Hitman 2

Mission Idea: Helping Hand.

Hitman5 - Mission Idea: Helping Hand.

(This mission wil act as the prologue/training mission for the fan-made season I am creating so I apologize if it's dumbed down in terms of challenges or too short & what-not.

Mission Title: Helping Hand

Location: Bannock County, Idaho

Targets: Adelaide Davis (The Doomsdayer)


– Eliminate Adelaide Davis

Time & Weather: Warm & nice, the sky is crisp and orangy, it's around 6:30 in the morning & people are just about to wake-up.


Good morning 47.

Just yesterday, we have managed to have completely shut down the HAVEN servers one week after your arrival and have extracted the most vital of info about Providence archives from them. After Edwards' escape however we are left with almost nothing, except leads about names & locations. If we truly want to eliminate Providence & locate the Partners and the Constant, we have to take advantage of these leads one-by-one.

One piece of information however, leads us to a very remote farming manor in the rural forests of Bannock County in Idaho, which has been occupied by members of a cult known as ''The experiment of our last days'' a doomsday group, who are buying up farms in Idaho & Oregon to supply their count with enough food to last for ''the end of the world''.

The cult is led by a woman known as Adelaide Davis, a known Providence defector who became prophet by funding a small group of locals to help her in her experiment.

A ruthless woman, she was a straight A student and became CEO of a Providence controlled Clinic, who claims that she got a vision from God himself about the world's collapse.

Eliminating Davis will fundamentally destroy the cult & allbeit unknowingly destroy a former Providence asset which will help both, us and the locals who live in fear due to the Cult's recent activity.

I will leave you to prepare.

Target Backgrounds:

Adelaide Davis (68):

Born in early 1950's on her parent's farm in Ada County Oregon, her future was almost destined to work on the farm and live a low laying life like he previous generations of the Davis family.

However, Adelaide excelled at school, she was a straight A student, always listened, done her homework and still managed to be popular and hang out with friends and keep up the farm.

After elementary school, she escaped her parent's farm and went on a train ride to Boise with her friends allbeit uknowingly ot her parents, where she stayed in a high school dorm to continue her educational life.

After graduating she became a very well known person, and had 2 businesses to run acting as a therapist and a nurse where she soon became the new CEO of the Boise Jr. Clinic, one of Providence's manny assets.

However in 1987 she claims she got visions from God himself, telling her to hide herself and her people in rural wilderness, and she did exactly that, ditching her old life and moving back to her parent's house. Her parents however were brutally murdered, by a yet unknown serial Killer from California.

She rebuilt their farm, and brought her friends to it where she has orere them to buy up farms that they will use as hideouts.

Over the next few years the Experiment of our Last Days became a very popular Cult, and Adelaide became far more thorough and ruthless, often injuring people if they do not abide by her will. Even though they now own 14 farmhouses and 53 acres Idahoan farmland, she has been living in the Miller Manor, the biggest farmhouse of the 14 they have in possesion, where the vast majority of the Cult resides at. Davis may seem only as a scapegoat in our plan – which she is, but don't forget, killing innocent people in god's name is not the most innocent thing to do, so it's safe to say, she has it coming.

Map Layout:

1. The default entry will be 47 driving a car out in the forest & rural hills of the county while Lucas dictates ''The Story so far''. Right after 47 parks his car in a small parking space. Diana & Lucas both tell you some vital info, and you're good to go. There is a small pathway that you can follow that goes up a hill where a few people are walking around and taking photos due to this being a popular trail. On top of the hill you can see the farm in the distance, which looks like a stereotypical manor, it's not that far – think Hawke's bay distance from the dunes.

There is also an RV in the parking space behind 47's car where the Trail Guide resides, it's a cheap and dirty white mobile home and inside it's full of chinese take-out and pizzas despite having a fully functional kitchen. The Guide is sleeping on a sofa. Behind the RV is small security hut with a camera thingy and 2 guards having a break playing a video-game. It has motivational posters in it ect.

2. The wheat plains are beautiful, they are really nicely & evenly ct and look like blades of grass. In the distance you can see a few farmers culling herds of sheep and what not.

3. When the pathway ends you're behind the manor, near a small guest house, however, the entire property is fenced in, but luckily you can just jump through it on the right side. Here you can see the cultists, who are dressed in overly orange & bright clothes and are walking around the compound. Some are armed and weapons on their disguise are legal, but the majority are unarmed (female guards are also a thing) and just walking around & praying.

4. If you climb through a window you will come to the bathroom of the guest house, which is small and looks dark but generally comfortaable. There are writings on the wall written with the red colour to symbolize blood, but the bathroom has a very nice and old feel to it and is incredibly clean and big. (Think both of Alma's bathrooms merged into one)

5. If you go through the door on the left, you will come to the closet, a small mirrored room full of cleaned up clothes. There is a cultist disguise you can take there, but also a ranch hand disguise.

6. Going through the door in front of the closet will get you to the Guest house bedroom, a cozy looking room with a very 90's feel to it. In the room, a farmer who is not suspicious of you is crying to himself and murmuring why he sold his farm to these lunatics.

7. And finally across the door to left of the farmer's bed is where the living room is. There are 2 cultists praying in a corner, one cultist watching TV, another cultist cooking in the kitchen and one cultist goes down the stairs to the bunker.

8. When you go outside through the front door you are viewing the manor from the side and you can march straight to the gate if you're a cultist without needing to be frisked. In the center of the manor there is a staircase to the bunker, 2 cultists hoarding food to the bunkers and 1 cultist sitting in a chair reading a book. There are 2 sets of stair each leading to the sme direction (Think Villa Caruso) where if you continue upstairs you will come to the hallway. On the left is another staircase leading up the Adelaide's bedroom, but only the Head Priest is allowed there. On the right there is a small hallway with 4 rooms. The first oen from the right leads to a library/playroom which is in a very luxurios and gothic style, the 2nd one leads to the master bathroom which is made like a locker and is full of showers and the 3rd one leads to the main canteen & kitchen which looks boring and has many cultist imagery and memorabilia while the 4th one is their master bedroom full of bunk beds ect., where some cultists are still sleeping.

9. In Adelaide's bedroom there is also her own bathroom and closet. She also has a bell she uses to call a servant, and a pot of holy water.

10. There is a small overrun tractor shed on the left of the entrance where a mission story can be overheard., but there is also a little cavern right beside it.

11. Behind the tractor shed there is a completely broken barn. Unlike the rest of the farm/manor which is incredibly clean and and rustic, the barn looks broken down and is the only place on the map that still looks like what the cult did to it when they burnt it down.

12. In front of the house there is also a small garden where cultists are planting seeds and stockpiling fruits from the plants into their bunker.

13. Their Bunker connects the Guest house, The Manor, the Garden & The wheat field. Imagine the bunker in Marrakech, but darker, and with beds, weaponry, corner bathrooms and food cans everywhere.

Locations (Discover Bannock County):

– Hiking Trail Parking

–Trail Guides' RV

– Hiking Trail

– Wheat Plains

– Farmgrounds

– Guesthouse Bathroom

– Guesthouse Closet

– Farmer's Bedroom

– Guest House Living Room

– Manor Hall

– Library

– Master Bathroom

– Canteen

– Kitchen

– Master Bedroom

– Adelaide's Rooms

– Garden

– Tractor Shed

– Barn

(Total 19 locations required for the discover Bannock County challenge)

Targets walk cycles:

Adelaide Davis: (There is always an unarmed cultist with her called Lena, kind like what Rima was to Vanya)

  1. Starts in the Manor Hall giving a speech & orders for the day. If you start in the Manor Hall, you can get an overly easy chandelier kill.
  2. Goes up to the hallway and goes into each room talking to different cultists, and grabbing water when she is in the canteen, which you can poison beforehand.
  3. She goes upstairs to her room to make a private prayer (without Lena) in front of her holy water in which you can drown her.
  4. She heads into the bathroom to quickly freshen up, and pat her face down with water. If she doesn't see you she will start murmuring to herself about how this is all glorious and how she cannot wait to control all farmlands in Idaho.
  5. She will then slowly but surely make her way downstairs to the bunker which she will use to get to the guest house while talking to Lena who is always near her.
  6. She will go to the farmer and promise him that she will give him even more money if he doesn't ever leave the room.
  7. She will go the garden to check up on plants and then to the tractor shed to talk to the nearby cultists.
  8. She will go to the barn and will start speaking about how she wants to renovate it.
  9. She will go back upstairs to meet with the high priest in private
  10. She will go to the canteen to eat a plate of food (which you can serve and poison to her)
  11. She will go into the bunker to properly express her gratitude to all cultists working there
  12. Repeats process but skips step 1 each time and instead calls a servant through the bell.



Suit (You're allowed only in the Parking, the Trail/Path and the Plains, weapons are illegal)

Cultist (Allowed everywhere except The Guide's RV & Adelaide's rooms, weapons are legal)

Servant (Allowed everywhere (but The Guide's RV) including Adelaide's rooms whenever the bell rings, weapons are illegal)

Parking lot security guard (Has same location limitations as the Suit but weapons are legal.


Farmer (Allowed in the Guest House,The Trail, Plains, Barn, Tractor Shed and the Garden, weapons are illegal)

Trail Guide (Same as the suit, but is allowed in the Guide's RV and is useful for a mission story)

Scarecrow (Everywhere is a Hostile Area, except when you're blending in on porches in the plains, weapons are illegal)


High Priest (You're allowed everyhwere but the Guide's RV, weapons are legal)

Mission Stories:

Tractor Down: (Conversation between 2 cultists at the tractor shed)

Interesting, it appears that the Cult's tractor has destroyed itself after a fatal mistake an unexperienced cultist has commited while harvesting wheat, and Davis herself want's the Tractor repaired soon as possible. I trust you can put those hands to use 47?

  1. Locate the Wrench
  2. Create an oil leak
  3. Talk to Adelaide Davis

Excellent, that should give you plenty of oppurtunities, no doubt.

A Small Ceremony: (Grab a small paper on a sollitaire table in the Guide's RV)

So, apparently the local Trail guide for tourists wants to join the Cult and has a meeting scheduled this morning with the High Priest where they will initiate in a sacrificial ceremony, but he's unfortunately fallen in deep sleep due to a long night. If he is not going, atleast someone has to right?

  1. Disguise yourself as the Trail Guide
  2. Appoint yourself at the Main gate (Get frisked)
  3. Wait for the High Priest to arrive
  4. Neutralize the High Priest
  5. Disguise yourself as the High Priest

Great work 47, now all that stands between you and Adelaide is a set of stairs.

Her Secret Service: (Overhear a conversation of 2 cultists in the Canteen)

If Adelaide Davis rings a special bell in her bedroom, a member of her personal ''servant'' staff gets called up to her room immediately. I have a feeling this information might just be of use to you.

  1. Disguise yourself as a Servant
  2. Wait for the Bell

Good work, let's hope everything is in order in her boudoir.

The Renovation: (Go inside the Barn)

47 I have intel about the place you're just in. This burnt down Barn is the only non-renovated place in the entire Cult Compound and Adelaide really wants to renovate it to allow an extra to stockpile their resources before ''The End of the World'' but the Blueprints have been stolen by an undercover Cultist. Say, should you find the thief, maybe you could get some alone time with Davis herself.

  1. Find clues about the Thief
  2. Locate the Thief
  3. Get rid of the Thief
  4. Grab the Blueprints
  5. Talk to Davis

Excellent 47, A private audience with Adelaide Davis? That's too much if you ask me, even for you.

Code of Security: (Listen to the 2 Cultists in the Bunker)

So, the Compound has a special plan that when the farmer dissapears when Davis checks on him the entire place goes into Lockdown and Davis gets immediately transported to the Cult's bunker. And here's the catch, the bunker has a ''Fire Mechanism''. Feeling risky, 47?

  1. Locate the Fire Mechanism instructions
  2. Locate a Screwdriver
  3. Short Circuit the Box
  4. Change the settings to ''Alarm Proximity'' or ''Alarm Activation''
  5. Get rid of the Farmer
  6. Hide the Farmer's Body

Smart thinking 47, with the farmer gone, Adelaide will fall right into our trap allbeit unknowingly.

Mastery Unlocks:

– Level 1: Parking Space (Entry Point).

– Level 2: Tractor Shed (Hidden Stash) & Wire Cutter (Tool)

– Level 3: Library (Agency Pickup) & Guest House (Entry Point)

– Level 4: Sedative Grenade (Explosive) & Barn (Hidden Stash)

– Level 5: Bunker as Cultist (Entry Point)

– Level 6: Bunker (Agency Pickup) & ICA 2X Keychain (Lockpick & Fiber Wire in one)

– Level 7: ICA 19 USA (Weapon) & Canteen Kitchen (Hidden Stash)

– Level 8: The Trail Guide's RV (Agency Pickup) & Security hut as Parking lot Security Guard (Entry Point)

– Level 9: ICA Car Battery (Tool) & USA Briefcase (Container)

– Level 10: Master Bedroom as Servant (Entry Point) & Jaeger 7 USA (Sniper Rifle)

Entry Points:

– Parking Space (Mastery Level 1)

– Guest House (Mastery Level 3)

– Bunker as Cultist (Mastery Level 5)

– Security hut as Parking lot Security Guard (Mastery Level 8)

– Master Bedroom as Servant (Mastery Level 10)

Smuggled Item Locations:

– Tractor Shed (Mastery Level 2)

– Library (Mastery Level 3)

– Barn (Mastery Level 4)

– Bunker (Mastery Level 6)

– Canteen Kitchen (Mastery Level 7)

– The Trail Guide's RV (Mastery Level 8)

Other Unlocks:

– Wire Cutter – Tool (Mastery Level 2)

– Sedative Grenade – Explosive (Mastery Level 4)

– ICA 2X Keychain – Lockpick/Fiber Wire (Mastery Level 6)

– ICA 19 USA – Pistol (Mastery Level 7)

– ICA Car Battery – Tool (Mastery Level 9)

– USA Briefcase – Container (Mastery Level 9)

– Jaeger 7 USA – Sniper Rigle (Mastery Level 10)

– The USA Duck – Explosive (Complete the ''A small Ceremony'', ''The Renovation'' & ''Code of Security'' Mission Stories)

– American Flag – Non-Lethal Melee (Complete the American Dream Challenge Pack)


– 47's car

– Cultist's car (Near the manor, requires a key from the Bunker)

– Tractor (Repair it and then drive it. If you completed the Tractor Down Mission story this exit is no longer available

– Trail (The trail continues through the plains until a bridge counts as fully exitingthe mission)

– Bunker's Door (In the bunker there is a door which is kind of like the exit from Bangkok or the Paris basement exit)



  1. Someone could hurt themselves – Assassinate a Target in an Accident – 1000xp
  2. Piano Man – Assassinate a Target with the Fiber Wire – 1000xp
  3. Hold my Hair – Assassinate a Target by drowning them – 1000xp
  4. Tasteless Traceless – Assassinate a Target with lethal Poison – 1000xp
  5. Straight Shot – Assassinate a Target with a Headshot – 1000xp
  6. Versatile Assassin – Complete the above challenges – 4000xp
  7. Rushin' Baptism – Eliminate Adelaide Davis by drowning her in the Holy Water – 2000xp

8. Blown to Smithereens – Eliminate Adelaide Davis with the Alarm Proximity while she is in lockdown – 2000xp

9. Wrong Lever – *Eliminate Adelaide Davis with the Alarm Activation *Blow yourself up with her – 4000xp

  1. An Eye for Art – Eliminate Adelaide Davis with the Chandelier in the Manor Hall – 1000xp

  2. Mistaken Identity – Eliminate Adelaide Davis while disguised as the High Priest – 1000xp

  3. No Cult's allowed – *Eliminate Adelaide Davis with a headshot while disguised as a Parking lot Security Guard *Do not get spotted – 4000xp

  4. Jokes on you – Eliminate Adelaide Davis with a tractor explosion – 2000xp

  5. What's that metal taste I won… – Eliminate Adelaide Davison by poisoning her food in the canteen – 1000xp

  6. Rieper coming right up – *Strangle Adelaide Jackson while disguised as a servant *Hide her body in her closet – 4000xp

  7. X's & O's – *Eliminate Adelaide Jackson with a battle axe *Sacrifice her to the cult's prayer circle – 4000xp

  8. Scared of Crowds– REDACTED (Eliminate her with an explosive device while she is doing a speech) – 4000xp


  1. Discover Bannock County –Reveal all undiscovered areas in Bannock County (19) – 1000xp
  2. Sunday Drive – Escape in 47's car – 1000xp
  3. Come as a Farmer, Go as a Farmer – Escape in the repaired Tractor – 2000xp
  4. Snatch & Grab – Escape in the Cultist's car – 1000xp
  5. A deserved refresher – Escape by walking the Trail – 1000xp
  6. Meet me Halfway – Escape through the Bunker's door – 1000xp
  7. Keys to the Manor – Find the Manor's master key – 1000xp
  8. Become the High Priest – Disguise yourself as the High Priest – 1000xp
  9. Become the Trail Guide – Disguise yourself as the Trail Guide – 1000xp
  10. Become a Servant – Disguise yourself as a servant – 1000xp
  11. Become the Farmer – Disguise yourself as the farmer – 1000xp
  12. Become the Scarecrow – Disguise yourself as the Scarecrow – 1000xp
  13. Dress for the job you want – Disguise yourself as a Cultist – 1000xp
  14. I've heard you make keys as a hobby? – Find the Keychain in Adelaide's Bedroom – 1000xp
  15. Ladies' Room – *Get into Adelaide's rooms while disguised as a Cultist * Do not get spotted – 2000xp
  16. It speaks to me – Find the Cult's prayer circle 1000xp
  17. This is not what I signed up for – Locate the keys fort he Travel Guide's RV somewhere in the parking lot. – 2000xp
  18. Due you even ca-NO – REDACTED – 1000xp (Do not harm any pigeons in a run)
  19. Old Addy had a farm – Somehow trigger Adelaide's memories to remember her past – 4000xp


  1. Chameleon – Find and equip all disguises in Bannock County – 4000xp
  2. Mission Story – A small Ceremony; – Complete the mission story ''A small Ceremony'' – 2000xp
  3. Mission Story – The Renovation; – Complete the mission story ''The Renovation'' – 2000xp
  4. Mission Story – Code of Security; – Complete the mission story ''Code of Security'' – 2000xp
  5. Mission Stories – Bannock County; – Complete all Mission Story challenges in Bannock County – 4000xp & The USA Duck.
  6. Give me some space, so I can walk – Find a way to get rid of Lena – 1000xp
  7. 'Murica – Use any of the USA weapons to eliminate 10 people – 4000xp
  8. Due you even ca-NO – REDACTED – 1000xp (Don't kill any pigeons during a round)
  9. Fixer upper – Repair the Tractor – 1000xp
  10. This way brother – Somehow make the Trail Guide go to the ceremony – 1000xp
  11. No more playin' Video-games – *Shoot the TV screen in the Security shed *Don't get spotted – 1000xp


  1. The Doomsdayer – Eliminate Adelaide Davis – 4000xp

American Dream:

  1. I'm the President now – *Eliminate Adelaide Davis with the ICA19 USA *Don't get spotted – 2000xp
  2. And the people's favourite senator is… – *Eliminate a target with the Jaeger 7 USA *Don't get spotted – 4000xp
  3. Get off my lawn – *Kill the Trail Guide *Dump his body over the fence – 4000xp
  4. Get outta here – REDACTED – 4000xp (Kill absolutely everyone on the map)
  5. Red blooded 'murican – Complete all the American Dream challenges – 4000xp + American flag (Melee)

Thank you so much for reading! Any tips or critiques for the mission are all deeply appreciated! 😉

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