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Mumbai Master SASO and Sniper Assassin – Easy Methods, Text Guide

Hitman4 - Mumbai Master SASO and Sniper Assassin - Easy Methods, Text Guide

Again I have to say that there are tons of ways to do this but this is the way I've settled on because it uses mostly the same part of the map, and is quite easy if you're patient.

Silent Assassin/Suit Only

Equipment: Kalmer-1 Tranq Gun, Lock Pick, Sieger 300 Ghost (specifically, other rifles don't have enough power for this method) in Item Slot so you start with it.

Start at the Boat. You're in no hurry here, so take your time.

Collect the two Fish on the floor right in front of you. Walk to the end of the dock and turn left, heading toward the small building with smoke coming out of the top. As you move, look on the buildings on the right for an escape ladder (it'll glow when you use Instinct). Once you find the ladder, hide behind a pile of trash so you can't be seen, take out your sniper rifle, and shoot the ladder to drop it. Leave your briefcase for now and put your rifle on your back.

Climb the ladder. At the top, there's a woman inside a house talking to a guard. The guard might see you, just get out of his line of sight quickly. You need to go to the left of the door of that particular house, and climb up to the roof (47 will jump and grab the ledge).

Once on the roof, equip your Kalmer-1. There are two guards talking. One is sitting, the other is standing behind him. Creep up behind the standing guard until the SUBDUE prompt appears. Take aim with your Kalmer-1 and shoot the sitting guard in the back, and the INSTANT you fire the dart, press the Subdue button to begin subduing the standing guard. Since the dart takes a moment to completely knock someone out, the standing guard won't have time to notice the other guard pass out.

Drag them both forward by the weapon's crate so they can't be seen from the stairs. Pick up the Bartoli, then the Shotgun, then go to the top of the stairs and pick up the brick. Use instinct to spot the guard on the street below (the one who is talking to the woman in the house whose roof you're on). Equip the shotgun and run toward the ledge, pressing the "DROP ITEM" button (down on d-pad for PS4) as soon as you hit the ledge. The shotgun will tumble over and the guard below will see it (if it doesn't the first try, try again. This is reliable.)

The guard will collect the shotgun and bring it up to the roof. Stand on the little ledge above the stairs, and either equip a Fish or the Kalmer-1 and prepare to knock the guard out before he reaches the top of the stairs. Drag him over with the other bodies and get rid of the dropped weapons.

Creep down the stairs. Wait for the right moment and throw a Fish to knock out the woman. Hide her in the closet.

Face the window where the guard was standing when he was talking to the woman. To the left, down the street, is a guard standing still and looking at a set of concrete stairs that lead down the hill. He needs to go away. There's another guard near him, walking back and forth. Make sure he's walking away, then jump out the window, move left just about to the gap between the buildings, and drop the Bartoli pistol in the middle of the street.

Climb back through the window and back up to the roof. Go to the edge of the roof and throw a fish about halfway between the Bartoli and the guard. The fish will cause the guard to look and see the Bartoli, and then he will pick up the Bartoli and bring it up to the roof you're on – just like the previous guard, knock him out before he reaches the top of the stairs, and hide him with the other bodies.

Now, equip your sniper rifle and save your game. Remember that concrete walkway that the guard you just knocked out was standing in front of? The Maelstrom will be coming up that way momentarily, after you signal him, so scout it out with your sniper rifle and when you're ready, press the button on the flag pole.

Diana will let you know when The Maelstrom is getting close to the stairs. Use instinct to spot him and follow him up. When he's on the stairs leading up to the street, you want to shoot him in the head juuuuust before he passes the trees. His body will flip over the edge and be hidden from view.


Make your way back down below to where you left your briefcase, and retrieve it, hiding your rifle.

Head for that building with the smoke coming out of it. Inside is a smelting pot. Well, technically, there are two – but you want the one that the worker is actively using. Take out the Brick and CAREFULLY aim it into the smelter (so you don't lock on to the worker), and throw it in. This will change the smoke to purple and lure both Vanya Shah and Dawood Rangan out to a meeting point near you.

Head back toward the dock. Just before you reach the dock is a small building. Go around the building and hide between it and the water – nobody should be able to see you here. Just sit tight for a minute while Shah and Rangan get into position. While you wait, use instinct and look toward Rangan's tower – just beyond the large boat in front of you is a small building with a Lifeboat on the roof. It glows yellow when using Instinct.

Shah and Rangan will finally meet each other UNDER that Lifeboat. When they do, take out your rifle and shoot the wooden frame that holds it up (you can probably just shoot the boat, but I didn't try). IMMEDIATELY drop your rifle and run to the dock. It should be an Accident kill on both, and you can exit via the boat.

Sniper Assassin


Kalmer-1 Tranq Gun, Lock Pick, Sieger 300 Ghost (specifically, other rifles don't have enough power for this method) in Item Slot so you start with it.

Rangan: From the docks, pick up the two fish in front of you. Turn RIGHT at the end of the dock and run to the beach house (with the boat on the roof that you just used to kill Shah and Rangan in the SASO run). Get between it and the water. There's a Chef dude who will come stand just in front of you. Knock him out and leave him there (his body won't be found, but it doesn't matter for Sniper Assassin anyway).

Get back behind the Beach House, away from the window, and get out your rifle. Take aim at the right side of Rangan's tower and look up until you see a man kneeling near the edge of a platform. Or, just find Rangan and follow him with your scope. Rangan will soon go to this man and begin to talk to him. At any point when you have a clear shot, shoot Rangan. You can unlock a second challenge by saving that man, but in order to do that you have to wait until Rangan is holding the guy by his neck, which makes the sniper shot a little trickier.

Rangan down. Pack up your rifle and move on.

The Maelstrom: Use the same method from the SASO run, except you can shoot the Maelstrom BEFORE he reaches the concrete stairs so you don't have to waste time getting rid of the guard standing in front of them. Once you make the shot, though, you need to climb down the building QUICKLY and get down the ladder – nobody saw you take the shot, but they'll still come to investigate where the shot came from.

Shah: Head to the trainyard. It's a little hard to describe exactly where to go, but basically you want to approach Shah's building from the same direction that the train travels, from the large open field. At about the middle of the building on this end is a shipping container situated perpendicular to the wall. You can climb it. Before you do, equip your rifle. Climb up and creep forward toward the window. At some point, Shah will stand VERY close to this window and it's the perfect opportunity to shoot her. If your timing is right on the previous steps, she'll be here when you arrive. Creep forward JUST far enough to get a shot on her head, and shoot her. Drop the rifle and run for the Boat.

Done and done.

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