Hitman 2

Mission Suggestion: Gentrified Neighborhood

Hitman1 - Mission Suggestion: Gentrified Neighborhood

Whittleton Creek was fun in a throwback way, but it could definitely be improved upon. Here is my humble suggestion:

Good evening, 47. Today, your targets are
latest?cb=20181119145412 - Mission Suggestion: Gentrified NeighborhoodTim Quinn and
Olivia Crane. They both helped found Quantum Leap, a startup company that has been instrumental in guiding the public eye far from Providence's machinations. They can both be found in
king of prussia development 940x540 - Mission Suggestion: Gentrified Neighborhood
SohCahToa, an upscale
maxresdefault - Mission Suggestion: Gentrified Neighborhood
neighborhood designed for the young, wealthy, and paranoid. Quinn is likely out enjoying his Saturday, and Crane is presumably trying to solve the legal issues that her division has encountered before Quinn finds out. Good luck, 47. I'll leave you to prepare.

So I envisioned this place as a plaza-esque place, with a high-end apartment building, a few stores, an office park, and a few other rich people attractions. As usual, there are a few levels of security.
rui mu guardian2 - Mission Suggestion: Gentrified Neighborhood

Street guards have access to street level.
Apartment guards have access to everything but the office.
Bodyguards can basically go anywhere.


Be Good to Your Body

Tim Quinn is a health nut. If you sneak into the backroom of the Wholesome Foods and put the recalled supplements back on the shelf, then disguise yourself as his nutrition consultant and recommend those supplements, he will take them and quickly find out why they were recalled.


A mole from a rival company is meeting with Quinn. Take his clothes, find the hidden decryption key for his laptop, and you can get a private meeting with Quinn. Find the letter bomb in the apartment mailbox, and you can sneak that to Quinn in the laptop.

Ballroom Blitz

Quinn is taking dance classes. If you impersonate the dance instructor, open the studio, and see a few students, eventually Quinn will come over, leaving you ample opportunity to kill him.

Stress Relief

If you hack Crane's laptop and send proof of her legal issues to Quinn, she will get anxious, and go see her acupuncturist. How good are you with needles, 47?

I Rest My Case

Crane has subpoenaed some files from a nearby attorney. Disguise yourself as a lawyer, take the files, and arrange to cross-examine her in a room with a troublesome loose window.

Pool's Closed

The pool at SohCahToa has been under maintenance for a while. Find a wrench, and you can fix it. You can then put in some pool cleaner that Crane is allergic to. Usher everyone out, and she'll come down for a fatal swim.

So what do you think? Any other opportunities, targets, exits, or disguises you can think of ?

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