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Missions for 2016’s Unused Elusive Targets – #2 (The Bad Robinson)

Hitman1 - Missions for 2016's Unused Elusive Targets - #2 (The Bad Robinson)

I remembered seeing on this reddit's wiki that there were several unreleased elusive targets left in the game files of Hitman 2016, with most of them not having much information at all. I thought it would be fun to write up how I think that their missions would have been like to fit their names.

This time, it's "The Bad Robinson", which is… an odd name that I can't seem to find anything about other than it being related to a certain famous reality TV series' origins.


Good evening, 47.

Your destination is the GAMA Hospital in Hokkaido. Your target, Jaromir Zotov, is currently admitted for check-ups following his victory in a game show where he was left to fend for himself on an island alongside the other competitors.

Another competitor by the name of Melissa Linde disappeared in between episodes, with her last known whereabouts being alone with the target in a blind spot. She was a promising member of the season and was considered the most likely to win this year's run.

Weeks after her disappearance, the producers of the show and the Linde family went into a legal battle over a "wrongful death" lawsuit, which was settled out of court after both sides decided that Zotov was most likely the cause of Melissa's sudden departure. In a heartwarming turn of events, both sides have instead issued a joint contract on Zotov, which is where you come in.

While the target is readjusting to a normal lifestyle, the host and a cameraman of the television series are also following him around to interview and congratulate him on his victory, so expect that he will not be left alone unless circumstances change. Do note that eliminating either of them, or injuring the host in any way that would leave a wound, will void the contract, but you are otherwise free to do as you please.

The clock is ticking, 47. Good luck.


  • Eliminate Jaromir Zotov


  • The target's route has him alternate between the exercise room and the room that Jason Portman normally has his check-up, where a doctor (an enforcer for the Surgeon and Doctor disguises) will be checking on him and guarding two water bottles. If a distraction is made, the bodyguard now in the same room will investigate first. One water bottle belongs to the doctor, and the other belongs to the target.
    • Because of the room being occupied by someone else, Jason Portman's opportunity is not available for this mission.
  • The two bodyguards who normally exercise in the same room as the target starts in will be relocated. Instead, those two are guarding either entrance of the room and will not allow anyone else to enter aside from other bodyguards. However, the one guarding the entrance through the room the target occasionally visits is an enforcer.
  • The host and the cameraman both constantly follow the target around. The cameraman will always have his camera pointed at the target, and being seen by this is counted as being recorded. Neither of them can be eliminated, but both can be knocked unconscious, as long as the host is only either given a sedative poison or subdued from behind with bare hands.
    • If the cameraman is knocked out before the host is, the host will vocally complain about the cameraman leaving without notice and stop asking the target questions, but will continue to follow him.
    • If the host is knocked out before the cameraman is, the cameraman will wonder where the host went before putting his camera down on the desk next to the water bottles, where a bomb could be concealed in if you so choose. This also means he won't be recording anymore. He will, however, be using his cellphone nearby and can spot you if you try anything on either the water bottles or the camera without getting rid of him.
  • If Jaromir is sent into his lockdown sequence, he will run to the bodyguards' lounge area, which remains unchanged.

Diana's Lines:


Welcome to Hokkaido, 47.Jaromir Zotov is currently exercising within the confines of the hospital area of the facility, and will most likely not leave the area under normal circumstances. You will have to get creative to infiltrate.

Objective Completed:

Jaromir Zotov is down. Both the producers and the Linde tribe have spoken: the money will be wired to your account promptly. Proceed to an exit.

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