Hitman 2

Multiplayer Gamemode Idea: Chameleon

Hitman2 - Multiplayer Gamemode Idea: Chameleon

I had this idea for a game mode and wanted to see what everyone would think of it.

Players start the match as a random NPC, one that cannot be disguised as while playing as 47, like the random people in Paris. Their goal is to identify and kill the other players based on mistakes they make on movement that a NPC wouldn’t make i.e openly equipping a gun, holding something they’re not supposed to, not moving etc.. Each player can disguise as another NPC later on and keep their exact look (not the 47 modifies look, but rather the 1:1 identical look), but if they are seen committing an illegal action, the guards around the map will turn hostile to them and NPCs will react negatively to seeing them. Players can leave safe areas where no NPCs are present to find better weapons (in a similar system to ghost mode), but will be easily identifiable as a player to other players since they are out of place. 5 Rounds, where it’s either first to kill 5 enemies or be last one standing, I’m not sure what I want.

When a player dies they get to spectate, or if they are in a party group with friends will simply wait till the round is over (so they can’t give away positions.

Instinct: Can see everything as normal except enemy players.


Players die in three pistol bullet shots, one sniper/shotgun shot, two rifle shots or when they have 3 things thrown at them that connect. Explosion damage is based on proximity.

A healthbar system can be incorporated to make sure that people know their health and what kills them

If players had 150 health, pistols would do 50 (some like the Krugermeier would do 30 because of the fact that they are completely silent) with a 2x headshot multiplier.

Snipers would do 150, no headshot multiplier needed.

Read:  I've started playing Codename 47. It's severely dated, moreso than the other classic Hitman games, but I also really like it!

Shotguns would do 200 on a perfect shot, no headshot multiplier.

Rifles would do 75, 1.5x or 2x damage multiplier. Explosions would do 250 with damage decreasing over the blast radius,

Non lethal throwables would do 50, and lethal throwables would do 75.

2-5 Players Potential Maps: Bangkok, Marrakesh Miami, Mumbai, Paris, Isle of Sgail (basically any map with a lot of blank/uninteractive NPCs) Spawn points: Anywhere around the maps where NPCs are present. Additional crowds can be added and they player would start blended in.

LMK what you guys think.

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