Hitman 2

Multiplayer Mode Concept- Target Hunt

Hitman1 - Multiplayer Mode Concept- Target Hunt

Note: I don't think Hitman NEEDS multiplayer. But if multiplayer is something IOI wants to expand upon.. I think this mode could really be something special.

Players: 4 to 8

The premise of this mode is very similar to Gmod Murder. One player is the Assassin and must eliminate the other players, before the other players collect enough clues to unlock weapons and eventually reveal the identity of the Assassin.

Character Assignment: Each player will be assigned a random character in the lobby. These will be generic, but specific characters, such as Chef, Gardener, Surgeon, etc. There can only be ONE of each character at a time, and except for the Assassin, players cannot change disguises (there is no need).

The Assassin: When the game launches, the Assassin will be randomly selected. The game will notify them via on-screen messaging. The goal of The Assassin is to Eliminate all of the other players before the Assassin's identity becomes compromised, and the other players hunt them down. Once the other players have collected enough Evidence from around the map, the Assassin's Identity will be revealed (they will be highlighted in red when the other players use Instinct). The Assassin will need to obtain a new disguise in order to no longer be compromised. The Assassin can also collect their own exclusive set of evidence from around the map. These pieces of Evidence can be cashed in to allow The Assassin to take an Eliminated player's disguise, or to unlock better weapons and gear.

The Assassin starts the round with a Lock Pick, Fiber Wire, Foldable Knife and Coins. Other items can be earned by killing players or collecting evidence. These items include a 5mm Pistol, Lethal Poison Syringe, and Micro Explosive. These items are locked behind progress intervals to prevent gameplay from stagnating, but also cadenced so that the Assassin doesn’t become too powerful too quickly. The Detective cannot pick up guns dropped by the other players.All other players appear highlighted in Red when using Instinct.

Hiding bodies is extremely important – only the Detective can identify hidden bodies, so you want to prevent the Civilians from also being able to identify who has been Eliminated for as long as possible. The Detective will have to first discover and then communicate their findings of which players have been Eliminated, which takes time, time in which you can be making moves to eliminate other players.

When a player is Eliminated via Accident, the Assassin earns a point toward their Evidence. (yeah I know it doesn't make sense, but it rewards a successful accident kill) Lethal Injections do NOT count as accident kills.

The Detective: The Detective is randomly assigned upon session start. The Detective has two advantages over the rest of the normal Civilian players. One, they start with a Striker Pistol with 7 rounds. Two, they can use Instinct to spot any bodies hidden by the Assassin, be it a player or NPC body (NPC bodies are not highlighted; player bodies are highlighted in Blue, like the Constant.) This is helpful because it allows the Detective player to potentially deduce who may have been nearby when the body was hidden. The Detective cannot pick up any other weapons or gear. The Detective can retrieve ammo from Strikers dropped by dead Civilians.

When the Detective discovers a dead body, hidden or not, they should communicate that information with the Civilians – it's important to know who has been eliminated, so that if you bump into the Chef, you might remember that you've already discovered the Chef's dead body, and therefore it must be the Assassin in disguise.

The Detective can collect evidence to contribute toward the identifying of the Assassin. A total of 20 pieces of evidence are needed in order for the Assassin's current disguise to become compromised, and an additional 5 pieces of evidence to Compromise each disguise the Assassin changes into after having been Compromised the first time. Evidence collected is a pool that all players contribute to.


The Civilians: The Civilians do not start with any weapons or gear at all. Once a Civilian has collected 5 pieces of Evidence, they will be given a Striker Pistol with 7 rounds. If a Civilian has not yet unlocked their own Striker, they can collect one from the murder scene of another Civilian or Detective (The Assassin cannot move it). The Civilian cannot pick up any other weapons or gear. If you already have a Striker and you pick up another, it will add whatever remaining ammo from that gun to your own.

Civilians can only identify dead bodies that are not hidden. Once they discover a dead body, they should relay that information to the other players so they can remember who has been eliminated, as in the example described in the Detective Description above.

A total of 20 pieces of evidence are needed in order for the Assassin's current disguise to become compromised, and an additional 5 pieces of evidence to Compromise each disguise the Assassin changes into after having been Compromised the first time. Evidence collected is a pool that all players contribute to.

Lobby Menu: The lobby looks like your standard mission briefing screen. Each player is represented in the lobby as a tile like how targets and objectives are listed in single player. No information is given apart from each player's assigned character and their username.

Game Play: Each player starts out in a "Blend In" node for their respective character. For Civilians and the Detective, using instinct will reveal nearby clues, highlighted in blue. Civilians cannot see other Civilians or the Detective in Instinct; the Detective can only see dead Civilians when using Instinct, and only when nearby.

The Assassin sees all other players highlighted in Red when using Instinct, but only when relatively nearby (cannot see across the entire map, but can see a couple of rooms away.) The Assassin also sees their own exclusive set of evidence, highlighted in Blue, when using Instinct.

As the Civilians and Detective rush to collect enough Evidence to Compromise the current disguise of the Assassin (20 clues for the first disguise, 5 for each subsequent disguise change), the Assassin rushes to set up traps or make kills when isolated.

The Assassin can go Rambo of course, but if another player sees the Assassin committing a crime (holding a weapon, for example) they can report the identity to the other players and compromise that disguise, making the Assassin appear red for all players using Instinct, and anyone with a gun can shoot him down. The only pistol the Assassin has access to is the 5mm which is only effective at close range, so going Rambo is inadvisable.

If the Detective or a Civilian feels that they've determined who the Assassin is prior to collecting all of the Evidence, they can make the decision to shoot that player. If they're right, it's an instant win- you don't HAVE to wait for the Assassin to be Compromised. On the other hand, if a Civilian kills another Civilian, their personal Evidence progress is reset to zero (removing their pistol if they have one). Their Evidence is also deducted from the amount of total Evidence. If the Detective kills a Civilian, they lose their Pistol and special ability, and their personal Evidence progress – but the overall Evidence progress is not affected.

The Assassin wins the match when every other player is dead, even if they were killed be friendly fire. Part of the Assassin's strategy could be creating suspicion among the innocent and causing them to kill each other. Having voice chat is vital to this experience, but it can still be enjoyed without it.

Maps: The Maps will be broken up into segmented playable areas; some maps are FAR too big for this type of game mode. For instance, in Marrakesh you might block off access to the Consulate and school in one version of the map, and in another version have ONLY the consulate accessible, etc.

I THINK I covered most everything. Let me know if you see any flaws or problems with the idea and I'll work them out.

I don't expect this to ever get made, but I think it would be a lot of fun and a great fit for Hitman.

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