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Missions for 2016’s Unused Elusive Targets – #3 (The Ice Cube)

Hitman5 - Missions for 2016's Unused Elusive Targets - #3 (The Ice Cube)

I remembered seeing on this reddit's wiki that there were several unreleased elusive targets left in the game files of Hitman 2016, with most of them not having much information at all. I thought it would be fun to write up how I think that their missions would have been like to fit their names.

This time, it's "The Ice Cube". I imagine the only way that would be fitting is if it were either a rapper or a member of the Shadow Client's Militia known for a unique modus operandi, so… naturally I choose the latter.


Good morning, 47.

Your target is Michael "The Ice Cube" Dorman, a prominent member of the Shadow Client's militia, situated in an abandoned orchard in Colorado.

He's a high-ranking member of the militia's Special Operations Unit, best known for being their specialist during hits in colder regions of the world such as Canada, Russia, and Greenland. Under his command, the unit strikes swiftly from the snow and leaves no witnesses, with their main objective often being found under-dressed and dead from hypothermia only a few miles away.

Since the Shadow Client often targets the wealthy elite, it's only natural that others of that social standing want to avenge them. Several wealthy clients have cooperated and pooled their wealth to discover his identity, locate him, and put out a contract on him. Naturally, that's where their side of the elimination ends, and ours begins.

He's currently preparing the rest of the unit for yet another operation in Kazakhstan alongside former Tamil Tiger Maya Parvati, so if she can be found, he'll likely be somewhere nearby. Do be warned, however, that he wears the same outfits as the rest of the Special Operations Unit, and it will be difficult to determine and keep track of which of them is the target, so take necessary precautions and observe the group's activity to discover his identity.

Additionally, the target is very much aware that he's a high-priority target for eliminations among his unit, and will go into hiding if any signs of overt danger are found. With both of those factors, and the fact that the target is armed, this contract might prove somewhat difficult, but I'm certain that you'll be able to handle it as per usual.

The clock is ticking, 47. Good luck.


  • Eliminate Michael "The Ice Cube" Dorman
    • SPECIAL NOTE: If you need to abort and re-approach, reconfirm your target before engaging.
    • VITAL INFORMATION: Target will evacuate if any threats to the Special Operations Unit is found.


  • The Spec. Ops members in the barn would have an entirely different layout for this mission, and will all be doing things independent of each other and occasionally speak to one another. The usual training that occurs is instead replaced with an obstacle course where they must wade through shaved ice.
  • Michael Dorman can be any of the Spec. Ops members in the barn, including up on the second floor. The two members on the second floor spend most of their time looking down and watching the others practice.
    • Much like with Ji-Hu, he will be randomly selected each time the mission is started. However, if any other Spec. Ops member's body is found (unconscious or dead), the target will attempt to evacuate.
  • Michael Dorman's evacuation route is very short, as he will run to the van that Maya Parvati usually checks on in Freedom Fighters.
  • Similar to the Sarajevo Six mission in Colorado, Michael Dorman will be armed with a weapon, just like the rest of the Spec. Ops is.
  • There is no intel in this mission that would implicate which of the members of the unit is the target. Instead, the only way to tell is through dialogue.
    • Most easily, while Maya Parvati would be talking to multiple members of the Spec. Ops in this mission, she'll talk to the target the most out of them, and will sometimes bring him to the presentation room to have private conversations about the operation (and the possibility of one member of the unit being a mole).

Diana's Lines:


Welcome to Colorado, 47.

While we're certain your target is currently participating in the training regimen going on inside the barn of the compound, you will have to find out which of the members of the unit is him for yourself.

On top of that, the compound is heavily guarded, so do be careful.

Objective Completed:

Confirmed kill on Michael Dorman. As per usual, the money will be wired to your account shortly. Proceed to an exit, and make sure that the trail of his elimination goes cold.

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