted and hostile zones. Although everyone in attendance is related to terrorist organizations, a PMC (private military contractor) is providing security for the Bazaar, which means that apart from a number of VIP's, most everyone else is unarmed and for the purposes of gameplay, behave like standard civilians. In order words, there are "public" areas of the map that 47 can explore in his default suits.

Several opportunities will be presented to kill targets with weapons that are being demonstrated – everything from Kronstadt automated targeting systems to GPS tracker guided smart missiles to ejector seats on aircraft to powerful jet engine tests, and more.

As far as the Interpol Agent goes, yes, it's Carlton Smith, using a really bad fake Russian Accent and a cover identity that he can't seem to keep straight when he talks to people. He's been assigned the task of implanting tracking devices on some of the more serious weaponry so that Interpol can track it to the base of operations of those who purchase it. But of course, Smith is a bumbling idiot, and will inevitably run into trouble.

Now, in this case, 47 can watch him throughout the mission and intervene before Smith gets caught. Either by distracting NPC's before that catch him in the act, subduing them after they catch him but before they raise an alert on him, delaying Smith himself to put him off-pace so he avoids patrols, or even subduing Smith, hiding him in a container, and planting the trackers yourself.

Alternatively, you can allow Smith to be captured and not worry about it at all. It's an optional objective that exists for the purposes of challenge completion. You can also spring Smith from captivity after he's been captured, at which point he'll comment about 47's disguise-using methods, take on a disguise of his own and successfully complete his mission without further input from you.

Map Design: A reasonably large Airport terminal building with 4 wings leading to jet-ways, and a central hub featuring food vendors and more. Several runways outside, only one of which is accessible, and is where the weapons trade bazaar is being featured. Along this runway are several aircraft hangars each housing their own goodies, such as military aircraft or experimental jet engines or large weaponry.

The environment is a cold, snowy, mountainous region – a perfect place to wear your Winter Suit, Winter Sports Suit or Snow Fest Suit. The Default Starting Suit is The Snow Fest Suit with the hood up. The Elusive Target reward version has ski-goggles.

I can build this idea out if it's popular enough. Otherwise, I'll end it here.

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